I know I'm not the only one with this issue. How many, as time passes, are finding it more difficult to keep electronic devices operating correctly?

Personally, I'm going so crazy I find myself wishing for an EMP pulse. I find life in an electronically geared society difficult when my presence at times kills the ability of the devices to operate correctly.

LOL I have the only apartment in my building with flickering lights, which has stumped the electrician. My co-workers laugh at me then get annoyed because I have a knack for freezing and crashing multiple cash registers by interaction alone, effectively shutting down the store. I'm on my third reboot of the computer this morning.  It's not controlled or a noticeable internal energy change/spike.

Please share your story. I'm sure others are starting to get that X-Men mutant feeling also, not that I care since "To be considered different in a profoundly sick society is a measure of health"

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      • The Barnum Effect(forer) is present, yes, but it doesn't satisfy oddities like in esoteric mineralogy for example. If someone were to journal their experiences and then be given a crystal {blind study} to carry for a month while journaling their experiences, yet knowing nothing of the crystals metaphysical properties, there is a correlation to the personality effects and the unknown properties of the crystal within the journal itself. This is without the subconscious leading and cold reading like in newspaper horrorscopes. The mainstream numerology, tarot etc. is mostly cold reading charlatans, yes, but some are able to use them as divination tools quite effectively and be unexplainably accurate.

  • I've always had electronic issues but I've always chalked it up to electronic problems.

    I've seen street lights go out near my different residences over the span of my life but I always chalk that up to it just being time for the bulb to be changed.

    I'm notorious for breaking computers (ever since my first one). But because I over analyze so much... and because I'm educated in the subject matter (or was... I'm no longer up to date because I decided I hate computers... but the internet fixes that quite neatly)... I tend to always find the root of the problem.

    Even though your electrician couldn't figure it out... your flickering lights are either due to the equipment, or the environment. The equipment part is usually easy to troubleshoot. But it might be possible that there could be bugs or something that interfere with your lights. Or maybe stepping on a certain part of your floor causes pressure in such a way that it effects wires somewhere (the wires don't necessarily have to be near you... it could be that where you step, causes furniture or a wall nearby to shift slightly but just in a certain way to have an effect on the wiring). I dunno. Who knows.

    As far as your computer, it could be a hidden virus/Trojan/worm, it could be over heating, it could be power saving settings (not the obvious settings, but turning off the PC because a fullscreen program made the computer think it wasn't in use... it's complicated), it could be a faulty piece of equipment, it could be the motherboard, it could be dust, it could be loose wires (including the wires inside the plastic coating that you can't see without stripping it)... it could be related to the wiring in your house maybe? it could be so many things.

    One thing I've noticed is that I have far less trouble with Macs than I do PCs.

    I have cars die on me, computers die on me, cell phones die on me, other gadgets die on me. But I think it's because I keep them until they die rather than replace them before they're out of life.

    Electricity isn't such a magical thing once you understand it. I heard about this one guy who discovered a really old surge protector at his job I think, that had the case breaking off of it and realized that was the source of his feet feeling tingly when he wasn't wearing shoes.


    • Having been a military electrician and logically open minded I've gone over these possibilities too. LOL It's not just my own equipment though. I've had (switched) lights energize, had to stop wearing a watch, blah blah. I only made the post because of trends, not "this place" I'm in presently. Street light cycling is usually a photovoltaic switch or ballast that is bad.

      Like you I can ferret an OS issue out and have never needed a geek. I agree UNIX is the shiznit once you pass the learning curve. Apple Hyperthreading rocks!!

      I do hold a relatively high static charge though. Caused pain and numbness up to the elbow and shoulder in myself and others many a time! I've been shocked by running water, edge beads in the wall, porcelain[not even conductive WTF] and oh god...the car. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing all cotton and barefoot or all polyester and insulated shoes.

      I do try to find "real world" explanations before "going esoteric" hence the multiple viewpoint of discussion instead of "I AM THOR!!! OBEY!!!!!" LOLOL

      • ; ) gotta <3 ISS reference. ; ) nice
      • Reiklilluminaged:  Wow!

        • you think that's interesting search out my photos of "the other side" LOLOL

      • Have you lived in different residences throughout your observation of your static charge? I've noticed for myself, I've had higher static charge living in some places more than I've had in other places I've lived.

        Hehe, funny memory this brings up. In grade school a friend and I were supposed to sit quietly and read to each other (it was a thing where everyone in the class breaks off into teams of two and finds quiet places in the open classroom to read with their partner)... we were last in picking a good spot so we got lucky and got the "office room" (more like a supply room, but it was pretty big)... and the chairs were so full of static! We spent most of the time rubbing our butts in the chairs (after we discovered it's ability on accident) and zapping each other and giggling our butts off than reading. Eventually our uncontainable laughter was overheard and that room became off limits... but it was a riot for the both of us for several days nonetheless.

        • Static is caused by transfer of electrons from a loose and porous surface to a dry and hard surface.

        •  yes I have. Like you say some are worse than others, time of year too. I dread dry air!!! LOLOL we did the feet rubbing, sneak up and shock the person. LOLOL the fun of children!!!

  • I have had these experiences too. When your aura gets a higher vibration it zaps electronics near by. I am from New York and was surrounded by too many electronics so I moved to California near the ocean to be in nature more.
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