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  • Thank you for the friend request. It appears my call for friends yesterday has been answered. I have questions, for I am a just beginning on this journey. I see that some of you list your origins off world and I can FEEL the truth in your words. It is the strangest sensation, but I am learning to recognize it for what it is. Me, I have no idea where I originate from, but I am 100% committed to learning, growing, and especially helping others. Know for certain, if there is anything I can to to help, please ask. I can't speak for anyone else, but I need people like you in my life. And that goes for just about anyone else here...
    Peace, love, and light to you, my brother.
  • This is what I found about the year of the Dragon...(not sure it is the real spiritual meaning) All I know that those born in this year of the Dragon are powerful and no, you are not only a way shower....Trust in your strength and wisdom...Blessings
    People with Chinese zodiac Dragon are born with superb leadership. Because of their knowledge, power and capability, people are willing to take orders from them. They are also ambitious, and have a strong drive to realize their dreams. They are adventurous.
  • I am coming into the time in life sees friends and relatives departing for the Other Side ... I am reaching out for friendship Amparo ... being confined to quarters as we are ... I cannot tolerate much more ... even though I trained to isolation this has reached beyond endurance ... even for me ... as terrestrials measure time , I am nearly seventy years ago ... so my young friend , it is I who shall come to cherish your friendship ...
  • Thank you for your friendship...I cherish it...Blessings
  • Welcome to Ashtar Command Webpage 💮
  • I am not computer savvy as you young people ... so perhaps you can assist in guiding me ...
  • It’s interesting that you mention portals ... does this mean that I can make use of the portal myself or am I merely a way shower ...?
  • I only know that I was born in the Chinese year of the dragon ... does this have any meaning ...?
  • Welcome Donald to ACC. You are in the right place and we can learn from each other...Did you know that those born in 1952 are portals? In other words you are helping for the energies to come through the portals...Blessings
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Cuyahoga Falls, OH


September 25

About Yourself

Born 25 September 1952 ... Cleveland,Ohio ... high school plus one year college and one year trade school ... of Pleiadian Origions... interest in archeology ,.. non terrestrials ... numismatics ... metaphysical topics ... reiki master and practitioner ... Interested in healing ( which admittedly must begin with self ) ... seeking repatriation with my Star Family... former Rosicrucian ... practicing Buddhist ( at least philosophically ) ... Atlantean culture and civilization ... ability to heal using crystals ... fascination with inner earth and their culture science and spirituality ...

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Buddha ... Christ ... Mohammed ... Diana Kea ... Michael Pearl ... Edgar Cayce ... Atlantean science priest scientists ... Lemurian science/spiritual ... David Wilcock ... Corey Goode ... my Atlantean student and sister Candy ... my student is also my teacher ...

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"Artificial intelligence is what inhabits ALL levels of government starting at more localized levels to the National level ... if you want to see artificial intelligence at work go to DC ... look what inhabits the White House today ... if that’s not…"
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"As regards the 2014 commercial ... fascinating ... Skyhawk"
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"Indigenous alien ... I relate ... I’m formerly of the Pleiadian persuasion ... looking for some of my relations to be in contact with me ... BLESSINGS ... Skyhawk"

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"There was a time I was the only one here railing against the idea that people should lessen or stop thinking altogether. We were told that to truely understand the universe, one should use the heart, not the mind. One should 'feel', not 'think'.…"
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"(A summary of the article "Subversive and Pacifying Spirituality" with some additional info, link below)

Meditation is a very useful tool to raise your consciousness, to get more self-awareness, control over emotions, and to undo your programming /…"
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