Selamat balik dratzo,


I would like to clarify that when I mention earth surface nations, such as Russia or America I'm not trying to place one above the other, or shaming one, while praising the other....That is not my purpose...My purpose appreciates and suppports the goal of achieving the truly ONE HUMANITY, in the outer, as present already in the inner....A perfect mirror is the final goal, as above so below...


However, my knowledge of the seven rays, which is part of my ongoing training by the Mahachohan, enables me, as a serving "White Magician," to utilise the rays in much the same way that astrologers do...Predicting what alignments make for optimum opportunities...We may complete this task, with the rays of nations, too....


Russia is evolving, in much the same way as a human being and usefully possesses rays which comprise energies that are in alignment with a growing cosmic pulse, from the constellation of Aquarius....


This means that as Russia grows in soul realisation, as per the esoteric truism that all nations possess a soul....(even Hitler knew this.) Then Russia will become a greater and greater magnet for planetary evolution impulses from cosmos, through it's own solar resonance with the SEVENTH RAY OF MAGIC, ORDER, ORGANISATION & RITUAL, which is the Aquarian above, so below.


Thus we see Russia take her rightful place of responsibility upon the global stage, as advocate for the true spiritual challenges of uniting east and west, as opposed to those artificial concepts of change, imposed upon humanity by the little wills of egotistical men, such as those of the Black Lodge, who attempt to maintain a material paradign at odds (necessarily) with planetary advancement.....Evolution does require the dark and material challenges, and the old reactionary orders we see in modern crony capitalism and the financial order based on an increasingly obsolete dollar reserve currency, are fulfilling that dark role, which Russia has been assigned to oppose, on behalf of the light of AQUARIUS...


The Mahachohan deems this to be the course for history to take, in these present times...Thus you will indeed witness a re-emergent Russia on the world stage...


This is not just politics, but esoteric astrology.


Master DK listed the rays of the nations, which I'll include for your perusal and contemplation.




Personality Ray

Egoic Ray



4th ray of art

1st ray of

"I hide the Light."





3rd ray of intellect

1st ray of

"I indicate the Way."





1st ray of power

4th ray of art

"I preserve."



3rd ray of intellect

5th ray of

I release the Light."




Great Britain

1st ray of power
or government

2nd ray of love

"I serve."



4th ray of art

6th ray of idealism

"I carve the Paths."



6th ray of idealism

2nd ray of love

"I light the Way."


6th ray of idealism

7th ray of

"I link two Ways."


Magic and Order



5th ray of knowledge

4th ray of art

"I serve the Lighted Way."


7th ray of order

6th ray of

"I disperse the Clouds."



2nd ray of love

4th ray of art

"I hide the seed."


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


dramu kas….! (much love)


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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  • Totally agree with you dear heart, about the Tartars...Their culture is ancient and rich and the traditional clothing does have a unique asiatic style....👍🏻
    Actually, when I listen to the excellent music of Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin, I often visualise those people and their land...

    "Is Polovetsia a place? In the opera 'Prince Igor' from whence the Polovtsian Dances come, The Polovtsi are a Tartar tribe driven out to live on the plains by Igor's father, Prince Sviatoslav of Kiev. It's Polovtsian." end quote...

    And thus we have classic pieces such as Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dances....
  • Tartar sounds cool! I never heard the language before. I also like the traditional clothing.
  • Oh yes, she does get asked that question a lot and has to reassure people that it's natural...Yeppa.. 😍
  • She has gorgeous hair. When I watched the video with her cousin 🧑‍🍳 I realized that she is a natural redhead. Pretty, pretty! 😍
  • 😙Our stalwart Russian maiden has just posted her new vlog on languages....Of course, English is first on her presented list, as it's the international language, which she speaks very well...And just as I enjoy speaking and writing classic English, as in the manner of famous literature of renown, so too does Eli enjoy the high culture of classic Russian literature, spoken and written with that rich and erudite, jena se qua, so excellently demonstrating her confidence, in being scholarly...😙

    Hey, note her new hairstyle......?? She's had her gorgeous red locks kinked up a bit...Soooo pretty, eh..??💖

    Elina says: "I want to share my story of how I learned 5 languages, and why I understand and speak them. Also, I will tell how I learned English and speak one of Russia's ethnic minority languages. Btw, in many regions of Russia, we have several official languages, as Russia is a very multinational country: about 190 ethnic groups, each with their own language, culture, and traditions." end quote..

    Thumbs up on this vlog, as communications are so important....And of course, she doesn't list the Sirian language, as she might get locked up...hehe...!!😊
  • ✨😊✨🤩✨😊✨
  • 🫂Hugs for the hugger....Thanks, you're a pure gem 💎
  • ✨✨✨💖✨✨✨
  • 😐It does annoy me when friend Elina Bakunova gets absurd online attacks, from ignorant people. Such as this crazy comment on her vld, 8 hours ago:

    "Watch this if you want to see a privileged Russian girl pretend that nothing is going on in Ukraine. Hilarious and pathetic at the same time." end quote...😑

    She does not discuss Russian foreign policy, expecially when she visits the Serengeti, which has nothing to do with what's going on in Ukraine...And is not her fault, nor responsibility to discuss....She has no connection with Putin and that's another irritation, that some keep raising...She will not discuss esoteric matters, online, nor being a starseed, either...Her vlogs are travel vlogs, only...She's not a member of the FSB, nor the defunct (that always causes smirks, that latter one.)😏

    And certainly, will not "pretend" to ignore Ukraine....She does not mention the topic, as it really has nothing to do with her and is an issue facing her nation, only...
    She is not in the Russian military and does not seek to be....

    I will say that a good 95% of online comments she gets are positive, and/or neutral...It's just that stubborn minority of nutters, whom she ignores totally...

    Anyway, got that off my chest.....Now all is OK....😇
  • 🛸She's Sirian starseed, like myself and Movella, originally from planet Samanet...Sirius B4...GFL Ground Crew, Lt, Пермь Sector, Russia...and Master Rákóczi's (7th ray) ashram....
    Although my ashram is the 3rd ray, it is also managed by Master R, in his wider Aquarian duties as Mahachohan...My full rays are 3-7-4-6-7 (noting that both my persona and aetheric body, resonates as 7th ray, too...a powerful mix in esoteric energy interactions.)

    Interestingly, Elina's 7th soul ray, is the same as that of her terrestrial nation...Russia....So the "Soul of Mother Russia" is more than just poetry.
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