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Ok, Ok...I feel like I am completely, totally and uterally losing my mental faculties :)  Well, the mental faculties that serve me in my day-to-day affairs.


I've been feeling more "magnetized", and have had weird spells of crying for no apparent reason (and I do mean no reason...not sad or happy about anything, but it's like energies in me are aligning to make me wanna cry, kind of the way you feel when you feel a sneeze coming on), feeling light-headed to the point of almost falling over, intense headaches in my third-eye, shifting in and out of consciousness...this is weird.  Oh, and I've been obsessed with the ongoings "out there", time, the cosmos, staying up at night trying to do ridiculous things like decipher the Philosopher's Stone.  Really, really weird.  And I haven't heard much about anyone experiencing these things, so I thought I'd ask. 


Does anyone else feel like there is something impending soon?  Like you are wanting to carry on with business as usual--but something inside you saying "wait, not yet...something is going to change".  Have you been feeling more clairevoyant?  Feeling more/less contact from guides/higher self?


Please do share if you are feeling paranoid, anxious, and just plain feeling like things ARE NOT business as usual.  It would be greatly appreciated...I would feel less crazy :)  And what about all this weird solar activity?  I can't help but think if what I'm feeling and these events aren't related. 


Thanks for the emotional update :)



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I relate, dear lady... wow, it's been a real ride this week hasn't it?  It's due to the alignments occuring, I've been advising my friends to ground energy as much as possible and to be in nature as often as they can as the Great Mother, Gaia is probably the best ally to deal with these emotions.  You aren't just clearing your own karma, your own baggage... you are clearing all of the earth of the magnetised "negative" energy (negative is an overused term I think). 

The sun activates our kundalini... have you also had lower chakra or angel wing (middle back) pain?  Pain in the middle of your chest?  Lol, my head feels soooo weird sometimes with energy pulses... and the MOON, my god she's powerful right now.  If you see my blog on the emerging divine solar feminine, it discusses the moon energy and how it relates to the's like right now they are both feeding us this cosmic soup that is like popeye's spinach for our spirit.

That feeling you say of coming in and out, totally have that... it's getting more difficult to balance my 3d life with what I am experiencing on the higher ethers, we literally have a foot in both worlds... it's a good sign actually, it means you are well on the road to your ascension. 

Unfortunately I believe we will be seeing an increase in violence as some of the sleepers are going to be unable to handle this clearing.. as always it is the lightworkers maintaining their equilibrium who will balance the energy around them... one of us Lighted ones can transmute acres of the world around us.  Listen to music, get into nature and ride the emotional roller coaster as well as you can... it will get better... Christmas is a time of Hope and Sharing so being with your family will help a lot. 

As for the philosphers' stone... have you ever heard of Tom Lethbridge?  He did some fascinating work regarding alchemy, old school stuff without channeling or mysticism... he also proved the theory of dimensional energy using pendulums and dowsing. 

Good luck, you aren't alone in this and if you ever need someone to talk to or vent to, I'm here.  :) really hit the nail on the head with the clearing of the earth's negativity :)  I don't really feel like the negativity/whatever you want to call it is mine.  I feel like a big energy converter!!  I feel the need to just go down the street and just shake souls awake! 

 "Snap out of it! Don't you know you're divine??!? Slap!"  (ok, without the slapping though)

I think I'm also trying to let go of some things that I'm holding on to "just cause" know, just because it gives me the appearance of status, just because I'm afraid to try something different...I feel like I'm being asked to take a giant leap into ???? who knows!  But feel the need to trust my intuition.  It's been right so far...


And I was just walking through a bookstore for some inspiration...and I kept asking myself, "what am I waiting for?  What am I so anxious about?"  And a little voice came in there and said "You are what you are waiting for" ahh...couldn't be truer.  I feel like the spot light is on.

dear Anita,you are spot on, but it is the energy coming from the etheric sun,which is directly behind the visible 3rd earth density sun,blessings eve.

oh I definitaly feel some crazy changes going on .. I find I'm talking to myself on the street.. I have these funny little conversations about god knows what and I catch myself doing it and I have to get grounded quickly.. I'm also going through every emotion in the book.. all in the same day.. whats more, I keep checking in with my guides in my head and asking them when we will see millions of UFOs in the sky .. then I get really frustrated and often tell my own guides to buzz off, but then I forgive myself and apologise to them deeply and ask them to show me something mind  

the thing is, it never happens ..haha.. well, of course life is fairly mind blowing but you know what I mean.. I mean, I'm hanging around to expierence something so totally mind bending.. I have this kind of silent dream in my mind about decloaking and meeting our star family and its apparent in my thoughts very often yet all I see is people wandering around looking aimless and I wonder if even one of them can see what I can see.. just as well I keep myself busy.. but definatly feeling exactly the same stuff you are going through somesayimnot.. I find I cry like an absolute baby over practically nothing.. then I can get really pissed off.. then I can crease myself laughing.. and I can get scared sometimes, its such a mess of emotions .. lol ..

