The Tzolkin date for 12/16/2013:


Tone: 13 - Ascension, Sun Sign: SUN (AHAU)
( The end of THE cycle)

See the

The Mayan Tzolkin of 260 Kin Calibrated to the Civil Calendar - Thread

at this link

on page 6

Welcome to the next cycle - the new world

Tzolkin date for 12/17/2013:


Tone: 1 - Unity, Sun Sign: Crocodile (IMIX)
( The start of a NEW WORLD & new cycle)

Susan Lynne "SERAFiNA' Schwenger

Tony "ABRAXASINUS" Bermandseder

acknowledge together, the finding of this date



(and, do you want to know the next end date-stay tuned)

it's coming ;) ;)

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  • I'm not so sure about all of this as this is a subject that is fresh to me and I haven't put much time into it as I have many of my other projects....but here's my 2 cents so I hope it's useful:

    For one this (world is going to end) stuff is nonsesne (that's what I believe)'s the same with a mistranslated part form the Bible where it states "and then the end of the world will come!" This was a mistranslation as we must remember these guys were translating much of the material from that time from (Yidish to Latin to English) and words in other languages have different meanings. The mistranslation came from the word "world" where it should have been "AGE". Simple enough?

    Rest assured there will be NO END OF THE WORLD....there are Mayan Ellders who hid away many of their sacred texts and calenders from the Spanish. From what I have discovered these calenders go way beyond the year (2012) hundreds and even 1,000 of years into the future. Why keep a "count" if the world is going to blow up in 2012? Doesn't make sense? That would be like holding onto stocks when you know for a FACT that the market is going to crash....the bottom is going to fall out and there will be NO RETURN 100% SOLID!? That makes no sense!?

    This is kind of on topic/off topic kind-of-sort-of.....Christianity - Islam and the Jewish religion all have the same origins!! They were derived from (Sorastrianism) have a look on the net and you'll see? So we are getting a distorted be of the Bibles teachings as all the parts of the puzzle are incomplete? It's lke putting together a picutre puzzle, if you are missing about 20 to 30 pieces the puzzle will be incomplete and it won't make sense? Furthurmore the Bible was manipulated by people who threw it together but left out the (Gosphell of Saint Thomas - for instance) because he talked about two controversial topics - Reincarnation and Past Lives two NO-NOs and forbidden subjects at that time....WHY? I have my theories but would love to hear yours?

    It's like sending a message across time/space it gets broken up over time, distorted and changed as it travels through space and when it arrives at your antenna it's broken up and doesn;t make sense? Same thing here we are getting an incomplete book because for:

    1. Mistranslations translating (Yidish to latin to English).

    2. Manipulation by MEN (OH we can;t have this-that and the other thing in thier it's perposterous) NO-NO-NO take that out and leave it out or I'm taking my LEGOs and going home). LOL

    3. The TRANSMISSION over time things get changed and distorted (ever do the experiment where you get 10 people and start with "Mary went to the store to get some milk" and by the time it gets to the last person you got Mary getting pregnant and robbing banks"? LOL....Same thing here!?

    Only from within will we know THE TRUTH, what our hearts say and what we FEEL...that's one form of TRUTH that cannot be manipulated....distorted or changed....only if you let it!!

    My GOD is a god of love and compassion and he's not going to blow me up on 12/21/2012 along with everyone else!? He has plans for me and everyone else who wants to grow along his plans....his plans go way beyond 2012!!

    What you SEE on TV and in the movie theaters....that's just ENTERTAINMENT and Dark Forces at work trying to prey upon the FEARS of a "witch-hunt"!? Remember FEAR is the MIND KILLER, we have nothing to fear, but fear itself. What are YOUR FEARS?.....FEAR stands for (False Evidence Appearing Real)....that's all that this stuff is....False Evidence Appearing Real?? When you break it down into manigible proportions not only can you sink your teeth into it, but it doesn't upset your stomach either!!^_^
  • LOL at MAC, discovering the time, is just the starting point

    like the tip of the iceberg, this is actually every important,

    as, it aligns, new moon/and, full moon

    with all calenders ;)
    • I believe the Mayan calendar to be more precise than the one we use now. And if more people would live by it life would be diff. We live out of time, it was put in place by the Vatican so we would be out of sinc. Would be nice if more people would look into it, and just try to live acording to the days. Like some days are good for this or that and others not. I know Astrolgy does that to, but i'll stick to the Mayan way, i feel more conected to them anyways.
      • "The Hottest Places in Hell, are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in a Time of Crisis"....DANTE

        THE END OF THE WORLD, IS IT 2011 ? 2012 ?

        WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT ???
        Has the greatest discovery of the last thirteen centuries
        related to The Mayan Day - Record keeping just been discovered ???
        It appears Dr. Calleman, is holding fast, to 28 OCT 2011,
        while John Major Jenkins, says 21 DEC 2012, is the right date.
        Even, The Mayan Elders, do NOT know.

        Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger, an internationally known Cosmologist,
        Radio Talk Show Host, and, Student of Metaphysics, Doctoral Candidate, ABD,
        a native of Canada, says that the world is NOT ending in 2011 or 2012,
        and, she has discovered what even the worlds leading experts,
        have NOT been able to determine.

        She has both the science, and, the maths, to back up her discovery,
        of 16 DEC 2013, as The End Time, and, 17 DEC 2013, as, The Start Time,
        for what she claims, is The 13th Grand Cycle on Earth.

        To further prove her theory, she also, has,
        utilized the cycles of The New Moon, and, The Full Moon,
        in her equations,
        and, has managed to determine not only,
        The Start Dates of all The Grand Cycles,
        The 14th Grand Cycle on Earth, which starts 12/17/28013
        The 15th Grand Cycle on Earth, which starts 12/17/54013
        The 16th Grand Cycle on Earth, which starts 12/17/80013
        The 17th Grand Cycle on Earth, which starts 12/17/106013
        and, claims, she can extend it, even further.

        There has been a lot of BUZZ in the air, about 2011, and, 2012.

        Alot of amazing men, Dr. Calleman, John Major Jenkins,
        and, Dr. Arguelles, have tried to solve the puzzle,
        and, have dedicated a large portion of their life trying to do so.

        Susan says, "The Mayan, are the world experts, at Day & Record Keeping,
        and, that they have always operated on an assortment of calendars,
        utilizing three different dating systems in parallel.
        First, there is The Long Count, or Calendar Round,
        Second, there is The Tzolkin aka The Divine Calendar,
        and, Thirdly, there is The HAAB aka The Civil Calendar,
        each are utilized for an assortment of different reasons,
        many of which, are sacred.

        Everyone, including the world's experts,
        the researchers, along with the scholars, can agree on
        The Start-Date, however, no one can agree, on The End-Time."

        It, is quite amazing, in a computer age, that, no one has been able to calculate it !

        It, has been like looking for the proverbial "needle" in "the haystack".

        When, she first started to try to tie the three calendars together,
        and, to calibrate them to The Civil Time of The Mayan, and, then align it,
        with the time, set in place, by Pope Gregory, and, The Catholic Church,
        related to The Gregorian Calendar, what is commonly today known as World Time, many people told her, it would be impossible.

        Susan loves a challenge, and, as a child,
        could put together a puzzle in record time.

        Like many people on earth, many of her own clients,
        where asking the 2011, and, 2012 questions.

        A lot of people, just did NOT want to know about it, or, talk about it.

        Lets face it, if the world is ending, maybe, it would best, NOT to know.

        There is NO doubt, it is in the media, and, in the local newspapers,
        people writing in to editors, claiming their kids have come home from school,
        asking them, if the world really is ending, while some people are making
        very serious preparations, related to the possibility that the world may end.

        There is NO doubt,
        people are confused, and, some of them, are downright scared.

        Children sometimes ask, their parents the darnest questions, and, this question,is likely keeping a lot of parents, up at night,
        almost everyone wants an answer.

        Rest assured, these 2011, and, 2012 dates, are NOT related to doom and gloom.

        Throughout history, great men, and, great women, have explored many things,
        and, there is NO doubt, when Susan was asked,
        what prompted her, to get involved in solving the mystery ?

