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  • So, yesterday I had my foundation rattled hard, in a good way. I believe in sharing what is and isn't working for me on this path of enlightenment. You see, it is through other people's experiences that I gain wisdom and direction, so my experiences are of importance, as well, but only if I put them out there. This is one of the best ways I can be of service as this time, so here we go.
    This site offers a plethora of information and guidance. I have come to trust the content and people here, which is a very good thing to feel. Yesterday, I followed an ad listed here for the psychic Ezmeralda. Over the years, I have sought free readings and have always been very disappointed simply because the information was speculative and most could be pulled up on a background search, but what happened yesterday was much different. Heck, I had forgotten that I had a free Tarot reading coming, so I was happy to see it in my inbox. This person brought up something that NO ONE KNOWS and it floored me. I knew then and there that I was suppose to do this and, just like all the other direction I have been receiving, this is valid, not a scam, but intensely real and on spot. Will I pay the money for the complete reading? HELL YES! I don't believe in money anyway, never have, so spending money to me is simply a means to an end. However, before I jump in with both more than willing feet, I must as if anyone else has worked with Ezmeralda? I am assuming that answer is yes. I would love some feedback, but either way I am getting the full reading. I know something is changing deep within, I can feel it growing. Meditation has taken on a completely new meaning. I am able to disconnect much quicker and once that happens in come the images, numbers, geometry, and a sense that once I am ready, I will soar... Imagine a world were cells phones became obsolete because we have developed our telepathy. Ohhhh just imagine what is to come..
    In closing, my I express my deepest love and compassion for all on this site and their families, friends, etc. I hope this makes some sense and I really hope someone who is just waking up takes the time to read this and everything else on this site. YOU CAN"T GO WRONG, SO DO IT!
  • Greetings! I think we all have at least one thing in our past that we hold onto like it was essential, yet it is not and we would be better off dealing with it and letting it go. I have one such thing and it has dominated my life - Period! Yet, I have never told anyone because it was simply unchangeable, plus it started from my birth and it was how things were. I am not talking about serious abuses and things like that, but rather more subtle and mental/emotional warfare with my brother (bless his soul.) So, I have a Tarot reading and this is brought up in a manner that leaves no doubt to what is being said. What was said is staggering, stopped me in my tracks, froze my thinking, open my heart and the pain flew out of me. My God! This is not the first time I have been blasted like this and lately it would seem things are quickening. Synchronicities abound, numbers! Numbers! NUMBERS! It has been shown to me that this one thing, has and is the #1 source of all that has fallen short, all that has been taken, all that has been lost, and all the was never realized. The beauty in this is simple, now that I am fully aware of this, I no longer need to participate, yeap, back to being the Observer again...
    I do a lot of reading and video watching on this site. I am forever grateful. Honestly, I feel like a novice or an infant when it comes to consciousness/spirituality, yet there has always been this deep undertow within me trying to find a way to surface. Oddly, as I practice these disciplines there is a voice inside that says, "it is about time you got back to living like this." Indeed, this is the conflict I have lived with in this life, but finally the conflict is going away...
    It is very painful to watch those around me fight with there karma, especially when you want to help but they are not open to it. I wish this Christ Vib, as I like to label it, would speed up, but then again, isn't that pretty much the status quo for human behavior these days? "I want what I want when I want it! I want it BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER, FASTER, QUICKER, LONGER, AND STRONGER thank before, cause it's all about ME ME ME, MORE MORE MORE, ME ME ME... LOL!
    Peace, Love, and Light to all
  • Reading "Becoming Gods" Cazekiel as received by James Gilliland... Oh boy! What a great text to follow the Shi-Ji series by Peter Maxwell Slattery. In all this "awakening" it seems to me that large, global prayer and meditation groups could have a dramatic impact on current events. I have been apart of other global prayer/meditation events, but I believe we need them on a daily basis to help others connect and awaken. There is another reason, as well, it has to do with the effect such groups and events have on local crime and violence. I mean if there is even a slight chance that such things could benefit us all then I say let's do it, let's do it daily AND let's try to get a global response. If we leave it up to our leaders we will see nothing but more violence, division, lies, and eventually war. We do not need anymore of this crap...
    If you are of like mind then please say so...
    Peace, love, and light to all
  • I just finished reading the three volume series, "The Book of Shi-Ji," by Peter Maxwell Slattery. Next up, "Becoming Gods, Interdimensional Mind, Earth Changes and the Quickening, UFO's Their Origins and Intentions," by Cazekiel as received by James Gilliland founder of ECETI Ranch, here in Washington State. Damn, that title is a mouth full! I guess what I am getting at is this, I am so alive, so thirsty it hurts. Recently, someone close to me said I need to STOP RED PILLING EVERYONE I COME ACROST. Well, what am I suppose to do with all this truth and fact and belief? I believe in sharing it as much and as often as I can. Being in service to my brothers and sisters here on Earth and beyond is the one thing that raises me up, but it can also be the one thing that drives me downward into disillusionment and apathy. This occurs when I withdraw my energy and hold onto it like it is the only thing that matters. OMG! I mean, REALLY? After thirty-five years of being aligned with "SELF" and reaping nothing but perceived misery and failure, I still find myself wanting to hold onto that life-style. Old habits//patterns die hard, especially once you become fully aware of such habits/patterns. Indeed, but I am realizing that all of this was necessary and planned AND it is the primary reason or influence that has led to my awakening. Ahhhh, all that matters is love. let me say that again, ALL THAT MATTERS IS LOVE. Nothing is stronger, nothing is purer. When I allow myself to love EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, no matter how unlovable I deem it or them to be, I become more and more enlightened. We are either aligned with self or creator, it is either or and the dance is that which occurs somewhere in the middle... Each day I find my alignment first by looking inward then seeking ways to express my love outward... This is much easier said than done, I am but an infant with his eyes wide open ready to learn...
    Peace, Love, Unity, and Forgiveness to all.
  • May all of you have a blessed day free from the insanity running amuck here on Earth. The most important thing any of us can do is hold our space (spiritually) by acts of kindness, forgiveness, empathy, and service. Our vibration is increasing on a global level... YAHOO! Let's do all we can to usher in the new world!
  • As the journey continues... There is no telling what may come my way today, but I have faith that it will be precisely what is needed. Not to long ago I wouldn't say such a thing. My life felt out of control spiraling down into to the abyss of negativity... that's when I broke, I gave up, surrendered, and my path has been brighter ever since, though I still have really bad moments. The spiritual side is what has been shut down on us, but once you begin to awaken it everything changes.
    Peace, Love, and Light
  • All I got to say is I am happy not to be the only soul who is experiencing their awakening. Let's see, some of the symptoms I am having are: being physically repelled by certain people's energy (this can get real bad, like shaking with a panic attack,) feeling attacked by the air, sun, wind, an overwhelming sense of phasing in and or out of this dimension, etc. I say phasing because I don't know how to describe the sensation. This phenomenon is amplifying as each day passes... Knowing others are experiencing much the same and more is comforting. All the information I have gained access to via this site and the good spirits here is helping a great deal. Now, if I can get a handle on the influx of universal compassion for EVERYONE ON THE PLANET, I think I will be okay. LOL.
    peace, love and light to all
  • Intent for the day. I will look inward, further than I have looked before, without fear or doubt, for the truth is found within...
  • Thanks a lot. I am going to check more about scalar healing. I have heard of 'scalar waves'.