however, I do see a lot of people who look as though they are loosing it big time.. people appear to be looking a little confused..  so many folks around doing their very best to go along with the old paradigm.. and as a result, they are loosing the plot and its because the higher frequencies simply will not allow or cannot hold the vibrations of the old 3d energy anymore.. so everyone is changing whether they like it or not...  

overall, I have this feeling that something will happen, its like an anticipation that is getting stronger every day and even though there appears to be a lot of absolute chaotic crazy stuf going on, I think its making way for something incredible, something so BIG it will blow our minds ... its got to be cosmic...



I know!! My spidey sense is tingling....c'mon....

I too keep having dreams about being reuinited with my soul family...having fun guessing games about whether anyone I know is in my soul family,etc.


I think my guides were rebelling against me though.  I think I was headed in the wrong path because every time I tried to do what I was "supposed" to be doing, my brain just repelled it like a magnet.  NO joke.  Couldn't concentrate on it at all..not one iota.  It was like someone just said, "uh huh, nope, this isn't for you"  I stopped feeling sould nudgings, my guides didn't want to hang out with me for a couple days..I felt lonely and frustrated.  So I made the decision to STOP.  My sould feels liberated.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! 


Now I need a new job/career path...anyone hiring? lol 



Actually I AM a big Star Trek Voyager fan, and I know this episode :)  And you're right, there are some interesting parallels there between the Borg and..well, us :(  (at least the unawakened us)

And when you said this:

"its like my mind screams at me, dont ever make us worry about crap like paper obligations and dates and the so called financial responsibilities cause it sucks total ass...I know EXACTLY  how you feel.  I have been kinda disturbed by this more and more recently. It's not like I'm lazy...I just don't think most of this crap really matters, and it shouldn't matter.  It's just a little program to keep us keep us looking out instead of within, to keep us looking down and not up.  I don't want to have to worry about getting a job with health insurance, benefits, saving for retirement, saving for my daughter's college education when college education is an f'ing joke, and sucking up to whoever to get to the next rung on the ladder so that I an have more responsibility, less time, but more money.  Who cares.  It's a game, and I'm done playing.  Go screw yourself borg queen :)

lol.. so true :) .. I know aswell.. its happening to us.. and I just read your reply to Kelly about wanting to shake souls awake.. to wake people up.. well can you believe this, today I was actually walking off a train and on the platform I was actually saying ni a low voice (to anyone around me)  ''wake UP for Gods sake'' .. and then I said it loudly.. lol.. its true.. I was saying -''wake up, wake up, wake up !! '' as I was walking along.. I realised I better sit down somewhere and have a coffee of something.. lol ..

and by the way, I spend hours on end in bookstores :)

what a trip.. thank GOD you posted this one my sister.. I thought I was loosing my well, at least we can loose our minds together... you are not alone my dear sister :)


I am still ok, although I went through some anger issue just recently but over~all diagnostic is that I am more come and steady than ever before. My believes and faith is challenged by this ongoing " soon , baby soon" chanellings messages but am not panicking yet.
Me, too.
My head is woozy, I'm hearing a Morse code in my ears constantly, I'm dog-tired most days and my psychic abilities are getting better. Even my cat is acting a little more nuts than usual.
So, yeah, it definitely feels like something is starting to happen.

Wow, I really like this Marianninia, just beautiful.  I am going to post this on my is awesome...and I love the roses and hearts.  Yup we are all struggling now, we are not alone in this energy soup...

Dear lady, You are not alone. My body is in the process and not scaring me, but driving the doctors

I am also at the age where this shell has a finite timeline and as it nears the changes as well as the vibrational speeding up is affecting me also.This I cannot nor do I want to control. I breathe in the light=love=knowledge and keep in the contact with my 

cousins and allows me to continue with the natural flow going to continue what I am here for. I seek for nothing but the best for everyone around me. When my gifts are needed, I am there. I will do this until this shell cannot continue  and finish my task. Hopefully this will  be at the same time as when it is my time when the Father sets me on another mission.

Just hoping to have a change of venue!Namaste!



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