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Galactic Federation of Light - You will notice a great more detail in subsequent sightings from us, Channeled by StarGazer - Cheryl

Channeler: StarGazer - Cheryl

April 8th 2012.

Greetings Cheryl.

Thank you for your continued support with assisting us to get the word out about what is happening, as your planet progresses forwards on its ascension course.

There is relatively nothing new to share with you at this time, but we still like to offer our continued support, and continue to let the inhabitants of your planet know that we are here. Always observing and always willing to assist in any way that we can. All you ever have to do is ask. As the roundup of the members of the Dark Cabal reaches its end, we can turn our focus now on to what we deem as our next item of importance. That of initiating contact with you all.

Some of you will have by now received messages from us, via some form or another - through dreams, hearing our voices, or the written word - about what we have in store for those of you we wish to initiate first contact with. As we stated in an earlier message, remain alert for our continued communication as to the where and when that first contact will occur. Many of you are growing excited about the possibility of this occurring very soon. We would just like to assure you all now that this possibility will very soon become a reality.

And another thing that we would like to inform you of a this time, is that we have decided that initial contact will be most successful if it occurs on a one-on-one basis with us. Many of you have talked about bringing along family and friends to your initial contact; however, we feel that the time for introductions to a broader circle of your friends will be of greater benefit, if it occurs in subsequent meetings with us.

Let us explain our reasoning to you.

There are many, many things that we wish to share with you upon our initial contact, and we feel that this will be best done, that you will intake much more of the information we wish to share with you, if our initial meeting with you is done one-on-one with us.

Already we are sensing fear from many of you, as you read these words. So we will continue to assure you that there is nothing malevolent about this request. We are not going to whisk you away from your family and friends......again.......any actions of this nature would be detrimental to both of our causes. Indeed, our initial meeting with you will take many hours, but from your Earthly perspective, the actuality will only be a number of what you deem minutes.

So, certainly, you are more than welcome to bring a support person along with you if this is your desire, just know that they will not be a part of the initial meeting we request from you. Subsequent meetings (and there will be many), may include as many family members and friends that you wish to bring along with you, as we certainly wish to make our presence known to as many of you as possible.

Continue watching your day and night skies, as we are also making our presence known via sightings, which we are by the way orchestrating. None of these 'sightings' are by chance.They are all arranged by us, for maximum impact. And as we also stated in a previous message, you will notice a great more detail in subsequent sightings from us, as we wish to leave no doubt whatsoever in anyones minds that what they are seeing are our ships.

Our first meetings with many of you will be to provide photographic and video evidence to the media, audio evidence to be broadcast on your radios, and visual evidence that you can present to those people who have openly doubted you from the start. Be aware however, that despite the evidence that we provide for you to share with others - there will still be a great deal of skepticism.

Know that you cannot 'make' other people believe what you know as true to be true, but know that by planting these seeds, you are certainly giving others food for thought, and widening the opportunities for others to form their own opinions and make their own decisions on us and our presence. Subsequent contact with us will break down the walls of disbelief that many have built up over a long, long time; as each subsequent meeting we initiate will be with those whos seeds of doubt are starting to disappear.

We are looking very forward to seeing the reactions of many disbelievers when they eventually see us for the first time, but by then, we will have made it blatantly obvious that we are here in a benevolent capacity only, so any fears that these disbelievers bring along with them will rapidly be dispelled.

Another thing to note is; once subsequent contact with us is underway, ascension will progress very rapidly indeed, as once the final veils of doubt are removed from you and we provide you with the necessary information required, the next natural occurrence will be your ascension. Only those who are ready or in the final stages of readiness will actually be able to to receive this information from us, as we would deem it very irresponsible to provide the necessary knowledge to those who are not ready. Akin to giving a car to someone who did not possess the necessary skills to drive it.

The human mind only works at about one tenth its capacity, but when we start sharing the wealth of knowledge that we have with you all - this percentage will increase exponentially. We are also aware that to download a vast amount of information to you before you are ready to receive it would be detrimental to your well being, which is why there will be subsequent meetings with many of you, so this downloading of information can be done gradually.

So, not only will these contacts be social event, as many of you are reunited with your families of millenia, they will also be initiations of sorts for many of you, so we can begin the task of recruiting those whom we deem suitable for the many, many job opportunities that we will be providing for many of you. These opportunities will be a two way street. There not only needs to be a willingness on your part as well as an ability to perform the jobs available to you, but we also need to respect your free will, you will always be given a choice to accept or not accept any offers that we provide to you.

There is also the choice of where you will wish to reside - yes, this too is a choice that you will be able to make when the time comes. Many job opportunities will be aboard our ships, but many more will be able to be undertaken on your ascended planet, for those who wish to remain with loved ones.

