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  • many thanks, best regards from Italy Hello ============================================== tante grazie , cordiali saluti dall'italia ciao

  • Agarther I thought I got you among my friends...Although everybody is my friend or so I consider everyone...I offer my friendship to you...I will be honor if you accept it...Blessings and much Love always...

  • It's been a while since you been on here I pray you are well much love sweet friend

  • Hi Agarther, I just wanted to apologise for the mess on your blog, the thread is a good example of exactly what you were communicating about, but the feelings it gives the readers is negative and not what I want to promote. 

    I wish we could all get along but I have been viciously attacked since I joined, and even though it has taught me a lot, I would like to get on with our unity and growth together, in peace and acceptance of each others differences... heehee, but I was never one to walk away from a bully, I am working on it but am still human at this point. 

    I am sorry I felt the need to defend myself on your blog and that the low vibrations in there now are infecting the site with ego fear and negativity and anger, it is not who I AM and I hope you understand. 

    Thanks for your thoughts on the threads, and I love the movie What Dreams May Come as well, and always cry through the whole thing... nice tears though. 

    Take care, Kel    

  • welcome agarther.  what a great avatar!  it's nice to meet you!  in lak'ech

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February 28

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I'm fascinatig and thankfull that we live is these times.

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Sri Yukteshwar, Pramahansa Yogananda, Sheldan Nidle, Salusa (Mike Quinsey)

Agarther commented on amparo alvarez's blog post The Federation of Light - LOVE … IN/AS/OF ITSELF … IS OF THE HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE IN EXISTENCE.
"they always say NOW, but this time, it really could be it :)
Blessings amparo"
18 hours ago
Agarther posted a discussion
How many of you are feeling lost?  As if you have lost hope and don’t know where to turn?  This is the challenge on your planet at this time, because of the great transition you are going through.  Yes, the ascension process is well in hand and…
Agarther posted a discussion
Here we are again then! I leave today’s discussion in your hands. I am Truly stumped as to where we take our conversations, at this point. Yet, where are my manners? Hello. How are you?Dearest Blossom, we very much look forward to these discussions.…
Mar 28
Agarther posted a discussion
When the December, 2020 COVID-19 relief bill was signed into law, it triggered an unprecedented 180 Day Countdown for intelligence agencies to provide a report to Congress summarizing what our government knows about UFOs, now referred to as UAPs…
Mar 25

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amparo alvarez posted a blog post
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amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post What is True for You? by Archangel Gabriel through Shanta
"Thank you Archangel Gabriel for your messages of Wisdom and of Love guiding us all...With all my Love..."
9 hours ago
Roaring Lovely replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Music Is Frequency Programming ..Do You Understand ..Music Is Frequency Programming..YOU HAVE BEEN FREQUENCY PROGRAMMED
"There is a truth in what you are saying but non to the new age mumbo jumbo that has nothing to do with music or even spirituality for that matter. To talk of 'the right frequency' in music is to talk of 'the right size of stearing wheels' in cars.…"
9 hours ago
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 What is True for You?We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.For our Sunday inspiration, this message from Archangel Gabriel is…
9 hours ago
amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Christ Consciousness Frequencies Incoming
"I send SOVEREIGN PEACE to all life on this beautiful planet Earth...This Peace will help us go through the times of turmoil around us...and stay in our inner Truth...and Peace/Love..."
9 hours ago
amparo alvarez replied to Agarther's discussion Galactic Fleet Command: Facing the Shadow on the Hearth by Beth Stormont
"As I am reading this message I am in awe for I experienced two days ago more than ever before such Oneness during my meditation...I did not want to bring it up... yet I do it just in joy sharing so that people meditate more and can find out how…"
10 hours ago