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July 15

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Andromeda welcomes you, to the New Age, the Golden Age, of Love, and Peace. Allow the waves and oceans of Gaia to wash over your bodies, lifting the spirits of who you are on high. As you connect to the grounding energies of the Divine Feminine, balance the oceans of your own emotional and etheric bodies with the energy of movement, come to a place of peace.

As Galactic Beings, we practice diplomacy:

In treating all life forms with respect and tolerance.
In honoring all sentient life forms with unconditional love and compassion.
In being intelligent beings in our choices related to intake and output of our energetic systems.
Of being Divine Examples, for all beings that we come into contact with.

As Divine Diplomats, we welcome you on New Gaia,
as Compassionate Beings, we guide with tolerance.
As loving beings,
we issue forth the New.

Allow what once was, to drift,
bonding to the current of the planetary Spirit, Gaia,
connect to her crystalline grids.

Being intelligent, heartful beings.

With Love, Honor, and Respect,
for each of our differences.

The White Wolf represents Family, Universal Family, and the One Pack that we are as beings present on Gaia.

~We are all one inter-galactic being, and all are beautiful in their own creation. Unconditional Love, and acceptance for all. For me, there can be no less. All are beautiful as One, not judged, for who and what they are.

The devices of separation are past, let Union and Respect for our differences, unite us as One.

Image: Victor Habbick / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  • ooooh , we need to speak soon

  • Thank you for your friendship Andraste.  To answer your questions about the Draco...I will reply in my blog.  Love and peace.

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andraste posted a blog post
My shadow self, what have you come to teach me today?That is very interesting, in regards, to what you consider teaching, because nothing in life can be taught, all is a serious of transformations, and, in some ways, it is a series of remembrances,…
May 1, 2012
andraste posted a discussion
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up... To more than I can be.~Josh GrobanOne of my discussions with my Andromeda family, coming through me.…
Apr 29, 2012
andraste replied to andraste's discussion Andromeda Truth is Relative to the Observer
"I am. :) All my posts contain copyright @ Andraste or @ starseed Andraste Thank you for asking."
Apr 29, 2012
andraste posted a discussion
So we say this, beware anyone who comes to you claiming they have The Truth, or they know The Truth, or even if they say that their Truth is greater than your Truth, or that you have a lesser Truth, for surely, no man or woman, being or other being,…
Apr 27, 2012

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