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  • Thank you for the add, Joe! :) and gratitude, Jacob

  • I'm so glad you're enjoying the Messages of Love. :-)

  • Greetings Joe, 

    Yes, I did channel Zorra on the Dale after dark radio show. :o)

    More to come...

    You can find upcoming channelings of Zorra, Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael at

    Enjoy! :o)

    Annette ~Asara~8114240669?profile=original

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Glendale, AZ


December 22

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Joe replied to Randolph Walter's discussion Astral Travel
"He has shared his information with me for free but I will send him a donation anyways because I really enjoyed the information and meditations he shared with me. This is a spiritual community we should all be helping each other. It's an energy…"
Aug 23, 2014
Joe replied to Randolph Walter's discussion Astral Travel
"He is the only person I ever met that doesn't charge money for his information he shares unless it's for shipping costs to ship you something. He should get paid though because it's valuable information. If you guys don't want his help for free then…"
Aug 23, 2014
Joe replied to INNER's discussion 5th dimensional new age music
"I like your music"
Jun 19, 2014
Joe replied to ReikiIlluminated's discussion Interference with electronics?
"I have had these experiences too. When your aura gets a higher vibration it zaps electronics near by. I am from New York and was surrounded by too many electronics so I moved to California near the ocean to be in nature more."
Jul 2, 2013

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"I agree thay modern physics researches, such as LHC, LIGO, quantum computer, fusion research, muon measurements, black holes, big bangs, dark matter etc are a waste of public money! This money should instead be used to build useful technology. To…"
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"Physicists need to go back to spiritualism to go beyond observing the this 3d world-there are endless layers or planes where people live-it's amazing -from one to the next-subtle differences in clothing or the way things 'look'-it's probably…"
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
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Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
    You Are A White Fire Seed Atom Of All That Is ByRonna Herman & Archangel Michael Beloved masters, in the very beginning, each of you were one of the Holy Innocent Ones, a brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to…
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Check out the other 6 videos in Kaia Ra's series "7 Days With Mother Mary" with this link:
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