Almost too crazy to believe. Time will tell.

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  • Looks just like a attemp to discredit him by trying to convince everybody that he could not be trusted anymore. For me it feels just like another tactical move to induce fear...

    His reports always have been quite strange. But just strange enough to be considered as "Too strange to be pure fiction"...

  • Keep taking our minds off what is really happening, for instance, the resignation of bankers in high positions to be replaced by hard leftists to try and create a global Gosbank-credit dries up-much less prosperity-population control

  • Thanks for [posting Mr. Ed, I figured it was crazy stuff.  lol but its good t6o get word as well. I think there are a lot of

    Dis-information being slipped into channels we are hearing and reading. Thats why my guidance keeps telling me keep your eye on the ball and go within that's what's important, everything else will fall into place. :) Focus, Focus Focus...

  • This is incredible. As in, not credible. It's going to take alot more than words for me to take this seriously.

  •  Craziest stuff I ever heard. With stuff like this its hard to really decipher. I just dont make a decision yet on it. But continue to do my thing with going within and working on myself. All that stuff will sort itself out. Its to much like a Nancy drew mystery novel.

  • Well guys, this story is hard to believe but not impossible. As far as I know, Tesla invented a teletransportation device. Cloning machines should not be very different. However, Ben Fulford stories are really difficult to believe. Anyways,reality is grater than fiction, and this guy is alwais in the eye of the hurricane, so impossible is nothing.

  • Hey lay off the jellyfish.  Clones are made from people that look similar to the person they replace.  Their memories are not the same and their fingerprints are altered.  In truth they are even the same person.  Clones are not actually real, but to the untrained eye people are easily fooled.

    • Agreed. However if they are mind controlled they can be made to act and seem like the person they copy. That's usually the case with any group who would clone an individual.

      There are more advanced methods of cloning too that we aren't aware of.


      That being said, this guy could have had his computer hacked and someone else could have been supplying the messages.

  • Good point Feather :)

  • Seriously :)  No one has a Clone, people just have to face the fact there is a ton of Disinfo out there right now.  

    We "know" deep within us when something resonates!  

    Honestly I don't believe a lot of what Ben Fulford has to say, and to me seeing something in Video is way more legitimate at this point than something that's been written down.  Who knows if what someone is saying what is wrote is actually even something he wrote?

    I guess I don't want to try to discredit Ben Fulford at all, that's not my intent here, I am just saying when the guy starts to come out and make video's what he says will carry more weight.  Because it may not even be him that is saying this stuff!! :) 

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