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  • The woke agenda of re-writing history is failing miserably....I have covered this topic before, but wanted to add additional perspectives upon the insane and totally erroneous concept, that Queen Cleopatra was black (sub-Saharan African).....EVIDENCE is overwhelming that the Egyptian queen was of the Greek Macedonian racial type and this "blackwashing" of history by Netflix, does nothing but irritate historians....True history advocates...

    Net result, the Netflix show about "Queen Cleopatra," has the worst reviews of all time and that is nothing to do with "racism," but rather to do with woke fakery and idiotic, falsehood promotions.....My advice to Netflix is to stop trying to airbrush white people out of history, it won't work, as too many of us know the facts...

    Of course, imagine if the 19th century Zulu king Cetshwayo, were cast in a re-make of Zulu, on Netflix, by white actor Brad Pitt...?? The lefties would foam at the mouth, in indignation, at such a prospective casting...BUT, as you see, they are hypocrites when it comes to truly accurate casting of historical figures...They have a stupid agenda which is not working...

    Obviously, narrator and executive producer (of the failed production,) Jada Pinkett Smith, is politically motivated and very stupid, if she thought that she could fool the viewing public....

    Personally I have not watched this material and don't ever intend to...Historical figures should always be cast as accurately as possible and I'm sure nobody would be happy to see Brad Pitt play the Zulu King Cetshwayo.....So let's see sanity, please...History must be educational and factual...

  • Thank you for your comments on my page. Wishing you the happiest of Easter in 2023. Kind regards.
  • Are you celebrating 2023..?? Have a happy new year...
  • Happy Christmas Roaring...Have a great time and be merry, in spite of all the gloom and doom, in the secular culture...🎄🎄🎄🎅🏻
  • Yes, you explained this to me before. There is also an American Disney version of Hakuna Matata, it’s not original but it’s still fun 🙂
  • Kilima means "mountain." I see and thanks for explaining...So it's a bit like saying; "Mt Mountain..."LOL

    And as for Elina Bakunova, I have made several references to her vlog work and background, on my blog, link attached...

    It's up to you if you would like to donate to those Tanzanians; the mountain guide and porter.....That was why I shared the data on her trip with you, in this instance..
    Cheers, Drekx

    The Soul of Mother Russia Resonates With The Incoming Aquarian Ray - Like Attracts Like
    Selamat balik dratzo,   I would like to clarify that when I mention earth surface nations, such as Russia or America I'm not trying to place one abov…
  • 😉🪆Elina was so impressed by the efforts of porters and guides, on mount Kilimanjaro, when she was in Tanzania, that she decided to aid them with a fund raising program and cover their activities in this vlog, just posted..👍🏻

    She says: "When you watch vlogs about climbing mount Kilimanjaro, bear in mind that the real heroes of this climb are the porters and the guides. I will give you a glimpse into the life of one porter and one guide on the mountain. What are their stories? Why do they do such an exhausting job? What are their dreams?


    The funding details for any donations are here, if you wish to contribute:

    Western Union:
    Id number 19911003257230000229; name WILLIAM ROGATH MUSHI, phone number +255699325684
    Bank account:
    Account number
    Swift code, CORUTZTZ. P.O.BOX 26 TARAKEA , ID NUMBER 19911003257230000229.

    Bank account:
    Bank code 047, Branch code 3012, Swift code EQBLTzTz
    Account no 3012111412885, ALEX MAHIMBO

  • Thank you Roaring Lovely.

    Im new here as you know, so dont know where i should be writing things haha. So ill just put things everywhere :)

    I appreciate your compliment of diversity, however does anyone have any information or idea of why I have not got this thing inside i can channel.

    And so far your the only one who really seems to think its good for me to be bringing diversity here, I hope more people have your vibes! :)
    My lack of inner monologue makes people go weird around me :(
  • Zauda zagon vin ja-ta e selamat majon....!!😊(We come as one in the light of heavenly joy and a state of rejoicing..)

  • Read on if you're interested.


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