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September 18



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I love animals....especially cats, hope to one day soon have a career in the animal field. As for now I work at Subway in a small town in Georgia, live with a friend/coworker in the beautiful North GA Mountains. I was born in Tampa Florida and moved to Georgia when I was about 8. I love the Ocean and the Mountains:) I have a wonderful and awesome mother and sister who raised me and the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. I am very blessed. I had some rough teenage years but who hasn't? Thankfully I am now awakening to the higher truths and here to spread some love and get on with this ascension for our beloved Earth. As far as labeling myself goes I have no clue if im a star child, Indigo,crystal,earth angel....trying to figure out but I know i am a lightworker of some kind and fascinated by the origins of all. I am interested in Astrology, Psychology, Numerology....put a logy on the end of it and Id prob love it hehe...

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  • I love you Peggy!  Thank you for your friendship sister!  Happy Loving summer solstice!
  • I love you Peggy!
  • Hello Peggy, thank u for being friends :)
  • Peggy,

    Thanks so much for your friendship :)

    Rick ♥
  • Blessings from the Star Goddess to you. MaybPeace, love and happiness be always with you.

  • Yay Peggy and hello.thanks for that "thats the spirit". Kind returns to you. Shelley
  • Hello again Peggy

    The really interesting news is that Erra is a planet in the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation. Now that should give you something to think about. According to most sources, Erra is very earth-like in a lot of ways. Do you need more information? I don't want to over-ride yoour own research.
    Have just been looking at your profile and see you are interested in animals (like us) and cats in particular (again just like us).Saw a very interesting bit of the news tonight and it said that they have found some tigers living and breeding high in the mountains in the country of Bhutan--(The Himalayas)far above the tree line. Now that is really something to think about isn't it?
    You say that you would be interested in hearing the story of how I found my path (as I would like to hear yours).However, mine is rather a long story so if you will let me have your email address I will gladly attach it to an email for you. I can also send some of my impressions about Erra.
    Talk again soon.....Love, Light Peace....Nahwinga
  • Hmmm and at 23 you are certainly young enough to be my daughter----grand daughter almost. I'm glad that you can see the real me from my photo and bio....but I wasn't always this way. A big change took place when I found my path in 1993.
    As regards Erra, why not look it up on the internet...there's a lot lf stuff about it there
    Just as a matter of interest, my wife has a daughter (from her 1st marriage) named Peggy and she is a red head as well.
    If you feel like talking spiritulity with me, feel free
    Love Light and Peace from Nahwinga
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Peggy replied to Altea~Ad Astra's discussion This one now is not the "super moon" WHAT I SAW LAST YEAR WAS A SUPER MOON!!!
"You know I have seen the moon just like what you described on 3 different occasions within the last 6 years. I was like what in the world! I don't know if its just the angle, the timing or what but I have seen it seemed atleast 3 times bigger and…"
Mar 25, 2011
Peggy replied to Cortex's discussion The Benefits Of Cannabis
"I smoked on an almost daily basis for a few years, and I really don't see anything wrong from it, except I felt the need to be sober minded for I was dippin into some other things as well. However, when I quit smoking and smoked it again it made me…"
Nov 12, 2010
Peggy replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Important Messages from VRILLON [ The Galactic Federation of Light] Brilliant Messages on Videos
"Freebz, I feel ya!"
Oct 22, 2010
Peggy replied to katrine's discussion Shutter Island -
"You know I wanted to believe so bad that he wasn't really a patient, but at the very end it did seem he was. I dunno. Very good movie! Leo is awesome, I named my hamster after him in 3rd grade...hehe."
Oct 19, 2010

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"A military whistleblower claims a secret UFO retrieval program within the U.S. government…"
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