Are You Losing it Too?

Ok, Ok...I feel like I am completely, totally and uterally losing my mental faculties :)  Well, the mental faculties that serve me in my day-to-day affairs.


I've been feeling more "magnetized", and have had weird spells of crying for no apparent reason (and I do mean no reason...not sad or happy about anything, but it's like energies in me are aligning to make me wanna cry, kind of the way you feel when you feel a sneeze coming on), feeling light-headed to the point of almost falling over, intense headaches in my third-eye, shifting in and out of consciousness...this is weird.  Oh, and I've been obsessed with the ongoings "out there", time, the cosmos, staying up at night trying to do ridiculous things like decipher the Philosopher's Stone.  Really, really weird.  And I haven't heard much about anyone experiencing these things, so I thought I'd ask. 


Does anyone else feel like there is something impending soon?  Like you are wanting to carry on with business as usual--but something inside you saying "wait, not yet...something is going to change".  Have you been feeling more clairevoyant?  Feeling more/less contact from guides/higher self?


Please do share if you are feeling paranoid, anxious, and just plain feeling like things ARE NOT business as usual.  It would be greatly appreciated...I would feel less crazy :)  And what about all this weird solar activity?  I can't help but think if what I'm feeling and these events aren't related. 


Thanks for the emotional update :)



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  • Actually, it's quite a bit the opposite for me... When i feel depolarasation is getting me and sudden emotions overwelm the natural good mood I was born with, some fine tunes & some loosing up with some trance-dance, things start to clera up with the vibes & remind me of doing the best what you have to do in the instant present... Suddenly then I can get this overwelming feeling of being at the right place at the right time, as long as i stay concentrated on what I'm doing NOW & not mixing it up with emotionnal 'not-enough-love'-disturbances... It's very important these days to stay focused, but also as well to give yourself a happy break when things get to tense... Small things... treat yourself with a nice rebalancing massage, a smooth bubbling bath, an hour of reading in the sheets of a warm bed, lightening some candles, make yourself comforteble...It's the best we can do for now as we need all our energie to be efficient when we create thought-forms... Take care & be gentle with yourself, kat 

  • Hi Indigo Knight,

    Yes I was attacked astrally by a Draconian because I was looking into the Arizona Wilder material.

    I was only looking into this because my father was friends with a Satanist when I was younger. I suspected I was taken to ceremonies, I was trying to bring more memories back and so I can make sense of what was happening back then.

    I saw evidence of his involvement, this guy's kids showed me real photographs of people being tortured ritually, they found these in his closet. My father was an experiencer, so was my grandmother. My father also had ties to the grays and the underground govt. bases I strongly suspect because I have memories of being on the underground train and being at peculiar "meetings" in ampitheaters underground.

    So as I was looking in to the Royal Family rituals, I was attacked. (I shouldn't have been, 20/20 hindsight)

    but this being knocked me out of my body, I smelled sulfer, it didn't shove me out all the way. I was about half way out.

    Scariest paranormal experience I've ever had, but thankfully it backed down. It wasn't allowed to infringe on my free will. I suppose it thought I had it given it permission, because I was looking at this material.


  • Oh Traxiss, one word....HUGS!!!!!!

  • I loved Traxxis' story too.  And I don't think I told you, but I'm happy to have your friendship! :)

  • Actually I AM a big Star Trek Voyager fan, and I know this episode :)  And you're right, there are some interesting parallels there between the Borg and..well, us :(  (at least the unawakened us)

    And when you said this:

    "its like my mind screams at me, dont ever make us worry about crap like paper obligations and dates and the so called financial responsibilities cause it sucks total ass...I know EXACTLY  how you feel.  I have been kinda disturbed by this more and more recently. It's not like I'm lazy...I just don't think most of this crap really matters, and it shouldn't matter.  It's just a little program to keep us keep us looking out instead of within, to keep us looking down and not up.  I don't want to have to worry about getting a job with health insurance, benefits, saving for retirement, saving for my daughter's college education when college education is an f'ing joke, and sucking up to whoever to get to the next rung on the ladder so that I an have more responsibility, less time, but more money.  Who cares.  It's a game, and I'm done playing.  Go screw yourself borg queen :)


      It's nice to know I'm not the only one feeling like I'm "losing it",

    I keep having this impending doom feeling, I really feel deep in my soul I may transition (die) soon, so that's kinda weird. I do have a chronic illness I'm in the process of getting diagnosed.  I feel like all of my spriritual experiences so far have prepared me for this time in my life.  I have a tough time pursuing anything because there's this underlying feeling of "don't even bother, you won't be around" sort of feeling.

     Alot has made me nearly come completely unhinged,...all of the ufos and encounters I've had have been so beautiful, mostly, once I was attacked by an astral Draconian, that scared the daylights outta me.. Even so these experiences, pleasant or not they have fractured my reality as I know it.

