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March 25

About Yourself

I am a single African American male 53 years old no children that works for a home improvement retailer. The only interest I have theses days is seeking true knowledge, the truth about spirit and the natural laws.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Billy Meier, Nassim Haramien, The Future of Mankind website

brhitesilver posted a video
Using 14 books from the Holy Bible, an explanation can be derived for the prophesies surrounding 2012. The remarkable part of this story is that the sources ...
Nov 2, 2020
brhitesilver posted a discussion
Is this part of the big news that was to be relieved on March 3 - 4... Whaaaat! OMGhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=A4vE_vpkr90
Mar 5, 2014
brhitesilver replied to LIGHTHEART ELF ♥'s discussion sending a message to our galactic family out there :)
"If the Galactics are ready to give more physical assistance, I would like to add something from my list.
I what the Galactics to do a exchange in Eternal Essence Embodied value for 1. Build me a house. 2. Supply me with a transportation vehicle. 3.…"
Apr 5, 2013
brhitesilver replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Open Letter to The Galactics... From Your Little Brothers And Sisters On Planet Earth.
"Dear Galactic s
You have my full endorsement on this guest, we need you help."
Mar 13, 2013

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Lyonna, free spirit, relayed her past dream in an attempt to explain things to me. I find myself seeking more information, perhaps in more detail. For instance, she explained you need to leave behind "bad things." Does that imply animals we regard…
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yourself... DAILY UPDATE Good day, Amazing interview with Young Pharaoh, Amelia Love and Simon Parkes!We discuss the hierarchy of intellect and the markers of approval.Also, a MUST WATCH about Myocarditis Killer & Side Effects Of Shedding.Watch the…
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  Obi Wan Had It Right ! By Ann Albers & The Angels Hi Dear Friends, With feelings running intense these days, the angels share a brilliant discussion on how our feelings are not to be stuffed, negated, or ignored, but rather to be used as…
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