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    Happy New Year, dear Ana!

  • Hi ANA

    Nice to see you taking an active part in the content here...

    I like to joke sometimes...

    It gets me through the night.

    Eddie Dear


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  • Thanks for your good wishes.

    may you shine.


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    Thank you for your friendship,Ana!                                                                          Peace & Love!

  • 8114183882?profile=original8114455496?profile=originalThe wholehearted desire for truth assures it will be found.Stay blessed "Little Sister"!

  • Wow, thank you all for your warm support! I was gone for 2 weeks to visit my mother, where I didn't have Internet. I'm glad to be back to this community and I'd like to get to know you all. Thank you for your kind welcome!

  • Thanks a lot for being my friend, love.


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Fantasy World


March 13

About Yourself

I've always been a spiritual person, but it's been a long road for me to define my beliefs. Searched different religions/churches, even frequented some, until I realized that I wasn't made for them, and that true spirituality doesn't come from a religion full of restrictive rules, armed with strict dogma, but that every person has its own spiritual journey that should never be constricted and suffocated by narrow widespread convinctions. I left the last church I used to frequent and began searching my own path. A few years ago, I was going through a very emotional turmoil because of a break up and met my then therapist who is also a Reiki practinioner. She is the one who prompted me into the direction I am now. I somehow intuited this, but she is the one who recognized and opened my eyes about my spiritual wakening. The things she told me made me put questions and wonder. She suggested I go into a special library where they only sell books on spiritualism and religions. I picked up one about Confucius. Then, this lead my interest towards Buddhism and its teachings. I only took some things out of it and applied in my life, but I refused to actually follow a religion to the T. My search didn't stop here. I went on searching for specific points, and slowly and slowly, one thing lead to another and this is how I've been finding out about a lot of things. Still, not without my therapist's guidance. She suggested books for me to read on a lot of matters, and she still guides me via email (as we don't live in the same country). I've found certain blogs that cover a lot of the points I've been looking to find the answer for, and made friends with someone else who is much like my therapist, very knowledgeable. Either way, my journey is long and difficult, and I am still learning and learning and learning. There is still much to do. I've started to isolate myself from certain communities, because I find they drag me down on an emotional/energey level. I've never had this need to look for positive, high quality communities before, as I've always been a bit of a fighter, with a volcanic personality. My spiritual interests are varied, and mainly, I am just trying to find out more about the universe, about the spiritual world, about myself and others, about how things go, and eventually, to become conscious. I am still trying to find a way to get a handle of myself.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My teacher's been my therapist for the past few years. She's been my main source of guidance. I try to find as many sources of sinpiration as possible that I recognize and know that are what I need to know. Other than that, I am looking into myself to get to know how everything else works. I know I have the answer within myself, very deep. The question is, how to get to that answer. That's been my journey for so long.

Ana commented on Edward's blog post The ET's such as Plejaren Sirian Lyran etc.. wont make an appearance here
"And on another side note, I'm not saying that I don't believe that these beings exist, I believe that anything is possible and a lot of these stories about these ET beings must stem from some truth. But, I don't know, most of this info online and…"
Nov 8, 2013
Ana commented on Edward's blog post The ET's such as Plejaren Sirian Lyran etc.. wont make an appearance here
"Okay, 1. It is widely accepted that these highly evolved and possibly benevolent ET races haven't made an appearance yet, then, how do you know how they look like ? (the pics have a lot of detail) 2. How does one know the telepathic messages are…"
Nov 8, 2013
Ana replied to 0ate4a3ml601d's discussion DOREEN VIRTUE AND THE ANGELIC HUMANS
"lol I get your point, you're trying to suggest that this all sounds racist, which it kind of does. Your hair color and skin color have nothing to do with who you are on a soul level."
Oct 2, 2013
Ana replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Bashar - Why ETs Do Not Yet Make Contact...Recommend
"Basicly, the only ET that would contact us would be the ones who want something from us: Resources and power. The rest would watch but not intervene."
Oct 2, 2013

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