    And other people outside of AC, friends and family have no interest or belief, even though some of them have witnessed the silent red lights in the sky too. I try to bring it up and they don't want to talk about it,...even though they saw it too. Would rather stick their head in the sand and pretend it didn't happen because otherwise they might have to consider reality is not what society in general believes it to be.


     I feel like I literally can't trust my eyes anymore, or believe what I'm seeing, even if it's the time on my clock. Sometimes I trace it with my fingertips.

    I'm feeling so super senstive too, to everything...

    I, like most people on here, have had a kundalini awakening, I'm still in the process of getting myself stabalized.

    The one thing that I've found helpful to me in the past few days is surrender.

    I've been trying to swim against the current of life for far too long now, I'm tired, I'm just going to relax and let the flow of life and time take me where it will.


     I'd love to say I've got it all together, that I'm totally centered, calm, and completely zen all the time, but no,..not yet, it's what I'm hoping to be eventually.


    Thanks for being so genuine and allowing us to be too. 

    • I haven't even read the rest of your comment because I read this:

      "'I have a tough time pursuing anything because there's this underlying feeling of "don't even bother, you won't be around' sort of feeling" 

      Umm...I know how you feel on that one.  I keep hearing that voice all the time.  And i can't help to wonder if that's not a 'psychic attack' of some sort trying to keep the light workers from doing their jobs, or if it's genuinely an attempt of our higher self to not get us too wrapped up in the daily dealings of drama and as you said just "surrender".  I'm still up in the air on that.  If any of you wise souls have some guidance on that issue, it is more than welcome.

      --ok edit..I see that John Jancar has responded, and I agree..I often feel like my higher self/soul whatever you want to call it is like "get me the hell out of here".  It happened to me the other day..I couldn't get out of bed for half a day.  It passes, and it will come back, I just have to learn to deal with it a little better.  Thanks for that John-- 

      I will pray Spirited that you expereince a miracle and are rid of your chronic illness.   



          Hi somesayimnot,..yeah that feeling.

        For me it's like,..well,..we're all dust in the wind, then what's the point I guess?

        I sway back and forth between that and total gusto..then back again to that what's the point of it all feeling. But then again this sense of impending doom, may be related to upcoming earth changes, paradigm changes. You mentioned you were feeling it to, so many others are as well. Like you said, it's like a voice is saying, don't carry on, or don't invest too much of yourself because things will change.

        Thank you very much for your prayer.



    • Wow that's tough to hear Spirited. I totally understand what you're feeling, I went through that period too, where I felt like my time on Earth was at an end, and I was going to die. I used to leave the house thinking....this is it, I'm going to die today....I mean I really believed it. The first time I went to Mexico, I was sure I was going to die. The plane would crash, I would get kidnapped and murdered, the bus would crash...something would happen.

      I remember I was traveling with my girlfriend to a city called Huatulco, and we had a hijacking scare. What happens is, in Mexico, many times the cartels block roads and search the buses and kidnap people. Being a gringo would mean automatic kidnapping for me. And as we were traveling, the bus stopped and there was a road block. People got scared, half the people fled the bus and walked in the rain back to the nearest town. It was a tense moment. I was like, okay this is it....I'm going to die for sure now. They're going to take me and shoot me in the head. And I was ready...I was ready to die. But, it turned out to only be workers blocking the road to protest a government policy, the military came and cleared it and we were on our way. So even then...nothing happened. And to this day, nothing has happened.

      Now I don't have that feeling anymore. I actually feel protected now, like I am under divine protection. And I feel it will be the same for you. It's a phase...and I have to ask you, are you going through something right now in your life, where your soul might be sort of panicking and wanting to leave this carnation? That happens sometimes. It happened to me, I won't go into the details of it, but it did.

      That may explain why deep in your soul, you feel like it might all be ending. Your soul might want out. It's different from your personality wanting out when usually your soul doesn't. But some times....your soul is the one who wants out, and your personality can't understand why I am feeling this sense of ending. I don't know, only you really know for sure.

      But like you said, you have to surrender. That's what I did, I just felt like, okay's in your hands what you will with me. And I guess Gods will was to have me here, because I'm still here. You just have to go with the flow sometimes and stop trying to control everything. And I know nothing ever happens in our life that we can't really handle...our soul might panic a bit, but ultimately we can handle it if we learn to let go and let God. And it'll make you 10 times stronger afterwards. So keep faith, keep positive, keep on keeping strong...and heal. Heal yourself of the scars and pains, the suffering you've been through, at the hands of ETs or whatever. It's time to let go of the old. And like me, part of you may be dying, only to be rebirthed into something bigger and better. That's usually how it goes anyways. I wish you good luck and good vibes, my friend. Keep on.

      • To add, I missed your question, sorry, yes I am going through a time where I very much want out.

        I just feel like a don't belong here, I don't fit into this species. I was very in touch with the light in my heart as a child, then my parents started teaching me the ways of this world. It didn't make sense to me, and it still doesn't. I want to go home!  Then there is physical pain and tough economic times...and mean nasty people.

        You know,..I know I'm not the only one here that feels this way.

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