        She said, "This puzzle, has done more,
        than just stir up my curiosity, in fact, i always felt,
        that, i was a big part of this culture,
        in other times, and, as, a child, i loved to put together,
        and, to solve puzzles, and, this was something,
        that had a very challenging nature to it,
        as, this was something, i could study,
        and, likely never know, all the answers to it,
        so, it intrigued me. I was always very curious, as, to why
        The Mayan Elders, along with The Mayan Day - Record Keepers,
        did NOT know the answer ???
        And, if they did, why were they NOT telling people ???
        I had to know the answers, and, it mystified me,
        why the experts, could NOT find, an answer !!!
        It seemed, that back around 1200 BCE,
        something occurred, and, they lost most of their information,
        and,those that knew, the age-old answers, simply disappeared.
        It was a mystery worthy of spending some time to solve.
        As someone, who has traveled a great deal of this world,
        a chance crossing in 1999, with Ian Xel Lungold, in Cancun, Mexico,
        while he was in full gear, researching the names and, meanings of all the glyphs, and, he was getting ready, to help write a book, with Dr. Calleman,
        his excitement, was rather contagious.
        At the time, looking at all these mysterious glyphs,
        it looked like a lifetime of learning,
        and, at that time, Ian did NOT have anything in a saleable format."

        So, studying it, at that time, was virtually impossible.

        She continued on this trip, and, went to explore the Kukulkan Pyramid in Mexico, on 6/15/1999,
        and, there was an earthquake that hit,
        just as she got to the top of the pyramid,
        which very likely shook, a little more curiosity, into her mix.

        She was always curious,
        about discovering, why they built them, the way they did,
        and, what type of messages, were there, just waiting to be discovered.

        There was NO doubt, when in 2006, she returned to school, to obtain a doctorate in metaphysics,
        that her thesis, is being built, on '13' keys,
        and, this pyramid, has those 13 aspects to it,
        it you look at it very closely.

        She also, crossed paths, with a man, named "Wandering Wolf",
        and, although he didn't speak any English, or very much English,
        she felt a certain sense, about this man,
        and, the others, that had come to gather around him,
        and, it is very likely, she got bit, by the bug, that bites a lot of people,
        who just can NOT stop, until they solve a puzzle.

        Susan, is a horologist / master watchmaker's daughter, so, she has been raised, with clocks/and, time, all around her.

        The biggest question, that loamed in her head, was this one,

        "Is, there any danger, of losing track, of how, it is, that you keep track of your time" ???

        The earth is currently, in a 12th Grand Cycle,
        and, on 16 DEC 2013, it ends.

        Will this discovery, finding The End-Time,
        as, well, as The Start-Time
        become, the single biggest discovery of The Past 13 Centuries ???

        And, will this help the world, by having a 'real' answer,
        so people can find peace again ???

        Will the discovery of this, help to unearth, the ancient secrets ???

        And, will the gift of this discovery, give The Mayans, back their time ???

        For, a very long time, men, women, and, even children, have searched for an answer.

        Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger, a student of The University of Metaphysics, a Doctoral Candidate, ABD, a native of Canada, knows there must of been many reasons, she choose to be born in this life cycle,
        on what The Native Americans, call Turtle Island.

        She was conceived on 7lk, and, born 260 days later,
        on the 2nd 7lk in 1958, and, it is known, to The Mayan,
        as, The Day of The Wind God,
        260 days is the gestation period of a human being in the womb of their mother, and, it is the same length of The Tzolkin Calender.
        (13 x 20 = 260)

        She was born in the city of Weston,
        a suburb of The City of Toronto, in Ontario,
        on 27th December 1958, at 15:45 PM EST,
        and, with a birthday, that falls,
        on The 1st day, of The Last 'dead' Days of The HAAB"
        these symbols, are very significant to The Mayan.

        She has always had interests, in numerology, along with astrology,
        and, she has always known, she must of picked this date, for a good reason.
        She says, "i know, they are NOT dead days,
        these dates, these five days, are NOT 'dead' days,
        The UAYEB/or VAYEB, marked a very important time of the year.

        This date, was the time, of The Annual Medicine (s) Dance, also known to some, as The Sundance, and, many tribes,
        had an assortment of different names, for this occasion.

        The Mayan measure a day, from the time of the rising of the sun, or sunrise.

        On the 27th, day of December, at sunrise,

        The Mayan started a 4 day - 4 night
        - complete fast, no food, and, no water

        27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and, it lasted until the sun-set on the 30th,

        the men gathered, the boys about to be men gathered,

        and, the women, along with the children gathered,

        At sun-set on the 30th, the whole tribe gathered,

        to sit together, to drum, to blow the flute/or wind instruments,
        to rattle, or to chant/sing,

        and, the fire-keepers, attended to the fire,
        putting on an artistic/and, symbolic display of
        the art, of their sweeping,
        and, they had an all night ceremony,
        which lasted into the sunrise of the 31st of December.

