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May 22

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Looking to end world hunger and to see the earth live in peace and Love

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  •  Lovely to be your friend Kitty Kingjeff

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  •  Kitty a very warm welcome to this site Ashtar Command you will find the level that is just right for you. I am prompted to say wrap your arms around that big tree connected to our Mother Gaia stay still for about ten minutes and let yourself feel the tree top swaying high above in the canopy. Be rejuvenated and say thank you to the Tree for it will have taken your headache away. I was travelling one day with a Police Inspector friend of mine and he had quite a strong headache having to deal with a couple characters who should have known better and had lost a friend who had been shot. He was feeling down. I said Mark when we get to the camp site we are going to I want you to get out of the car and go and find a tree and give it a hug. Watch out for the ant expressway on it though.

    He said the guys will think I'm screwy. We stopped the car and Mark took off. I found him half an hour later arms wrapped around a big Gum Tree a Mountain Ash totally relaxed Headache gone. Head ache Tablets in the Rubbish Bin. A huge grin. So Kitty I pass it on to you. You could even set up a Cottage Industry. Blessings Light Love Balance Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  • Thank you very much for your friendship, it is an honor :)  I adore your area, it's so beautiful in BC, and your avatar is beautiful!  I adore nature, we don't have many big trees in my city, or old forests (which are awesome). 

    Sending you light and hopes for a bright sunny day :)


  • Hi Kitty, just responding to the post 'the ancient trees', beautiful picture and you and the tree .... ;) you are very fortunate to live in the place like that ... feels tranquil and magical.

    Thank you

    in peace

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Song: The Silent Awakening Artist: Tina Malia Album: The Silent Awakening I dreamt I Was born a girl Living alone In the world Passing the Hours away I looke...
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"Many Thanks Much Love to All sending Love all over the world
Jul 26, 2012
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"truly inspireing many thanks for sharing this beauty with us Love and Light to all Blessing Lightworker Kitty sending her love to all"
Jul 3, 2012
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"All that matters is how and what you are feeling keep positive i am also stareing into the sky night and day sending messages of welcome and love to all our Cosmic brothers and sisters as i truely feel there presence i also have been lucky enough to…"
Jul 3, 2012

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