December 26

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I am now, and have for many years been involved with helping those labeled "autistic". I have worked with and learned from these gifted individuals from our future. While finding the traditional methods ignorant and degrading, I have developed methods,with the help of these wise ones, who have escaped the prison of conditioned programing, to be who they already are.

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  • Hi Faith....just wanted to let you know I just watched Ishtar.....I thought it was hysterical tongue in cheek funny...Thanks for letting me know about it....it really made my day....Hope you are having a good week. Take care.


  • Thank YOU Faith ~ Much Love ! xox


  • Thanks for being my friend to the end dear sister..:-) We've had a long and tiring journey at times perhaps? But the gifts of spirit are abundant perhaps, with an eternity of more yet to come.. Love you

    MasterYoda aka Masteroflight


  • Thank you for your friendship.  It is my pleasure.  Have a wonderful weekend. 


  • I'm so crazy in love with you I'm just plain going crazy!

  • My dearest faith, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I am more than proud to call you my ETERNAL FLAME LOVER.

    You are my right when I am wrong and use the perfect amount of force to show me this.  I love you more than anything in the world.

    Thank you for sticking by my side even when I'm acting childish.  You are truly an amazing angelic.  My complete love for you is eternal!!!

  • Your soul is more beautiful than the sight of spring flowers in a desert
  • Does the word "Buzzlightone" mean anything to you?

  • LOL this came on the radio the instant I hit send on that last message

  • Good morning faith have a wonderful lovely day new friend namaste love Gaia <3 8114834274?profile=original

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"Thank you Peter~
That is the more accurate version of how it panned out~"
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