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  • I am so glad you are stronger than ever before...Keep up the Faith...Archangel Michael always reminds us in His messages to stay the course and to keep the Faith no matter what...Like we heard before, Faith moves mountains...I know this to be true...I have seen this in my own life...When you are in the healing sessions trust and allow for Divine Love to penetrate your body cells and thank your Body Elemental for helping you in this healing of all your bodies...It is not just physical...It is also your mental, emotional, etherical, that have accumulated negativity throughout the ages...God bless you and heal you deeply within and without...I am working on this too...We all need so much healing...
  • Hi Indigenous Alien...I got this message from JFK today and I know and resonate with these truths...Help is on the way...Hang in there if that is what you wish to do...
    "These products/devices will be using many different types of “technologies”…some examples would be: the use of scalar energy; the use of energy frequencies; and some will be using a different type of energy altogether. This list of products/technologies will not include every single technology available, but it will be an earnest start!

    The cost of purchasing these products will vary, as I would like Losha to provide a wide range of options, so hopefully, most of you might be able to find something which might help. I will ask you however to not send emails to Losha regarding these technology products…as she will just be responsible for posting them all in one space, so it will be easier for all of you to explore many of the options currently available."
  • Welcome back...and thank you for your words...I have a question for you? or should I say a few questions...Have you decided you are in Peace with what is going on right now in your life? Or would you desire to live longer and finish what you feel came here to do? No matter how terminal a disease they tell you, it is up to you and to your conversations with God that will decide the ultimate results...I await your answer...Blessings
  • I have been away for a few very long weeks. I have been missing this site and the good spirits that dwell here. Finally, I am feeling well enough to get back on track. Yeah, I am slowly dying, I spent too many years brandishing a deeply seated hatred towards my liver, or so it appears, and now my liver is calling the shots. AND it is this very thing that has opened my eyes wide. Regardless of my health, or how bad I feel, or how depressed I get, or how much pain I endure daily, it is an amazing time to be alive. The RA teachings/Law of One have opened a door within me that has been trying to open my entire life, but I could never accept what was being offered as Religion/Truth, not completely. This has changed! Though, I feel like running up to strangers and telling them what I know and believe, I won't do that, instead, I will live it to the best of my ability. I have seen this affect on every single person that I have nudged in this direction. The truth has a way of obliterating BS and this is where I get my payoff, my next dose of motivation, It comes by witnessing the transformation in others. Powerful stuff!
    It is good to be back here,
    Peace, Love, and Light to all.
  • Big hugs and no matter what do not give up...I am also learning not to fall in the many traps of the dark...Blessings and I am glad you are here...
  • You know, I am tired of the political BS here in the US and I am tired of the vampirical media, and I am really really tired of social media...End of Times Madness is everywhere and it is accelerating. CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!!!! OMG! Please, no more conspiracy theories. In the middle of this madness, I find myself getting pulled into it unwillingly. Oh Yeah, let's spend three hours online reading or viewing garbage. This is part of my healing, seeing just how easily I am pulled off point, just how much of a slave I am to technology and 'Self"... There are times when I want to change so much that I break down and cry, yet, it doesn't take long and the old patterns and behaviors kick in. LOL However, I am catching myself much sooner and correct those habits and behaviors that I am needing to shed. As my journey continues, I have found precisely what I need on this day for further my growth and be more accepting of those who may or may not believe as I do.
    May our Creator's Love and Light guide you on this beautiful day in 3rd Density!!! HUGZ
  • Hello! it has been a bit since I've been here and I am certainly needing what this site offers. Having just started anti-viral medication for Hep B, day three, I am feeling a bit off, grumpy, etc. I don't have much faith in big pharma or their drugs/poison, but this is something i must do, well, if I want to live more than a year. So here I sit, in the middle of the biggest awakening of my life and feeling good about where I am headed and then POW!!!!! here take this medicine that is going block you spiritually big time. DAMN! Indeed, but there is a very important lesson here - sometimes darkness can show you the light. In other words, stress can bring about transformation, evolution, change, etc. I can only speak for myself, pain has always been a great motivator for me, matter of fact, it is the number one thing that has brought much needed change in my life. INDEED! So, regardless of the discomfort, chronic pain, headache, tiredness, etc. I will not yield, instead, I will learn and grow and rise above these stressors and allow them to teach me and help me better understand and find truth.
    Peace to you all
  • I see the CTs are alive and well, but I am tired of all the speculation, theories, and especially of those who are so desperate for attention that they propagate division, hate, violence, and naturally their own twisted sense of self... I mean REALLY?
