• Looks more like Project Aurora if you ask ;-)
  • What is so special about Shasta? I've been coming over this mountain MANY times wherever I read about spirituality. Can someone explain? :)

  • I here you.....or we see things we do NOT want to see as well.....One night I was positive that someone was in my bedroom behind the bedroom door last January when my roomy was in the hospital...I could not figure out why my dog was not reacting, it was pretty dark and she was laying on the floor by my bed....I was panikcing and my heart was doing flipflops seeing that dark shadow against the back of the bedroom door...There was only a little light from the moon that was showing in the window, and just enough to see that dark shape lurking behind the door that was half open.I laid there for what seemed like forever and the "person" did not seem to move so I got brave and hollered as loud as I could that I had a gun and would use it and for the person to show themselves (of course I did not have a gun, don't own one, lol).  But I did have a flashlight on the stand and I aimed it at the spot behind the door and it was my black floor length bathrobe that I had hung on the hook on the back of the door that morning which usually I hung in the bathroom.....I laughed my ass off and my dog just looked at me like I was completely insane, lol.... 

  • Wow, that is a definite "what to hell is it" in the first two pictures for sure Hermit .  If they were 5D ships I am sure they would not look so solid, so it could be back engineered human type craft....But awesome pictures and I thank you so much for sharing these spectacular pictures.  The objects are a mystery to me....thought at first they were helicopters, but not too sure on that.  If they had been I am sure you would have figured it out right away, but it definitely falls under the "what to hell" category for me....I keep an open mind....













    • Are these SPACESHIPS or certain kinds of clouds?

      • These pictures are of Lenticular clouds Dark Star, very dramatic and often in the new age communities labeled as spaceships, lol.  They're caused when the air flow
        is just right so when it flows over Mt. Rainier or other mountains in general where the winds swirls around the mountain tops, the air gets pushed
        upward where it cools and condenses into swirling round clouds such as these clouds.  Depending on how
        smooth the flow is, you can get some amazing lenticular clouds formations.  They look spectacular!

        It's usually a sign of rain within 24 hours because typically the moist
        flow that precedes a storm around and is the perfect set up for this type of clouds. 
        Here is a link with lenticular clouds over Mr. Rainier....enjoy, they are fabulous but NOT

        Hope this helps....I find them one of the wonders of nature...


  • What am I looking for? I only see an object in the first two photos
  • Enjoy these! especially since I should be dead right now, mj-12 almost killed me :(

    • I hear you, TheHermit......the grays damn near killed me....Glad we are around to tell of it, lol....all is not sunshine and roses in life unfortunately....

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