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    This is as people here are still wondering who the US president will be tomorrow!!
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  • Look what I find:
    Have heard the Elohim's know it.
    UV Clean Light - Ultravilot Cleaning for Coronavirus + 99.9% Bacteria
    15 minutes is all it takes – UV-C lamps emitting UV light are one of the most effective ways to eleminate viruses, bacteria & fungi from surfaces.
  • As regards the 2014 commercial ... fascinating ... Skyhawk
  • This is extremely bizarre-please listen with ear buds; Martial Law/Outbreak: In 2014 AARP Commercial (Background On Radio!)
  • Peace, love and light to you too Indigenous Alien 🌞 and to All ✨
  • HEY! Is there a button I can click that sends out a friend request to everyone online at any given moment? LOL! I might be kidding, I am not sure yet... What can I say, Ive spent some time browsing this site and quite remarkably I am feeling better... thanks to all of you, hence the impulse to send out blanket friend requests!!!!
    Peace, love, and light to all
  • Had this helped seriously ill people? Those who were sick with coronavirus?

    "Passive antibody therapy in COVID-19 | Nature Reviews Immunology"
  • Perhaps the Space Brothers will provide us with their version of robots ... another thing ... remember Isaac Asimov and the three laws of robotics ... Skyhawk
  • I already had many visions of these robots. It was in the movie "Terminator". Handson robots are very dangerous and would ultimately only be created out of boredom. Everyone is still laughing about it, but it is becoming a reality. You shouldn't buy something like this, it can always be hacked and then a stranger controls this robot at home.
  • In a few years they will be walking in the streets Ara🙄
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"Something to seriously consider: "Do not become involved in anything violent or hurtful for any reason...""
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