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February 23

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I am a 66 year old widow and starseed living with my daughter and my grandson. I was a member in 2009 but in 2013 my computer blew.  My husband of 44 blessed years died in March 2016 and I came to live with my daughter and grandson.  Siince I had allowed my daughter on her taxes because she needed $200 for car repairs I was an ineligable dependant for the stimulus so she and my grandson shared their stimulus with me so I could buy a computer!  My grandson will be 20 next month and he is fast awakening and has vivid lucid dreams of blue avians and memories of how loving they are.  We both are exploring sofflegio music and our I AM-ness! Glorius Times have begun.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Ashtar, the Galactic Federation, St. Germaine, my higher self and awakened to David Wilcock and his excellent and also Beth Trutwin. Was a member of Indigo Children a life time ago.

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Jackpotlady13 replied to Hellen's discussion Age of Aquarius by Fith Dimension in Music for your soul.
"Showed this to my 19 year old grandson a few weeks ago...happy to have made the Age of Aquarius!  He loved it!
Nov 21
Jackpotlady13 commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post Trump – Elections – Opinion and Statement of Anéeka of Temmer- Video (Extraterrestrial Contact) November 14, 2020 by Edward Morgan
"Food stamps are mostly state mandated...masks amplify and trap germs, fear eats people who choose to believe..Trump is more about therapeutics...Bill Gates contributes only to kill, control and depopulation...Trump is for the people but not for…"
Nov 17
Jackpotlady13 commented on Holloworld's blog post God is a Sick Computer Programmer
"Deliberate and dark...not funny...just are projecting darkness on a site filled with light. That alone speaks volumes. Will not even poison my mind. Just going to ignore everything from the dark...God is love and you are just a void."
Nov 17

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"Hi Friends, we have our regular Sunday Meditation for the New Earth at the link below, along with a special Lunar Aspect meditation (coming into the November 30th Lunar Eclipse), for anyone who feels inner guided to join in:…"
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"The Government ignored him looks what's happening"
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A brave nurse urges people to open their minds and eyes and not enter into dissonance, see that many things are not right. He urges them to investigate, analyze, and not cling to thinking that everything is for humanity´s benefit. Also, on the other…
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