Are You Losing it Too?

Ok, Ok...I feel like I am completely, totally and uterally losing my mental faculties :)  Well, the mental faculties that serve me in my day-to-day affairs.


I've been feeling more "magnetized", and have had weird spells of crying for no apparent reason (and I do mean no reason...not sad or happy about anything, but it's like energies in me are aligning to make me wanna cry, kind of the way you feel when you feel a sneeze coming on), feeling light-headed to the point of almost falling over, intense headaches in my third-eye, shifting in and out of consciousness...this is weird.  Oh, and I've been obsessed with the ongoings "out there", time, the cosmos, staying up at night trying to do ridiculous things like decipher the Philosopher's Stone.  Really, really weird.  And I haven't heard much about anyone experiencing these things, so I thought I'd ask. 


Does anyone else feel like there is something impending soon?  Like you are wanting to carry on with business as usual--but something inside you saying "wait, not yet...something is going to change".  Have you been feeling more clairevoyant?  Feeling more/less contact from guides/higher self?


Please do share if you are feeling paranoid, anxious, and just plain feeling like things ARE NOT business as usual.  It would be greatly appreciated...I would feel less crazy :)  And what about all this weird solar activity?  I can't help but think if what I'm feeling and these events aren't related. 


Thanks for the emotional update :)



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          Hi John,


        Wow that's quite the experience you had in Mexico,.I'm glad you made it out safely.

        I know what you mean about the anxiety of dying anyday. I"ve had that most of my life, of my first jobs was at a funeral home, that really put my paranoia into high gear.

        This for me may be partly anxiety, but I don't know for sure...if I physically didn't feel so bad, I could brush it off easier. I'm getting a ct scan tomorrow,..I guess I'll know for sure when the report comes in.

        But sometimes it's like my heart opens and it feels like I'm in a different dimension, these really peaceful heavenly feelings envelop me, almost like the after life is reaching out to me. And I do feel very protected and reassured but I also sense a major life change approaching.

        I don't know, I'm not trying to throw myself a pity

        I'm not really scared or upset by it, it's just like I want to know what these premonition type feelings mean, because I feel like they're trying to tell me something.

        Thanks again for your compassionate response



  • Wow, this is all very interesting. I'm 15 and I've been crying randomly for no reason. A couple times a day lately, in fact. Strangely enough I've also taken up the philosophy of Taoism. I've dabbled in trying to get spiritually in touch and all of a sudden I find my self meditating and in the "Horse Stance".

    In Taoism you also try to detach yourself from everything. So I've been trying to detach myself from material things and stuff that just doesn't matter anymore. I didn't know so many people were going on this emotional roller coaster with me. I looked in my email and saw "Are You Losing it Too?" and I thought to myself "yes I am actually". 

  • Peace, SiSTAR. Yes, I have been feeling these things too: anxiety, heart flutters, dizziness, tingling in my lower back, ringing in my ears, feelings of someone near me...watching over me.

    • he he I like "SiStar".  I think a lot of us are going through this, so the best thing we can do is recognize that other people are going through this too and have compassion for them.  (or at least give them their space)  I know there have been more marital squabbles between my husband and I, but I don't fret, I know he has some baggage to deal with. I just want everyone to know that it's ok.  Let it go.

  • You are not alone one bit.  I had a crying spell for awhile today and yesterday.  I feel like all my suppressed old emotions are coming to the surface.  I feel like i am being cleaned out and the closet is open for the light to shine on it.  I hope this helps you.



  • i would love to check out your FB page. can you tell me what name you go under and do you mind if i send a freind request? love 'n' light, x

    • I don't have facebook :)  I know, I know, I live under a rock.  But that site gives me the creeps.

  • Okay I have to admit now, something very strange is going on. Ever since I posted here last week, I've been feeling very off. My main strength, being able to be in the present moment and feel reality, is slowly slipping away. I don't know what's going on, I feel myself slipping out of heart and into mind...where I just perceive everything instead of feel it. I'm starting to think too much, and things aren't flowing....I'm starting to be very left brained instead of my usual right brained self. The worst part is, reality doesn't feel real anymore, it's like a cartoon or something, like a dream. The line between fantasy and reality is becoming very blurred. I don't know what's going on! I feel like I'm caught in an illusion....I'm losing it! lol I'm slipping! Can anybody relate to this, is anyone else going through something like this? Probably not xD

    Sincerely, dazed and confused.

  • I just wanted to thank you all for endulging my feelings and letting out yours as well.  It really makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)  love, love, love, love  <3

  • Yes yes and oh....... Yes!oh and i am also getting the message all the time that i am being 'Prepared' I do feel soemthing big is coming..... Don't know quite what yet....
    As Kath would say from the Kath and Kim show here in Australia "I feel it in my waters!"
    Love love love
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