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  • Hello my dear friend no they didnt get arrested and no they didnt break into my apartment.. She was feeling depressed and wanted me over and so I went there I just got back home so I had my purse on me and I was trying to talk some light into her and then she wanted me to see some clothes that she wanted to get rid of in the other room so i left my purse in the living room were her b4 was and I believe it was a plot to get my medications. I feel like a damn fool trying to help people like that. Also feel stupid and used. But I know I am lighter and brighter then they will EVER BE and karma will get them in the end!! I thank u for writing me back sweety and I hope your ok and I give u love and light my friend

  • Hello my dear friend!!! I'm sorry I haven't said hello to you in awhile I just had another treatment today, it was my 3rd one..Also 2 people passed away 3 weeks ago and I had a personal problem with my drug addict neighbors they stole my medication and they know I'm disabled so I had to make a police report 3 weeks ago and couldn't even mourn my aunts death..(I need to move so badly) I'm just so sore from getting a lumbar block again..Karma will get them and it already has!!! I really hope your doing well and I hope everything is great for you!!! Please take care and I'll talk to you soon:o) I give you so much love and light:o)


  • thank you my friend :)


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  • dear latinoindigo,thankyou for your friendship,and i am looking forward to reading more of your blogs,and shareing many insights with you,there is,i would say,alot going on behind the scenes at the moment,and believe we are in for more sightings in more numbers before the years end,have a very blessed week,love,light,blessings eve.8113669260?profile=original

  • Hello dear friend! I've been going to the doctors A LOT thats why I havent been on I just had to get a 5 inch needle in my back yesterday called a Lumbar Sympathetic Block, so I'm very sore but I'm OK huni no worries! I hope your doing well! Anything new with you?? I give you so much love and light *~Samantha~*

  • Thank you! i believe you should thank my parents for my genes :D lol... i actually called up the show, but the connection was quite bad, so hopefully they put up a transcript of the show for us all to read... i have a lot of stuff to do to follow Sierras advice. :D

  • i feel the same way. take care!<3

  • okey so totally opposite, does CA stand for Californien? btw i did send u private msg

  • what time is it in the states. here its real early in the morning...

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Hawthorne, CA


December 22

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i dont really have one in particular

latinoindigo2012 commented on latinoindigo2012's blog post Why Obama is a good guy ? High intel proof
"Obama and Michelle dropped ther law bar titles before becoming a president. By the constitution: No lawyer can hold public office! He has never attended the evil Bilderberg meetings."
Feb 24, 2014
latinoindigo2012 replied to latinoindigo2012's discussion Why Obama is a good guy. ? High intel proof.
"Obama and Michelle dropped ther law bar titles before becoming a president.  By the constitution:  No lawyer can hold public office!"
Feb 24, 2014
latinoindigo2012 replied to latinoindigo2012's discussion Why Obama is a good guy. ? High intel proof.
"Obama has never assisted to the Bilderbergs meetings too! He is the first one that has not attended."
Feb 24, 2014
latinoindigo2012 replied to latinoindigo2012's discussion Why Obama is a good guy. ? High intel proof.
Feb 24, 2014

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