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  • Thank you for your communication. You sound so busy with your assignments - how do you know of all these events? I cannot understand why I don't receive information - I seem to get very high pitch light codes from my friends, but never words - which is very frustrating, so I sit here day after day in my isolation just watching dvds, doing a small shop and household chores. I used to do things, but for the last ten years have been totally incarcerated (good word) I expect it is to put me in touch with sel. I do continue with my writing and making comments and videos on Youtube, but apart from that I could die of boredom. I wish that I had something to do.
    I was told many years ago that my mission would not be there for me as i had stayed too long with my husband and created an illness, so I guess this could be a part of my frustration.
    The garden is very pretty just now - I love nature and think there are many answers just observing the birds and plants .but since my fibromyalgia/ CFS I can't even get down to put my hands in the soil which is very sad for me as I do get joy from being with my plants.
    Anyway, won't rabbit on, maybe someday there will be a job for me to do although I was told I had already done enough, just be being here earthing the necessary codes, but not emotionally satisfying. take care dear friend. Beth.
  • Thank you so much for your reassurance Joanna - I must admit the graphics were quickly switched off and I hope I cleared the image. It didn't feel at all right to me as I know what you say is true. Actually some time ago Cmdr. Ashtar paid me a visit too - he parked his cadillac-type silver vehicle outside of my bungalow so I am sure we are friends too. I have a huge playing field nearby and I often say to him it is a perfect place for a landing.
    I have had some peculiar things happen of late - I woke up seeing a huge plane of fire (much like that in Australia last year) flames of all colours leaping everywhere. It felt significant of a good clear out!! or could be significant of another dimension - am working on this.
    thank you again for your loving support. Beth PS enjoy Solstice!!
  • Sorry to write again so soon Joanna but I have just been upset by graphics on the internet about Cmdr. Ashtar's fight with some horrible beings. I was so upset that don't want to go to bed with that image in my mind. I knew nothing about all this - dreadful events happening and the battles and such negativity which really shocked me. Do you know if all of this is true, or is the website portraying stuff which is must frightening people? I think the internet should be monitored more carefully, for me, I'm going to try to not get onto it too often. Now I will just have to pray and call upon my Christ self for protection and healing. I don't have a soul family or friends like you - you are so lucky - so I hope you don't mind my writing with this trauma. I feel you would know about it.
  • thank you for your email Joanna - just a note Jesus (Jeshua) and Sananda are two different Lords and masters. I work with both - I created a video recently about a visit from Jeshua who came on three consecutive nights,- strange it may seem, but he stayed for tea (vegetables only) on the third night he brought with him the Christ light. I may put up the video as it was such an interesting experience.
    Lord Sananda works with me - he has helped me enormously to develop my spiritual self. I have been very difficult but he has stood by me. I know very little about him, unlike my other main teacher, lord kuthumi. I have written a book about my experiences with him, but alas have not yet the finance to publish it.
    I do wish i knew more about my status with Commander Ashtar. I know I am one of the crew and have a ship and a member watching over me. How do you find out about these things - I wonder if that is how I know you - your energy does seem very familiar - nice! best Beth.
  • Thank you for your reply Joanna. I have had a very strange day of inner connections and just watched a video "DNA Awakening" in which the pleiadians are talking about the incoming light energies. Its quite a complex session with so much information but also very reassuring as so many peculiar sensations happen to me (for us all I guess)
    I create videos about my experiences - you may like to view (under Words from the Heart" ) I get a bit depressed though when I see how old I look - well I am! it has been such a lonely and abusive life and I do hope that I will at least have a few years more of joy! Well I've worked hard enough.
    Not sure what this meant, but today I was watching a video about the lost years of Jeshua - India, Tibet, Persia: as I tuned in my heart leapt for a few minutes. I thought I was having a heart attack - which I did a few years ago and visited the spirit doctors. However, this was different - it seemed to me that I was receiving a heart chakra energy from the master. My heart chakra has been very closed most of my life because of child abuse when I closed it, so it has been a lot of painful hard work to get it creaking open again. Thank you for being there and the love you are sending. blessings Beth
  • hello Joanna - just wanted to connect with you. I like your energy and like me have discernment. It is very odd but I seem to have lost all interest in checking things out, its as though I'm being discouraged from adding any more information to my overloaded mine. I read somewhere it's because in this lifetime I'm meant to be coming from the heart - too much academia last time!
    I have done so much releasing of late that I feel quite empty. I believe the last post about my remembering dying, was actually a true event in that part of me left. I had a similar experience left five years ago when going through difficult time with my daughter. I felt an energy leave as it went it said "take care of Kirsty for me" that was the old self and I think the self that my daughter had experienced which obviously wasn't the real me. I'm still grieving over the loss of her (she is now 50) and too much to go into right now - I created a video about losing my daughter. Only a parent would know how that feels. Someone I gave birth to, almost dying in the process, and having her 'abuse' me for thirty years. Yes I accept it is a profound karmic lesson, but the emotions are still there and she doesn't understand that sort of thing. i still cry when I see toddlers with their mums - I'm questioning daily "what did I do to cause her to pull away?" sorry to go on, but it helps to share.
    Summer isn't quite here yet - June is usually a hot month but the UK is reknown for unpredictability with its weather. why hot country immigrants want to come is beyond me, except we have free everything; health service, social services (housing etc) I fear the the country will become not England anymore, but a hotch potch of other cultures and that being an island it will sink!! take care love and blessings Beth
  • Dear Joanna,
    I appreciate and would like to work with you as Divine Friends here !
    Love You and Bless You !1
  • -bear hugs- You're welcome! And I hope so! Especially with all the stuff going on in the world. I'm hearing talks of the mass ascension happening soon.
  • Thank you for your last message Joanna - I am feeling overwhelmed with dozens of emails coming in - I have to delete them - most I find too negative for me, politics, wars, even arguments which some people enjoy but I don't. I have had to adjust settings to not receive any - it wears me out deleting dozens several times a day. I'm not sure if I have done this correctly and hope that I haven't included you in the long list. please continue to write. blessings Beth
  • Thank you Joanna for the bluebells - I have some in my garden, I used to love bluebell woods but now I can't walk very far so feel a bit frustrated. So nice to have this colour and your warmth. I feel rather overwhelmed with comments from folk about my sincere question. I know what I experienced and I had another previous one which I was told was ascension. No one really knows of course. but I think I set myself up for too many judgements and opinions. It is so nice to have the refreshing simplicity of the bluebells, thank you.
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Perth, Western Australia


August 18

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My spiritual interests are Love and anything that supports it and helps it to unfold in this, and all, Universes. I am a light anchor, mother, spiritual guide and writer. I have always drawn creative inspiration from visions of other dimensions of existence.

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I work with guides, angelics and star family within the Intergalactic Confederation, and particularly the Ashtar Command. I have a 5D soul aspect/incarnation formerly on board Ashtar's ship, the Phoenix, now on board the Meri'Ashar (Mary's Star). My name there is Rowena. As I have reconnected to that soul aspect, I am able to see through her 'view' simultaneously with this Earth 3D view, and assist with the Shift accordingly. For more information, you can visit my website Heart Star: where I post regular blog articles along with sections about guides/star family, lightships, orbs etc.

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