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I was born in Makedonia and moved to Australia in 1965. It has been a difficult but interesting life. I would like to help others in any way I can and to heal another is to heal myself. I am not sure why I was born into this life as it has been very challenging and not so rewarding for me so far, I do beleive that we are all here for a purpose although I have not found my purpose as yet. I also understand that we are all one and although I dont know of any special tallents I may posess - I would dearly like to help bring love and happiness to the lives of others. I lost my first born son at the age of 21, in an extremely gruesome train accedent and am left with a beautiful son who is turning 21 in December this year, and a beautiful daughter who turned 19 in April this year. I have never been able to be a good mum to my children due to a violent relationship, and would very much like to show them that I am not totally useless. I beleive in the power of love and would like to restore my childrens faith in Love and Unityas well. It would be a great honour if something good would come out of my existance on this plannet and if I can fit into your group and offer something of use...it would make me very happy. Sorry but I do go on a bit and I am not very good with words. I wish you all a very happy life filled with love and light. x

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  • Dear LyteWeaver Star Child,

    Thanks for being my friend....

    You are welcome with Love, Light and Blessings....



  • I highly appreciate what you wrote to me.I have just been learning my lessons.Sometimes better sometimes worse..

    But i do it.

    With Love and Light,


  • I really appreciate what you wrote to me.Yes ,I am thinking over and over what the lessons were behind all the hardships.I am not able to cry but I just seat and think.Sometimes I am foinding the clue.

    Wioth love and light,


  • Thank you Lyte Weaver,I am happy I can be your friend.It help me much.I have understood now my lesson.I was thinking about it over and over.Considering what is going on with my close people I tnik I took their karma on me.But I overprized me myself.I have not enough power to go through it.So at the moment I am a little down.And have a friend of Light it is the best what copuld happened to me.

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  • Thank you for friend request LyteWeaver !


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  • Welcome to this fantastic site LyteWeaver StarChild!

    Peace and Love..

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LyteWeaver StarChild commented on Dr. SohiniBen Shukla's blog post Number Sequences From The Angels.....Doreen Virtue....
"Thank you very much. It helps a little. There is so much to ponder on.
love 'n' light to you,
Oct 28, 2012
LyteWeaver StarChild replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion What is going to happen on 28th October 2011 ???
"thank you for the vid. VioletRay.

love 'n' light to you,
Oct 22, 2012
LyteWeaver StarChild replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion What is going to happen on 28th October 2011 ???
"hmmm...thought you might give me a bit more to go on. It is now nearly a year since i wrote that message and still these numbers keep appearing for me on clocks, car regos. posters, infact everywhere i go seems to show me these numbers. I dont…"
Oct 22, 2012
LyteWeaver StarChild replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion What is going to happen on 28th October 2011 ???
"How very dissapointing...I went to watch the vids and the first 3 have been removed by the owner it said!?? I was keen to have a look. I would like to see the last one but dont have enough download left so I cant see that either. Oh well, everything…"
Oct 22, 2012

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