    It is hard to overlook what is occurring in our world, indeed, but it is this 'stress' that has brought about a dynamic change in my perception. Far from perfect, I am, as I still buy off or 'react' to many influences without discernment, yet, more and more I am catching myself. It is so damn easy to pull up a resentment or cop an attitude of indifference or disbelief with no good reason to do so. Indeed, the brainwashing/conditioning in deep, but I am slowly gathering knowledge that brings clarity, hope, and desire. I say this, if you want to propagate theories and pollute our social media, have at it!!! My message is for those who are looking for something beyond the parlor games and tricks, the never-ending dance of politics, and realize that "FEAR," which is what both sides sell and use to control us, is an illusion and has no place on your path.
    Peace, love, light, service, forgiveness, WE ARE ALL "ONE"! Let's start behaving like it...
  • First, thanks to all who sent a friend request. I gotta tell ya, a big, genuine smile took over my face and a big warm-fuzzy pierced my heart. Funny how something so simple can have such an impact. Thanks to you all.
    Next up, I find it useful to use analogies or metaphors to help myself and others understand a perspective, concept, or lifestyle that hard to fully understand. Having said that, I am just beginning to read The Law of One. I have barely scratched the surface, but one thing has become apparent, how I 'see' the world is a combination of experiences that has shaped the lens in which I 'see' through. Ahhhh, I like to explain it like this, consider perspective is a pair of eye glasses, once in place we will forever see through that lens unless we take the glasses off. It is kinda like wearing a pair of sunglasses in a dark room, you know there is more light, but you can't see it unless you either remove or change your glasses. This is the analogy, this is what I have discerned so far, this is the way I see it. Please correct me if I am wrong...
    Seriously, after meditating this morning, I began to understand this at a much deeper level. All my life I have been conflicted, deeply so, and it is this conflicted nature that has (1) kept me alive, (2) forever seeking truth, and (3) has lead me to this point in life. A point where I am learning the nature of conflict, which is slowly changing from confliction to a deep understanding and belief in LOVE, FOREGIVENESS, SERVICE, HOPE, AND CONNECTIVITY (lacking a better word.) In essence, the conflict inside of me is spiritual in nature, it is the classic battle between SELF and SELFLESSNESS with a marked propensity towards altering my perception in an attempt to understand or find Truth. Misguided, I thought I was, but now I am 'seeing' why I have endured such conflict, for it has made me the person I am on this planet...Looking back it becomes evident, the path I have been on, the lessons needing to be eternalized, and where I must be aligned to stay on course. Sites like this bring this message and hope to a world that is going insane... Each day it gets a little easier to quiet the mind and give my spirit permission to soar, each day it is a little better. I never thought this was possible... WHOA! Let the awaking continue!!!!
  • Indigenous alien ... I relate ... I’m formerly of the Pleiadian persuasion ... looking for some of my relations to be in contact with me ... BLESSINGS ... Skyhawk
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I am 60 and have been diagnosed with terminal liver disease recently. I am going through tests to determine longevity, but I am not worried nor do I fear death. I have long known that we have been deceived from birth and things are not the way our leaders say they are. About a year ago, I began to truly wake-up and it has been a beautiful, yet painful, journey so far. I am thirsty for interaction with others and knowledge. Even though I am physically limited/disabled, I have found a way to be of service via my own website, which is under construction. The site is called IndigenousAlien, which is what we are... Indigenous and Alien. It is my hope to connect with as many as I can and to be of service by making this utterly important teaching available to all.

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Jesus, Creator, Corey Goode, "The Science of the Spoken Word," "Bible,"

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"I must say, I have been experiencing many of the symptoms above and some of them for several years. Thank you for posting this... indeed, it helps make sense out of this amazing transformation we going through.
Peace, love, and light"
9 hours ago
Indigenous Alien replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Music Is Frequency Programming ..Do You Understand ..Music Is Frequency Programming..YOU HAVE BEEN FREQUENCY PROGRAMMED
"Of course we have been manipulated on every level they can get at... this information is worthy and must be shared with EVERYONE. I am a guitar player and have always played under or above standard tuning of 440..Not because I knew this information,…"
12 hours ago
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"I have been away for a few very long weeks. I have been missing this site and the good spirits that dwell here. Finally, I am feeling well enough to get back on track. Yeah, I am slowly dying, I spent too many years brandishing a deeply seated…"
Mar 21
Indigenous Alien left a comment on First Open Contact Group
"Hello and thank you for having this group. Much is happening within, insomuch, I am having a difficult time understanding all that is happening to me, which tells me I am on the right path. I am very intellectual and analytical, yet I am also highly…"
Feb 9

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