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February 7

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I have lost everything material in the past two years. Therefore my ego finally broke down and this helped me see. Truly see. Finally. We are all the same and yet all different in the most beautiful way. And by togetherness we will create a better place.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Some Great People. And loads and loads of internet resources that are slowly coming to me. The Sabian Symbols for example. I am an Aquarius (Degree18) but am also reading on chakra's and starting to learn about meditation

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  • Dear Jenn,


    Give your best without worrying about the result-LET HIM DECIDE WHAT IS APPROPRIATE.

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  • Goodness! Dear friend, your comment touches me so very deeply! This kind of feedback truly makes my heart sing! ..in love and gratitude of ALL THAT YOU ARE! ~Jacob

  • HI. thanks for adding me as a friend.

    Well, I often use other picture as my profile on Internet (mainly use the picture of water crystal), but somehow, I've decided to use that picture in here.


    Even in Japan, only few people knows, but those "a cloud with rainbow light" are said to be the symbol of happiness, and said that people who see it will have some blessings  and become happy :- ) .

    If you see that often, I guess that means  you're always blessed by those light beings!

    Maybe you are the person who always give thanks to the nature or your surroundings!

    God always see you and in you! ;-)

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Jenn replied to Shazi's discussion Dreaming; Jewels and Precious Stones
"Oh! I just dreamed the other day of me creating something out of all these little tiny stones. And there we're a couple of real nice pink like ones. Had no idea what to think of it. Thank you!
Love Jenn"
Feb 27, 2013
Jenn replied to Wes Annac's discussion Ann Albers: Messages From Ann and the Angels - 2/23/13
"Wow this is a very very helpful message! I have just recently 'discovered' that I have some kind of gift. It is still very hard for me to totally comprehend it. But I definitely pick up on people's moods, and crowds and so on... I also see and feel…"
Feb 23, 2013
Jenn replied to John Jancar's discussion The Changes And Why They're Taking So Long
"Agree, I think it will take a couple of lifetimes. Which is not that long if you put it in perspective. In this lifetime, I think my life will be about lifting the veil. For myself as well as others that is. Dealing with ego, cleansing myself and…"
Feb 23, 2013
Jenn replied to Semile's discussion A Buddha Is Among You
"What if he/she does not even know herself?"
Feb 19, 2013

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