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  • Your ignorance shows. Trump is a patriot and truth is evidence.. solid evidence that there was enormous fraud and I am an American witnessing everything. If CCP troops invaded your land would you offer them tea and fortune cookies and ask that they leave their arms outside? I did not care either at the first of this year but I woke up and saw how out of hand things are and National intelligence has the proof, the witnesses and a shot down jet with a missing pilot and there are 50,000 dead chinese in Maine...Past lives indicate I was here at the start of the US and I came to witness the US Constitution and no one dragged you into US politics but your own superiority complex and your thinking you understand everything but really you are just hot air.
  • No, I am not in America and actually I am not realy much interested with US politics. I am only interested with relationship between military, politics and 3 arms of government. It is only that right now, the US issue seem to add in some lessons, so I am getting dragged to it.
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Silver Springs, NV


February 23

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I am a 66 year old widow and starseed living with my daughter and my grandson. I was a member in 2009 but in 2013 my computer blew.  My husband of 44 blessed years died in March 2016 and I came to live with my daughter and grandson.  Siince I had allowed my daughter on her taxes because she needed $200 for car repairs I was an ineligable dependant for the stimulus so she and my grandson shared their stimulus with me so I could buy a computer!  My grandson will be 20 next month and he is fast awakening and has vivid lucid dreams of blue avians and memories of how loving they are.  We both are exploring sofflegio music and our I AM-ness! Glorius Times have begun.

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Ashtar, the Galactic Federation, St. Germaine, my higher self and awakened to David Wilcock and his excellent and also Beth Trutwin. Was a member of Indigo Children a life time ago.

Jackpotlady13 commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post MARTIAL LAW IMMINENT!!! || PREPARE YOURELVES NOW!!! PEACEFUL TRANSITION TO MILITARY POWER!!BP
"To heck with Biden he is bad foreign influence and will be removed- maybe some persons bosses think they can but most of the world knows they cannot."
Jan 20
Jackpotlady13 replied to Agarther's discussion Here We Go || Wayne Miller | Operation Disclosure
"That is what Trump is doing- you can tell some people truth forever and it will fester their souls but when it festers so much they will realize in their hearts, minds and souls that they have lived lies on top of lies and their whole being will…"
Jan 17
Jackpotlady13 left a comment on Comment Wall
"I doubt Biden can do anything but cower when he realizes the Divine Plan is so far above him that he is not in control, has never been or never will be in control and some will never get it until they see , feel and experience the light they are so…"
Jan 17
Jackpotlady13 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The Vatican, Soros, Obama, Gates, Italy and numerous other evil entities as well as evil Nancy guilty and will pay according to something that came in from Eceti last night. Evil will be removed shortly."
Jan 14

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"These are questions that have been asked and I have contact with Val and he will try to answer as briefly as possible, we may not finish tonight but will be back tomorrow for more and hope can get back into this if not we'll post the remaining…"
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 Check out the latest updates from Simon on more Internet outages in the Washington area, a Verizon outage, and an explosion in Saudi Arabia.And We Know has a January 25th edition.And here’s Dave’s X22 Report for his perspective…X22 Report…
3 hours ago
Valana replied to Valana's discussion WORLD EVACUATION PLANS - Cmdr Val Thor Through Valana in Cmdr. Val Thor: LIVE
"No. 3  I know this one, he's said somewhere in it that they wo't be open long, thy can't be targets and there will be no time for operations... get aooad and let's get out of here... We do have the ability to block an to destry some of the ships at…"
4 hours ago
Joanna replied to Joanna's discussion The Sirian Stargate is Open ✨
"Hi Amparo, I remember that book, from years ago, 1980s maybe? Murry Hope was the author I think. I didn't have/read The Sirius Connection, but had another one by her, about Atlantis, and there is of course overlap between Atlantis and Ancient Egypt,…"
4 hours ago
Valana replied to Valana's discussion WORLD EVACUATION PLANS - Cmdr Val Thor Through Valana in Cmdr. Val Thor: LIVE
"Thank you for thinking of these questions,, they are very interesting and I'll d the best I can myself then I'll have to ask Val when I can do so...
You'll have to give me some time as I'm waiting to have eyeoperation on my heart to get better and I…"
4 hours ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
SaLuSa: You are Seeing the Fall of a Great Empire (Keeper from 2010)January 24, 2021 by Steve Beckow In a remarkable message from 2010, SaLuSa of Sirius, speaking through Mike Quinsey, described the events we’re now going through and put everything…
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