Another choice for many of you, who are higher dimensional entities, will be the choice to return to your plant of origin - and the dimension that you were initially sent from, when you volunteered to undertake the task of assisting in the planets ascension. Once you successfully ascend, every ounce of knowledge that was veiled from you for so long, will be readily available to you, so you will all once again know exactly where you came from, and will have that chance of returning there, or remaining where you are.

But,we are getting a little bit ahead of ourselves now.

We do not wish to fill your minds with too much information that may cause confusion and worry to you all. So we will bring your focus back to that of first contact, and leave it at that for now.

The excitement and anticipation is steadily growing amongst many of you, yes, we can feel it too. This is why we are bringing our ships close and increasing our sightings, as the excitement and anticipation adds greatly to assist in raising the vibrational energies of your planet, which are of course essential to its successful ascension.

Remain positive and open-minded and await our messages to you, informing you of when and where our first meetings with each of you will occur. We too are looking very forward to these occurrences, as we deem you all to be part of our very large family.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through StarGazer - Cheryl.

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Thanks for this beautiful message! : )

I'm in! I want to meet everyone that is working to help us. I read about crystal library in inner earth - can we meet there?

I would like once more to recall to my previous request.We are omited by any sightings over here in Poland.Believe me it would help much.Our group all the time trying hard to announce people about your existence and aims.It becomes more and more difficult.And we still have a hell of chemtrails!!How to look above? The chempoisoned low "clouds" obscure all...And the first contact with you --is here anybody choosen to meet you? We ,our group are ready for any job with you and absolutely dont afraid and we feel absolutely secure with you.And eager for action.

I await meeting with you with great anticipation!  Waiting to hear the knock on the door....


Siiiick!! Yea so just after New Years this year my mom (ranch-outside of a small town) saw a UFO and was criticized by my Dad. I stepped in and gave her story credibility from just my own beliefs and validated her concerns (mainly that she was going crazy). I reassured her she isn't alone in what has been seen by the looks of things...

Then last thursday evening at 9:15p.m. (I am a nightly sky/sunset/backyard astronomer from my house in Kelowna, BC) I saw this bright object (I don't think it was an airplane as I've seen many, and this had a single slow pulsing white light and also was flying completely different route than normal aircraft) Now from my house I can interpret most of the major constellations and planetary bodies easily and even some fainter stars (Pleiades, Procyon etc) and I would say this object was about as bright as Mars initially. As I had both a Full Moon and Mars in a frame of reference (but no camera!!) I would say it was about as bright (Blinding white light, very slightly pulsing) as Mars and coming from the South to the North. It was a steady speed, I initially thought it was a satellite but I haven't been able to see any that bright before since this night (and I watch nightly) and It was beginning to cloud over, but the full Moon was spectacularly bright and this object passed between the moon and myself.

A thought came to me that I read somewhere people have sent love or openly thought towards the craft and tried exactly that and it worked! I basically sent Love to what I thought was a Satellite and it instantly reacted by increasing its light to about as bright as the full moon!! I was starring at this dumbstruck with my mouth open (They prolly got some good pics from their side lol!) for about 20 seconds as it cruised along the sky pulsing extremely bright and then disappeared behind some clouds.

Needless to say aside from the visual experience, I felt like something literally connected with my thought when I sent it to them and they instantly reacted... very cool!! Keep your eyes up people, it can happen to you cuz it happened to me lol! Thanks Galactic Brothers n Sisters for the confirmation! Keep up the show, its been beautiful Earth-side :D. Oh and I'll try and be on the camera side of things more haha!
Love and Light to all!

30 Degrees North

90 Degrees West

Sigma Delta Alpha

Noun 41, Verb 47


This is 100% true. Thank you Cheryl for your contribution. We are continuing to hold a consciousness of unconditional love for all, and we welcome all now to participate in this unconditional love, for all beings, welcoming our galactic family into participation with loving, non-judgmental open arms.

We are here, supporting in whatever way we can, in whatever capacity we can.~EL Anora

I'm ready for absolutely anything regarding peaceful contact. pick me up now please!

Thanks for posting this!

It just leaves you giddy in anticipation..

I dont know wether that helps or frustrates me the most..

Some of us never lose hope regardless of abuse..

Love and Light people

Ascend in Peace and Love

Great message



I am one of those anxiously awaiting for your arrival.  I pray I get to be one of those who will have the privilege to meet with you and gain more knowledge about everything there is to know.  I am always looking up towards the sky so I can see whether any one of your presence is seen. 

This is so exciting.  Thank you very much for this. 


I also wish you would appear in the Philippines so we could capture the sightings either on camera or on video.  So we can spread the word and people will believe and not be frightened. 




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