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August 6

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Getting old, tired of the Elite's games and lies, and their goals for mankind, when I know that's not the way it was supposed to be for Gaia and her human inhabitants. I have no Spiritual Interests at present, I am sovereign, white (Danish), married to the love of my life, 5 kids,18 grandkids. Life is still good, could be better, a lot better through guidance, I try to meditate every day, doesn't always happen that way, spouse shares my interests also, I thank you for your time............Alan.

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David Wilcock, Cory Goode, William M. Tompkins, The Galactic Federation of Planets, AAM, Ashtar Command & Spiritual Comm... I was born Awake & Aware from many thousands of previous lives.

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  • Hello Alan, just sent a friend request... I, too, suffer from pain (chronic) and it is getting much harder to walk, etc. I hope your day comes with less pain.
    I like the push for Individual Sovereignty... Let the movement begin!
    peace, love and light to you and yours
  • https://youtu.be/M3FJVjZcM_w
  • Having a lot of pain, getting harder to walk, other than that I'm doing good, thanks for asking. Just waiting for a ticket to be able to use the Light-Pods, (Med-Beds), I don't even know what to do to be able to get on the list, but I'm sill here & fighting for Freedom, Blessings to you, thanks for asking.
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    Birds of a feather...

    Hello Alan


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Alan commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post The Galactic Federation About 2022; Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
"Thank you for your comments, GFL. I have tried to get a daily email from Aurora's site to no avail, could you please, as they say, 'hook me up' to receive Aurora Ray's daily emails again? Thank you. saucernut21@outlook.com"
Oct 2, 2022
Alan left a comment on Comment Wall
"Aye! Let's get rid of all the money-wasting Org's. on our payroll, it's about time we cleaned up our own mess that we have turned a blind eye to. Wasted too long, lets's get this for our people."
Jul 1, 2022
Alan posted a status
That Hotel looks like a giant flying oversized watermelon seed carrier with wings.
Jun 30, 2022
Alan posted a status
Judge him, not. For he hasn't a clue. But, yes, he needs to get stuffed.
May 24, 2022

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