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  • Marique!!!!
    So good to see that you are ok and alive!!!
    How are YOU?
    Much love
  • You also dear friend thank you much love

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  • Thank you so much for your positive energy, Marique :-)  Here is another giggle for you, laughter is one of the best gifts to share :-)
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Hi Marique, its nice to see you again after such a long time ... hope all is well on your path.. :-) ..

    Much love .. always ..



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    Hey it's been a while :-)  How are you?

  • 8115213659?profile=originalThank you for your friendship.  Blessings.

  • Hi Marique! I am just stopping by to wish you a happy christmas and soon a new year :) I hope you are in good health and spirits and it's really nice to see your presence here on ACC as always.

    Much love


  • 8115115294?profile=originalHi dear Marique :) your stopping by is always appreciated :D. I see we still think alike ;) you know what I always only voice my inner feelings when I write something, and I'm glad that resonates with someone. Lately I have changed quite much in my attitude towards different topics that I used to have a different view on. Especially after 2012 I have taken a different path in life. I feel I have taken the road to working with myself more and accepting the goals and lessons to be presented to me in life, rather than live as a slave to a concept that only seems to exist in some wishful minds here on Earth. I don't know if it makes any sense, but I feel I have all I ever need to get through this incarnation and hopefully gleam some more wisdom from it.

    I had a great weekend meeting a friend in Sweden I actually met at this very site some years ago. We have a great friendship now and it all started with a simple conversation here on Ashtar, funny when you look back at it all those synchronisities! Makes you wonder what else the universe has in store for you ;)

    I hope you are all well Marique and had a great weekend yourself!

    Blessings and love to you my friend :)

  • Thank you. I might jump in once in a while, the last 2 years have been verry radical in change etc etc. And now i just came to see how far i got after 2 years and what is going on around here. I remember i used to spend whole days here comenting and writting stuff, i have slowed down a lot on this. seems i have no need for comment or being right or wrong anymore. Now i treasure peace of mind. See you around my friend. :)

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March 6

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I am a seeker of life's truths about the spirit and promoter of peace and love. I am looking to the heavens and the universe for answers about where we come from, why we are here, and searching for information about other inhabitants of the universe for a greater understanding of life.

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My parents first and foremost. They are deeply spiritual and peaceful and full on inner knowledge and profound wisdom about human nature. All my friends have taught me great lessons as have my children.

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"My former roommate who now is a permanent nursing home got covid tests every week for awhile and the tests were definitely inaccurate as he kept getting positive then negative then positive then negative in a months time. He never at any time had…"
Dec 6, 2020
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"the bleeped word in this comment  is the word hold.  Not sure why that got changed...interesting.  Now hold is a bad word????"
Aug 26, 2019

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