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While out on one of my walks the idea of starting a page on here that gets into anything health came to mind and since we post health related videos on the comment wall all the time I figured why not start a health discussion page. All our welcome as usual to post on here. 

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  • Dear ketogenicists...Just to let you know that the 72+ hours prolonged fast went well and I completed today's "refeeding" process, without any hiccups...
    I would recommend this total rejuvination of bodily cells...and as I stated earlier, the fast officially started on Sunday (14th) morning, but I had already intermittent fasted up to that point, since my last eating window closed, on the previous Saturday, at 14.00....So a true 72+ hours prolonged fasting....;-) And wow...It's perfect...👏🏻😀

    If completed incorrectly, the "refeeding" day could be uncomfortable and cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including bloating, abdominal pains, diarrhoea, etc...BUT I had a perfect "re-entry" to ketogenic foods.
    As I spaced the meals, throughout today, 2-hours apart and so tomorrow, back to normal...Keto + IF...

    A reminder to all of the six stages and bodily benefits, over 72-hours:
  • Getting into how to block the side effect of carbs.
  • Another good keto meal list from Dr.Berg.
  • This is good for anybody looking into keto. This is about the keto meals Dr.Berg eats during the day.
  • Getting into the benefits of prolonged fasting which is a fast that lasts a few days or longer.
  • This gets into the stages of fasting. The longer the fast the more benefits you will get.
  • Good video Drekx just got done watching now. It's gonna be a great day when the criminals who work for the W.H.O. and Big Pharma are brought to justice. Nuremberg 2.0 coming to all involved in the forcing of the vaccines on the people.
  • W.H.O. pandemic treaty update: This is essential-to-grasp, data, presented in a Dr Campbell video, below, where he interviews an insider, named James Roguski....

    Obviously, the W.H.O. is nothing about "world health" and everything about big pharma profits....As well as the criminal fascist agenda, for population reduction...A reduction controlled at a rate that maximises profits from mRNA vax "solutions," to "problems," that they manufacture and that you then suffer from....😯💉💉💉💸💸💸🤒🤢🪦

    At the end of this vid, Dr Campbell, who is a trained health professional, gets it fully...and for good people to comprehend the philosophy behind the evil minds of the elite control matrix and death agenda, it's somewhat shocking....A wake up call for all good people, who find W.H.O. a mystery.

    But waking people up is what we are all about, as serving the Light is always our goal...
    Now learn of the treaty's skullduggery and minutiae......😲

    Moreover, Justin, feel free to post this on your health blog....
  • Stay away from anything that nut job Bill Gates makes. Dr.Berg goes over Bill Gates latest product called Apeel.
  • More on keto and Intermittent fasting.
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"✌🏻NATCON wins against lefty cancel culture, in Brussels....👏🏻Bravo, to all concerned...

"The REVOLUTION against cancel culture has STARTED - ‘This is a turning point!’ says Nigel Farage""
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