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  • many thanks, best regards from Italy Hello ============================================== tante grazie , cordiali saluti dall'italia ciao

  • Agarther I thought I got you among my friends...Although everybody is my friend or so I consider everyone...I offer my friendship to you...I will be honor if you accept it...Blessings and much Love always...

  • It's been a while since you been on here I pray you are well much love sweet friend

  • Hi Agarther, I just wanted to apologise for the mess on your blog, the thread is a good example of exactly what you were communicating about, but the feelings it gives the readers is negative and not what I want to promote. 

    I wish we could all get along but I have been viciously attacked since I joined, and even though it has taught me a lot, I would like to get on with our unity and growth together, in peace and acceptance of each others differences... heehee, but I was never one to walk away from a bully, I am working on it but am still human at this point. 

    I am sorry I felt the need to defend myself on your blog and that the low vibrations in there now are infecting the site with ego fear and negativity and anger, it is not who I AM and I hope you understand. 

    Thanks for your thoughts on the threads, and I love the movie What Dreams May Come as well, and always cry through the whole thing... nice tears though. 

    Take care, Kel    

  • welcome agarther.  what a great avatar!  it's nice to meet you!  in lak'ech

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February 28

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I'm fascinatig and thankfull that we live is these times.

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Sri Yukteshwar, Pramahansa Yogananda, Sheldan Nidle, Salusa (Mike Quinsey)

Agarther posted a discussion
 My dearest brothers and sisters of the Light, you have done it!You have created amazing change in unprecedented time. You are through the veil, you are now in a very different time-space and your now moments will begin to flow with greater ease,…
Jun 11
Agarther replied to Agarther's discussion Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - June 2, 2021
"this update is hard to read, but, it must be said"
Jun 5
Agarther posted a discussion
With loving greeting from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Energy surges that are propelling Earth along her ascension pathway are raising vibrations throughout your world. This will continue until she reaches her destination in high…
Jun 5
Agarther posted a discussion
Hello, Chaps. I thought I might give you a bell … see if you’re home?It is, indeed, an Energy exchange of which we have been expecting and looking forward to. Not just for communication with you, Dearest Blossom, yet, to connect up, as we like to…
May 30

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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
""Qm may be one day be the way between 'religion' and 'science'."


So you think QM is science. Good! From there we can move step by step and see that just what I said follows. My conclusion is that we cannot say consciousness creats the reality…"
27 minutes ago
Ara left a comment on Comment Wall
"ok Roaring, please except my apology to make you feel that way."
29 minutes ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
""Roaring that's funny i am not assassinating your character at all, you came across more 'frustrated' with ppl - including myself than humorous"

What? I talked about buttocks bursting, male sheeps tossing you, a pipeline of beer to Bohr's home,…"
52 minutes ago
Jose Ignacio Contreras posted a discussion in Starseeds from Sirius
The Military Industrial Complex invented a fictional race to resemble Pleiadians, whose name sounds like "Ashtar" - in order to introduce "Dark Fleets" to the disclosure community. To create fear around UFOs. Corey Goode admits to mind-wipes,…
1 hour ago
Ara left a comment on Comment Wall
"if you take an image of a car and spin it infinitely - what happens to the car?"
1 hour ago
Ara left a comment on Comment Wall
"Roaring that's funny i am not assassinating your character at all, you came across more 'frustrated' with ppl - including myself than humorous. Between the two of us your are the scientist. I understand the concept, but to have a dissent…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"In summary, you guys are not interested in Quantum mechanics!! It is all just about me and my character! It is like students that are only busy exermining the teachers shoes, shirt, necktie, hairstyle etc and miss the whole lesson!!

Stop making my…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
""Those institutions are all lies created to enslave beings. They are all part of an illusion. I stand by my statement. Do me a favor though. Stop arguing with me and adding your spin. It is a waste of time."

These are just bald assertions!!! No…"
1 hour ago