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  • 8115081854?profile=originalJust stopping by to say hello and to tell you I have missed you....I just looked below this comment and there I was in 2012 also telling you I missed you, lol.  I am always happy when I hear you are back my friend, I understand your coming and going because I do that too....Hope you will stick around some so it will not be two years from now with me telling you I miss you yet again.  Have an awesome weekend and hang in there like I am am, the road sure got bumpy for me, and sounds like it did for you too...Guess that is how we learn more soul lessens when we think there is no more to learn and we think we get it all figured out, then BLAM, there ends up a giant detour...Guess that is where I am now.  So glad to see you again along the road...Hugs to you. 

  • So good to see you again....long time it has been...Your page is spectacular by the way....Hope you will stick around, you have been missed.  Have an awesome week.....

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Ramey Base,Aguadilla Puerto Rico


April 16

About Yourself

After having had a NDE in Puerto Rico while surfing my life took a 360 and started all over again.Few years later i had what some call a re-birth and then everything kind of speeded up.Books and people started to show up in my life and they seemed to direct me in a particular direction.I tought it might be off interest to put here that i speak 5 languages,Swedish,Spanish,Dutch,French,English.And i hope to be able to use them in a proper and helpfull way in times to come.I lived in Belgium,France,Puerto Rico,sweden,US,

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Sananda,Drunvalo Melchizedek,Barbara Hand Clow.Kryon.Myself. Ervin Laszlo. Jose A. Arguelles. Rudolf Steiner. Carlos Castaneda. Kryon. Tellis S Papastravo. Don Miguel Ruiz. robert Shapiro. Leonardo and Ray, Sondra Orr. Robert Bruce. Dalai Lama. Budha. Say Baba. Maya's. Vikings. Dolphins. Whales. Wolves. My Wife. The manny personalities on Ashtar C. President Mandela

Cedric posted a discussion
Somehow after my 3NDE's the feeling of wanting to leave Earth has never gone away. ( rest ashure i am not suicidal) And anyways i do not believe in death, or at least the death of me as a soul. So here i sit wondering about my free will and the fact…
Jul 24, 2014
Cedric replied to 33ov2i5hlohr5's discussion Objective astral world
"Astal travel is not eazy, also my guess is the astral world is at least as big as this world. so to find someone might take a while if not a verry long while. Not to mention those who live there permenantly and might stir you away from your goal."
Jul 24, 2014
Cedric replied to 33ov2i5hlohr5's discussion Objective astral world
"in my experience on diff levels of reality, i can only say this. You will understand without a doubt something when you are completely ready to do so, no matter how much investigations you make or have made. Al questions asked are always answered…"
Jul 22, 2014
Cedric left a comment for Marique
"Thank you. I might jump in once in a while, the last 2 years have been verry radical in change etc etc. And now i just came to see how far i got after 2 years and what is going on around here. I remember i used to spend whole days here comenting and…"
Jul 19, 2014

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"Uncle Vladimir is the only adult in the room, it seems"
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"Biden losing his temper, as well as his faculties, if they ever 😉
Grumpy old fart, should be his title, rather than "commander in chief...""
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"Uncle Vladimir can handle it 😊"
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"with this picture I want to make fun about the warmongers in Washington, D.C., not the american people!"
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"Is Biden even able to find his reading glasses?

“On your head, grandpa!”
“Thanks, grandson, now show me this Ukra-something-country on the map.” 🔎 🗺"
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"There are several cabal scripts available, if one script fails they launch another. Covid > summer-break: BLM > Covid > summer-break: Afghanistan > Covid > winter-break: Ukraine… 😴"
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"yes Albertha, thank you"
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