        Male elders, would handle, the ceremony,
        and, at the end, The Female Elder, would speak.

        From sun-rise, on the 31st, til sun-set,
        there was a great ceremony, and,a big feast.
        Which signalled for them, The Start of The Next HAAB Year.

        This correct calibration of The 1300 Kin/Days Cycle
        has it flowing through 13 x 100 Kin (aka days)
        and, it moves it through the sequence of
        13/26/39/52/65 (5 cycles)
        and, it pins 16 DEC 2013 - as, The End-Time of
        The 12th Grand Cycle
        This is an end-time of cycle,
        NOT The End of The World, NOR The End of Time.
        and, it crowns 17 DEC 2013,
        as, The Start-Time of The 13th Grand Cycle.

        The UNKNOWN date in time,
        through the cycles has finally been found.

        What The Mayan Elders, did NOT know
        What The eXperts, did NOT know
        was how to calculate, and, how to calibrate all the calendars
        to arrive at the right end-time date !!!

        65 AHAU, is the date, that calibrates, all the calenders.

        The Start-Time of 27 May 2010,
        to The End-Time of The 12th Cycle of 16 DEC 2013
        has allowed The Pivotal Discovery of finding

        The 5 Tzolkin Rounds of 1300 = 65 x 20 = 260 x 5
        the answer of Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger
        who has just presented her findings,
        with the help of Tony Bermanseder
        at their website at (see 260 Kin Thread)
        and, there is NO doubt,

        MAY 27/2010 THROUGH DEC 16/2013 is THE CORRECT ANSWER

        THERE is NO doubt, Calleman - 26 AHAU, was on the right path

        THERE is NO doubt, Jenkins - 47 AHAU, was on the right path

        and, THERE is NO doubt, Dr. Jose Arguelles, Phd, of The Dreamspell

        -as, knew there was something to pay attention to, related to "The Moon".

        The last one, also, created a great awareness in the world
        ~ related to all things mayan,
        and, although, there are some, who say,
        he did NOT operate in alignment with The Mayan Elders,
        it does show, that he too, was on the right path, with the right intention.

        Many times, tribal people, do NOT let, outsiders in,
        and, if you want to return this world, to a state of 'tribal being'
        the time, to let many who are "searching" in, is NOW.

        The ones, many of you, have been waiting for,
        have already returned.

        NONE of these fine men,
        knew the right end/or start of The 12th/or 13rd Grand Cycles,
        however, they have done amazing, and, very good work.

        "The Schwenger" - 65 AHUA of 16 DEC 2013
        - End-Time of The 12th Mayan Grand Cycle"
        is, The Needle in The Haystack :)

        The only date, which connects, all the calendar cycles...
        which likely, what makes this the biggest discovery
        of the last thirteen centuries,
        related to The Mayan Day - Record Keeping.

        The Discovery occurred on 01-02 MAY 2010
        ~ in a Native American Ceremony
        in Zephyr, Ontario, with a Group of 33, some elders, and, friends.

        It brought forward, and, brought forth light encoded information
        and, triggered an awareness within Susan,
        who is a highly developed 9th Density Being,
        here on earth, which was required,
        to allow her, to figure out, and, to actually do the complicated
        final calculations, that joined all the calenders.

        She knows, that the collective conscious of the thirty-three people
        who were in attendance, at this event,
        played a part, along with a great role,
        and, it was that aspect, that opened up the door,
        to this Mammoth Discovery.

        In ceremony, all sit together, and, within the ceremony,
        all operate as, "ONE with ALL".

        In The Mayan tribes, as, well as with other tribes

        The Four Days/The Four Nights, along with The Over Night Ceremonies

        are what brings forth, The High Spirit Medicine, or The High Spirit Medicines,

        and, this shows up, only with a proper ceremony, and, within The Ceremony.

        These spiritual medicine, or spiritual medicines

        bring forth, the energy, that has been requested,

        for The Alterings, The Changings, and, The Shiftings

        that are desired, by bring about

        The Alternations, The Changes, and, The Shifts,

        to create a community/or communities that live in sync.

