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I was here at Ashtar Command when I went through my spritual awakening. I'm back after being away for a couple of years At that time I saw many ufos and had a few contact experiences. I have since come down from my highest spiritual point and have been away for awhile. I find I now have a higher baseline consciousness even though I'm not peaking like I was before. I also having a strong feeling epsecially lately of impending change.

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  • Thank you for accepting my friendship and look forward to connecting more. x

  • Thank you for the add, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a fantastic holiday season and I wish you lots of love. Bless you.

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  • Thankyou for your friendship Spirited! Yes, I play guitar & have written a few songs also.

    Maybe we could play some music together, if you ever come to Arkansas, or I go to Arizona!

  • dear Spirited, on the right,next to where it says link on the square comment border,you left click on that,then a box will apper, for you to brouse from your pc files,left click on that for your picture file box to appear,then once a picture is selected,click to open the image,then wait a few swconds for image to upload,then leeft click on comment to add to members page,hope this helps,love,light,blessings eve.8113951668?profile=original

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  • Thank you for the friendship Spirited!

    I will try to find more information about Arcturians ..


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Spirited commented on Spirited's blog post My frog dream-an emergency
"Hey RedLoner,
That is quite an interesting dream you had, it seems to be steeped in symbolism. Whenever I have dreams of my room or see my room through closed eyes I get suspicious and curious :). Those are usually astral projections or obe's..…"
Jan 29, 2012
Spirited replied to Anasthun's discussion What have YOU been SEEING?

 I can't believe the things I've seen, I've seen all kinds of crazy stuff in the astral and physical.
The spiritual wolves I see in my dreams are dire wolves..interesting you should mention the dire animals..you see them while awake?
One day I was…"
Jan 29, 2012
Spirited posted a blog post
  I had the craziest, saddest, sweetest dream last night.Dozens and dozens of little frogs were on emergency help telephone lines phoning humanity from a frog conference or gathering with a message to humanity telling us of really important…
Jan 29, 2012
Spirited commented on Ben-Arion's video
"This is a great video despite the swearing, you can tell how shocked and in awe he is. I definitley don't think those are balloons!..
Jan 24, 2012

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"What these dreamers forget is that the brain too ages, and this is the main driver of aging. But you cannot transplant the brains without transferring the consciousness, unless the latter is due to 'the soul', and then we are back to square one. Why…"
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"Hi! Your on the right track when you connect human cloning with immortality and since you've asked this question.I will answer it by recommending that people who read my reply should watch the movie,"The Island,"That revolves around the very same…"
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RichRaelian liked Krishna Kalki's discussion Human Clones Grown To Give People Spare Parts…Any Comments
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"The explanation that the earth is supported by giant elephants, who in turn stands on a huge tortoise, and that earthquakes are caused when the elephants shake, makes more sense than saying that the earthquake is caused by whether modifications!😆"
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"What is the meaning of the word Hell? In Hebrew, it means ''shoel '' and in Greek it means ''hades''. This ''hell'' simply means ''pit'' or ''grave''. However, there is another meaning of the world ''hell '' comes from the Greek word ''tartarus ''…"
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