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  • Hello , now I'm a bit better, I'm 3 times a week at the Gervasutta hospital in udine to do special gymnastics with 3 students from Portugal and 3 students from Sweden of the ERASMUS project study at the university and practice at the Gervasutta, there are in me still many errors of posture go wrong and the leg does not go straight but FALCIA .... It 'DIFFICULT ... I improve very slowly and even the memory is not perfect I easily forget .... go be hard and I go ahead, best wishes of GOOD EASY hello jose

  • darkstar, I know we dont see eye to eye on so many subjects, but I want to apologise to you for the way I spoke to you before, you didnt deserve that and I am sorry.. I was out of line I admit, but it wasnt personal, it was just me being foolish.. its been on my mind for ages to apologise to you, so, I am sorry, dasrkstar, and I really mean that from the heart.. anyway, I hope you can see past it and although we disaggree on many things, lets hope we can remain on a friendly level at least..


  • Hello , thanks for your message, but I am disappointed very spiritual field ascending, now I do not and I am sure that the third dimension We never get out ............ we are slaves and we will remain slaves, the rich billionaires decide our miserable and poor life for all of us .... the little that I have to let me enough and amen - It very wrong to incarnate here '' was a big mistake - Hello and thanks

  • ciao  bellissima  ciao


  • Hi ... darkstar ... ;))


  • Just to let u know this is my backyard. What u do not see is the peaceful protesters still protesting peacefully. To tell u the truth it is just another attempt to divide. Ego's are scared lol.
  • Absolutely Darkstar - The truth shall win



  • Sorry. Lived a lot of places but never a Milwauki

  • Thank u
  • Got a sense of humor today friend?

    watch this cute cartoon....

    no real people were injured in this enactment........

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November 19

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"You can do it, cause love connect you with your Soulmate over Time and Space. My believe"
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"Jade, check out Dr. Charlie Ward, if you want to know what's really going on!"
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"Does anyone know what's happening with this site, and what's happening with Amparo?"
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