My family think I am crazy...

I was just explaining to my mother and sister about Ascension and they both thought it was too out of it too be true, they think that I am brainwashed and think it is all a cult like thing and that I make a good follower.... They said there is no proof of any of this and that I spend to much time on the computer.

I found this quite hurtful. I have explained to her about how controlled we are by the fear that is instilled in us and all the things they do that are not beneficial to us and how the mainstream media is fabricated etc and they just think I am even more brain washed and how could I think all these things etc.

Well you know sometimes the truth is too crazy that no one believes it!!! 

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  • Alice my family thinks the same about me !! i understand you perfectly ! they have not been awaken  but soon they will be !!

  • Thankyou all for sharing your wisdom with me on this issue! And I plan on watching all the videos when I get home after the weekend! =) I feel that yes it could have been a bit much info for them in one go and they could not comprehend... I understand that yes we are all at different stages in our journeys and it is fine that they have these views and cannot yet comprehend certain things and that is fine, like I said to them thats fine that you are not understanding what I am sharing with you, it is fine that you have your beliefs. What I found I was not much of a fan of was how they put labels on me and thought I am a bit strange and crazy. BUT I understand that that is just their opinions coming from their limitations and I am not going to let it change my ways of being at all. I feel that if they are going to make judgements on things they do not yet understand or even try to understand then I feel it is ignorance. But I am not going to get annoyed with them for not understanding or anything like that I am just going to accept it and if they want to understand more or show some interest then they know where to go. I understand the lightwork we are all doing is very important and I am not going to let judgments stray me from my path for the light.  Much love to all!!xox

  • I like secrets :D

  • The truth is too crazy for some.

    I have had the same issue. Not with my family (just told them I have ADD to avoid a riot) but with some friends. Thought they were open minded people and could handle some truth, but no. I'm the crazy one. See them being hurt, and unhappy and stuff but they did not believe me.

    For example. I can now assign traits to a photograph. Identified life story of a man on a photo from 1744, and part of his name, without ever having seen him. This is only the start and everyone will soon be able to do this. So I thought my friends would believe me if I could 'prove' it to them this way. I have always been keen on knowing instead of believing. And they know me and know about how stuff is so messy in the world today. But no. They don't. They choose to stay in their box.

    Don't worry friend, they will know. I know it might not help right now (I sometimes find it hard to let this feeling go too). But at least you know the truth and you can still be there for them when they are ready. Just tell them you won't judge them if they won't judge you. Worked out for me, with most, but not all of my friends.
    Others, I just let go for now. I love them anyway.

    LOVE jenn

  • Welcome to the club:-)  Hold on to your light and use your violet flame when in emotional stress.

  • do not feel ashamed of it. you were only trying, i know what you are going through, i have had this type of problem for years with my family, one day they will see what i was trying to say, just be of the light and do not give into anything less than your awesomeness.

  • We've all been there friend.  I would have to say that religion is more of a cult like thing, not the practice of being a lightworker.

  • Hi folks, Hi alice, anja said it very well just now.

    I am learning to not push my perspectives on those not receptive, though initially these communications were done in an effort to help others, though realize now that others need to help themselves first, at least in regard to how they think and perceive anything.

    Also, be aware that everything has an energy behind it, whether it be text, words, movies, music, etc..

    And when one is more awake, the energies of intent within these materials can be seen for what they are, where as many probably do not realize how the influences are trying to shape how they view something and thus their thoughts and actions are then controlled to a certain degree.

    If one is able to be influenced in such manner, it is not unlike the saying some have, 'not the ears to hear, nor the eyes to see', and no amount of words will it seems will change that, it seems it is the choice of the embodied soul to open these senses, which is probably related to what some call, using your heart.

    Or as heard before, it is only with the heart that one can see clearly, all that is essential, is invisible to the eye.

    peace love light

  • there is ascension but it's not going to happen enmasse anytime soon-this this is no doubt a ploy by a political faction of haed leftist to entice and then get you to think marxism/collectivis-the hard leftists have appropriated the 'new age' for this purpose and entice young people like they do in the colleges for definite brainwashing for political goals-look at Aqaurius Channelings for instance-a leftist thread running through most of the 'channelings' and an un healthy adoration of the communist bred bama-frightening

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