    BTW I too am a guitar player.☺
  • Hi Indigenous Alien,
    Thank you for sharing your health concerns with me. I admire your fighting spirit and it’s true that our minds are extremely powerful and we can create the realities and outcomes we desire using the universal law of attraction, all we need is the right mind set and trust. As for crystals I would highly recommend you to get hold of aquamarine, bloodstone and carnelian.. polished or unpolished either is fine. These in particular are good for liver health and function, they can easily be kept in your pocket throughout the day or under your pillow as you sleep.. Relaying healing energy when you’re not even thinking about it. I would be happy to do a reiki distance healing session for you, please check out my blog on the subject for information in regards to this... :)
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I am 60 and have been diagnosed with terminal liver disease recently. I am going through tests to determine longevity, but I am not worried nor do I fear death. I have long known that we have been deceived from birth and things are not the way our leaders say they are. About a year ago, I began to truly wake-up and it has been a beautiful, yet painful, journey so far. I am thirsty for interaction with others and knowledge. Even though I am physically limited/disabled, I have found a way to be of service via my own website, which is under construction. The site is called IndigenousAlien, which is what we are... Indigenous and Alien. It is my hope to connect with as many as I can and to be of service by making this utterly important teaching available to all.

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"AND YOUTUBE HAS BANNED THIS MAN, WHY? i MEAN REALLY, WHY? THE ANSWER IS GIVEN IN THE VIDEO... Youtube needs to go away for its part in furthering the fascist agenda. Just sayin"
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Ohhhh, I am trying not to buy into all the chaos. My God, what does it take to get people to wake up? We are way down the rabbit hole...
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"Im gonna comment before I watch this, because I, too, believe we have the ultimate opportunity sitting right in front of us. The sensation/urge/impulse/motivation that has fallen on me to take action is overwhelming. I am trying to get people…"
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One other point. I do not want to live in your world. It no longer has anything for me but I respect your choice.

You should learn to respect other peoples choice by saying your point once and leaving it there.

This way, you are not making…"
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Those institutions are all lies created to enslave beings. They are all part of an illusion. I stand by my statement. Do me a favor though. Stop arguing with me and adding your spin. It is a waste of time.

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