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“Slow down – and as you do that you feel that tide in your own inner being flowing in and out. You feel the rise of the sun and the rise of the moon and the setting of each. … Claim your life. Claim your authority. Because as you do

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Ascension Column Pillars of Light – What They Are and How To Build Them and Why To Create Them. By Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.

In association with a new Global Project to Assist Gaia and Humanity in a very powerful way, this ar

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Dear All,

A friend asked recently why there is so much ‘UFO activity’ along the 33rd parallel south (meaning the line of latitude 33 degrees south of the equator). I was already aware of 33 being a significant ‘vibration’ both personally and in terms

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"Fear is a negative feedback, like pain, nausea etc. As long as we have a damagable we need these. Once we have a different body, we will need this no more. Perhaps this is what Amparo is trying to say. She talks of '...those who will incarnate in…"
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"Amparo, does that mean you are not scared of anything anymore?

I do feel fears as long I'm in my body. As the body can have pain and the worst fear is the dying fear. I do not feel above this. I do feel the enormous amounts of higher energies…"
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The Group: The Balancing Point2/24/2021 ERA OF LIGHTGreetings, dear ones.I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day because your time frames are starting to move incredibly fast. It’s a very interesting process for us to watch, because now things…
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"This old world is no more even dough one still sees chaos...It is just the old energy kicking and screaming before leaving...We are headed to the higher dimensions...There will be those that prefer to stay in the fear or simply do not choose to…"
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