Where are the perps who had all these people going on about ascension to the 5th d and how the earth would be in complete darkness followed by the earths transition into 5thd?


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    • And yet with all this technology so unthinkable above our capability’s ET’s us channels ?    Why not send every one a e-mail. Or TV, radio, drop leaflets or just land.  When you start eating sweets its hard to stop.   Be very careful of all this sweet fluffy stuff. 

      Listen to it long enough and it starts to taste pretty good, remember Hansel and Gretel don’t go near that house of sweets.  it’s a trap!

  • FW....Light technology, as used here on earth, since Atlantean days and rediscovered, albeit quietly, by numerous scientists.....Is AETHERIC ENERGY.....

    It is the polar opposite to combustion/radiation tech, which dominates this current civillisation and is entropic/destructive/centrifugal/friction


    Light tech is expressed through devices that apply the aetheric energies above the plasma state....the three higher aethers and even higher than those...

    This POLE of technology is life-force....it is vital/constructive/centripetal/spiral/harmonically curved........IMPLOSION and not explosion or combustion...

  • Yeah it gives a different perspective Feather Winger. I guess it's just now we are being cautious of the word combination "technology-lightchamber".

    When we see it I think we will know it's true purpose, and explanations must be made when the time is due.

    • People must try not to fear these words, "technology" & "chamber"...They are only words...the esoteric meaning is far deeper and more gracious....but here we are constrained by the limits of outer earth languages...

  • By the bowl-full . . . clowwwwns . . . I used to chill with this other group that pasted "clown" labels on people. Their heart was in the right place defending their sacred ground from the whimsical expulsions of the clown, but they crammed their thoughts into this almost dogmatic thing . . . people had to follow a pattern to not look like a clown, but they got shit for being trendy pukes anyway . . . then, my favorite part happened . . . they started saying "Oh, all those [insert town or region] kids think the same."  Not that terrible a thing to say because it's food for thought . . . mmmm fooooood.

    • clowns -clowns-clowns-fake ascension clowns-no one tells me what I can and cannot say-get me?

  • To be honest, here on Earth, even if we are by origins beings of light, we also are humans. Being a human means you can be and will be wrong about things. It is a constant battle between the Altered Ego that you built for so long and the actual You. It is easy to deceive yourself, to become delusional about something. Nobody said that they need and have to be right about everything, they aren't gods, they are humans. These people you speak of, I believe that the majority of them did not say those things in order to purposely deceive us all, but it was unintentional. They most likely were unintentionally delusional. Who knows. Point is, as funny as your reference to them as ''Ascension Clowns'' is, I find this rather mean of you to publicly mock them like this. This is the last place in the Internet world where I would expect this. This is a spiritual community composed of people who aspire towards wisdom and enlightenment, who supposedly know better than to just go ahead and publicly mock a group of people they deem as irrelevant as of now as a result of a few mistakes they made. I thought we are here because we speak the language of unconditional love, respect and wisdom, and we get on here to share what we have learned with one another. They are people and they are allowed to make mistakes, you need to accept that. After all, nobody actually knew what was going to happen on that day, nobody, hence why people shouldn't have expected anything out of it. Either way, I'm sorry I had to put you up against the wall with this, but, one thing I find very disturbing and dissapointing about humanity is that some people, when disillusioned, forget that other people are humans as well, and play the mock game. It's sad. I really dislike to see people getting mocked, no matter what the reasons for it. It is never acceptable under any circumstances, at least in my book.   

    • ascension is not something you just do-I know many agnostics and atheists like to play at sprituality and claim that any one can get ascended -there's a long process and it's not to be fooled with and leading people around with a carrot usually to get them to lean leftist politically is wrong and the clowns who fake ascension channeling are just that-we know the game-some of the nonsense being channeled is entrapment legally to use people as lightning rods for Light, they probably agreed at some other level in sleep, contracts, a lot of it comes from the inner realms for entrapment for other reasons-inner Earth, middle Earth, upper Earth are all the realm of darkness except it would implode on itself if we were not here to bring Light-it's a school to be used to eventually rise out of by paying debt, quenching ego desires, selfless service, and then when you are finished with this realm-in your heart all you want is to truly serve the Creator-then you ascend

      • agnostics are unsure, athiests dont believe in spirituality.

    • You're right though . . . even callin somebody a clown or mocking them can be a mistake you can regret later.


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