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I am interested in the transmutation from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age

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    Thank you for your friendship, I appreciate it, we Floridians should stick together, lol.  Howdy neighbor I see....Have an awesome weekend!

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  • Hi Brother,

    Thanks for taking time to visit my page.

    Looking forward to being close friends.

    Best Wishes and God Bless,



  • The honor is mine :)  I love the Silver Surfer, by the way... lol, we should have a blog about which super hero would you be... lol.  Hey, you know, I bet there is alot more to the super hero meme we see in the theatres and books these days.  Just a thought :) 

    Take care, Namaste :)

  • Hello Petrock - hope you are having a fine weekend.  Thank you for your friend connection and your comments especially 'bout not being John Travolta made me laugh out loud. Your picture is this your beautiful pet?

  • Pet Rock....Markendayarishi is a devotee of Krishna and has attained a certain level by following a Spiritual disciplined life but the age of worshiping Guru's, Maharajah's, Yogi's is coming to an end as you are your own Guru and the Guru is in you.

    Better to do your own spiritual work by leading a spiritual life and the first step is to become a vegetarian


  • Thank you for the friendship. How are You?

    Love & Light x x x

  • Hello jumpin'jupiter,thank you !8113986861?profile=original

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Pet Rock replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion The Nikola Tesla interview hidden for 116 years!
"space is a vacuum and air cannot carry sound waves but he's saying electromagnetic waves are a constant in space and in our atmosphere, along with other elements, and can be utilized"
May 22, 2015
Pet Rock replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion The Nikola Tesla interview hidden for 116 years!
"these advanced techs will be applied again in the future when the earth is closer to the galactic center and there a less wicked spirits-this 3d is also the stage of conflict for us to be put in situations to learn and grow spiritually- by choosing…"
May 22, 2015
Pet Rock replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Thousands Of McDonalds Staff Protest For More Wages For Serving Junk Food ...SACK THE LOT AND CLOSE DOWN ALL THEIR BRANCHES
"this is because obabama wont approve a capital gains tax to stimulate the free market and people need living wage jobs-these higher wages at McD's will put them out of business and will add more unemployed people and more poverty"
May 22, 2015
Pet Rock replied to Kelly Lightchalice's discussion The Bright Side of Saturn
"this is good Kelley-more people need to do an astrological chart or if they could get someone like Malcolm they'd be surprised at finding what their own influences are-and be more content following them-my own house is extremely influenced by Saturn"
May 20, 2015

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"The deep state (seeking population reduction) have been promoting the vegan diet, knowing that it promotes ill health....For example, does veganism cure, and/or prevent cancer...?? The answer is NO....

The globalists want us to give up meat eating…"
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