        The Teachings of The Grandfathers, and, The Grandmothers,

        along with ancient sacred rituals,
        are NOT discussed, NOR are they filmed,
        they fill a great need, along with a void,
        within a community, and, serve to develop
        a very close knit group of people,
        who go forward from The Ceremony, all looking in the same direction.

        For Susan, her night in ceremony,
        was a pivotal one, as, she healed an important family issue,
        she took down her shadow, and, she got the rest of the information,
        that allowed her, to carry that to a table,
        to do the final work on it, to solve it.

        As Susan started to crunch all her data,
        her good friend Tony, was there to check her data.

        Just like 'good' magic, the answers magically started to appear.

        All calculations through The Complete 9,360,000 Kin aka Day Cycle
        now, have this series, fitting in perfectly, as, well as, eXactly to all cycles.

        This discovery brings things, Full Circle,

        and, back into The Mayan Round, The Original Mayan Round...

        The Answers was sitting in '13' and, '1300' (13 x 100 Kin aka days)
        where 65 x 20 = 1300 = 260 x 5.
        The magic is always found, with The Root of '13',

        The Mayan Tzolkin of 260 KiN has finally been calibrated to The Civil Calender


        27 MAY 2010 TO 16 DEC 2013

        "THE SCHWENGER - 65 AHUA"

        is related to how The Mayan, originally keep track of their time,

        iT has finally been found...

        if you want more information,

        see; this link on this website:
        The End-Time of The 12th Grand Cycle - Tzolkin date for 12/16/2013:

        Tone: 13 - Ascension, Sun Sign: SUN (AHAU)
        ( The end of THE 12th cycle)

        Welcome to the next cycle - The New World, of Pacha iNTi
        Start Date of The 13th Grand Cycle ~ Tzolkin date for 12/17/2013:

        Tone: 1 - Unity, Sun Sign: Crocodile (IMIX)
        ( The start of a NEW WORLD & new cycle)

        I am...Susan Lynne Schwenger aka Seraf'ina
        who acknowledges the finding of these dates, on 01/02 MAY 2010
        in the mode of Cosmic Healer in The Ancient Eagle
        in the mode of Cosmic eXchanger in The Ancient Condor
        in the mode of Cosmic Weaver in The Star Spider Women Clan
        in the mode of Dragon Rider/Master in The Star Dragon/Serpent Men Clan
        The SSS (57) of The Office of The Plumed Serpent ~ KuKulKan
        The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle ~ 16 DEC 2013
        The Start Time of The 13th GRAND CYCLE ~ 17 DEC 2013

        with deep gratitude, and, many thanks,

        to my assistant, in this discovery

        Tony "ABRAXASINUS" Bermanseder

        We are two, of many, Maya Returned


        104,000 - TO come back to
        Tone: 1 - Unity, Sun Sign: Crocodile (IMIX)
        ( of cycle)

        START OF THE 17TH GRAND CYCLE for 12/17/106013

        and, there's a formula for it to:

        26,000 x 4=104,000=80x1300

        SO, iT DOES NOT LOOK like MAYAN TIME/OR EARTH TIME is ending, any time soon ;)

        Brightest blessings of energy, light and love to all

        "Be a piece of Piece"

        Susan Lynne "Seraf'ina" Schwenger

        the13thbridge (at)


        For philanthropic donations, small, or large, are being requested at this time ,

        this work, has been very expensive, to do, and, iT iS ALL about ALL of us,

        and, if you feel moved to help us, by supporting our work,

        all contributions of good energy, monetary, or otherwise,

        are appreciated, and, dreamed on.

        At this time, we tithe 13% of our donations, to others,

        who are in need, and, also doing good work.

        That list, is larger than we alone, can handle !!! Can you help us ???




        ~~~ donations can be sent via paypal to: * THANK YOU !!!
        • apparently many lines; did NOT show up; in the original version,
          sure hope this works, this is a very important issue
  • You are really delusional LOL
    • I believe delusions come from sleep deprivation, use of in-harmonic substances, psychosis, &c.. I doubt any of these are the cause of these findings. The fact is that no one knows, and while I am lead to believe that the solstice dates in twenty-twelve are most plausible, this is just a different view my brother.
  • ahh, but you got to love the markers, it starts on :)
  • Gaaah I got to wait another year now?...Liked it better when I thought it was Dec 21, 2012....
  • be sure to read article here:

    or, here on our other blog post on 5/27/2010 to 12/16/2013
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