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Have had a long and interesting life. Been a farm kid, lumberjack way back then. Soldier back then. Graduated college, became a teacher which is a surprise due to childhood which was a disaster. Over the years while teaching, I was a fire fighter, paramedic and rescue head. Built a bunch of boats, large and small, four airplanes which I flew, became a contractor and worked on many homes. Could say I was driven to create things which is true. Lots more, but a busy life.

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Not certain shat you want here under teachers. I was one, a fine arts teacher, biology and physical science.

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  • Sailormon, I read your post somewhere that asked what a white aura meant.  It means very balanced and high spirituality, both Val and Valana have white auras, it means you are pure inside and have nothing against anyone and are a very forgiving person that has climbed the ladder or progression, reached the top and came back down to help others climb.  I don't know for sure if Valana's is always white but when with Val it is as I also see auras.  Other than with Val she has a golden aura surrounds the rainbow light... wherever there is a program in the body it shows as a grey or black area over the problem. 

    Tell me if that is your real picture and I'll copy and show Valana my Grandmother and she can read the diseases in the body sometimes if she's at peace. if you would like that.  But definitely you are a very advanced spiritual person though you may not know it.


  • Every summer for the past 20 years we beat our way into the wind to Tortola and then north to Anegada. 2 years ago the outboard quit and we were trying to tack into a 25 knot wind and 6 ft. seas in a narrow channel and got caught coming about and went up on the rocks. 3 stout German tourists came to our aid and rocked the boat off the reef and we chugged into Trellis Bay on one cylinder. The starboard hull was holed but was poured full of styrafoam so we didn't take water and had a good time the rest of the summer.

    Now the poor little boat is out on a mooring and needs a lot of TLC and I have been too lazy to haul her.

    That little boat sails well, but kinda like a cross between a submarine and the bucking bronco at the CW bar.

    Getting a bit too old for this shit!!!

    So we are hanging around this summer.

    Also need to hustle some work for this fall.

    We are musicians and also have an entertainment agency. But the convention trade has slowed down since 2008 and it is kinda tough.

    But we live in a beat up pad on the beach and eat good food and drink good wine and meditate a lot and life is good.
  • Greetings.
    Glad to be of help!
  • I have a 26' Wharram which I built. We ran up on a reef in2008 off of Tortola and I never got around to repairing it. Fortunately the hole was in a section poured full or styrafoam so didn't take any water. She's on a mooring off of Fajardo and still floating but needs to be hauled. We did 20 yearly trips with her.

    Love, B
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sailormon replied to sailormon's discussion Experiences with the tall fair ones and the small ones, a worthy read for this site.
"I am jealous of your outings, I see or at least don't remember many other beings, but then I can't do this on demand as I wish I could. I have been seen out of body by two others, our cat and a friend whom I scared the crap out of.

I wish you could…"
Jan 15, 2015
sailormon replied to sailormon's discussion Experiences with the tall fair ones and the small ones, a worthy read for this site.
"Thanks for the lead will give this a look see."
Jan 15, 2015
sailormon replied to sailormon's discussion Experiences with the tall fair ones and the small ones, a worthy read for this site.
"For some reason, I don't fea any longer. I have now and then felt a fear like you descibe, but stand my ground. It's a whole other story getting rid of the negative beings, we should talk of that some time. This has to do with changing their and…"
Jan 15, 2015
sailormon replied to sailormon's discussion Experiences with the tall fair ones and the small ones, a worthy read for this site.
"Boy, you hit the nail on the head. I get those more than dreams now and then and recently it dealt with the distortion of reality. Think of the manipulators in front of a screen and we are the actors. Things would happen they had not planned on and…"
Jan 14, 2015

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"Valana was 91 when she passed. I am baffled by the fact that there is no record of her death either by obituary, death notice, or a legal death certificate. I had asked her daughter because I wanted to pass along a link so her online friends could…"
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"✨ For those who did not know this, our dear Valana, member of this website, passed away on March 22, 2022. I believe she was 90 years old. I hope that she and Val are traveling the stars together. ✨

💫 💕 Bless them! 💕💫"
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"I didn’t see these comments last week. There was a time that I was obsessed with past lives and got lost in my imagination. I let go of that and try to keep an open mind and not to fill in the blanks too much.

But I’m still curious in which time…"
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"Well 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 ......You seem not to realise, that you, yourself posted this very video, recently, on this thread and it was from the album "Magic" by the singer who died....Olivia Newton-John.

On August 6th, 1.33 P.M. you said: "I feel like…"
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"My parents and grandparents also died. Who cares about? Only me and those who knows them Person. Just because Olivia is famous it's in the News. No, not really know that one. It's not really inpotant to me, i am not a Family Member of her."
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