Among the oldest Christian communities , the lamb was on the pastor's shoulders (no plate )symbolized the soul saved by Christ .
Lamb on the shoulders of the shepherd is a sign of compassion and caring for the new life that Christ has provided.
When Jesus came , he tried to inspire people to a higher notion of sacrifice. Instead of sacrificing some poor animals who did no harm to anyone , he taught people to sacrifice their own inner animal and desires as inner animal slaughter such release energies that are more valuable and can be used in spiritual work . Those who understand this are on the way to climb; those who do not understand him are still stuck in the stalls or cages - symbolically speaking - along with their animals they sacrifice and do nothing to contribute to a greater deepening of their soul in the dark.

I propose this year to accept the sacrifice interior new life based on compassion and responsibility for the lives of animals and the others and become the best! How we want to have peace in the world and in our hearts if we have the plate "war".

Killing Easter lamb has no basis in the Christian tradition, but rather has its roots in the Old Testament.

"It's a bloody ritual in strong contradiction with the concept of the Resurrection, which brings renewal of faith and hope.

It is a ritual that is not necessary in a society like ours, already steeped in violence and death that serves only to satisfy the interests of the food industry. "

(Pope Francisco)

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  • Dearest Amparo, I've made a study of religions all my life and this is actually the first time I've ever heard of something so weird.. do believe it is of Satanic origin and nothing any true Christuian with a small buit of understanding the basis of Christianity would even dream of doing.
    First, the Jewish religion killed a Lamb for the sins of the people which was symbolic of Yeshua (Jesus) who was crucified on the day the Jews killed the Lamb for the sins of the people in the temple.
    I've studied with Rabbis just to understnd their religion and I was told that at the time of the yearly sacrifice the Priest woud put a black piece of clot on the alter and when the perfect Lamb was killed and the blood placed on the alter, the black cloth wuld turn white and a stragge, white light would apear in the Temple.
    Jesus is called "the Lamb of God" because he died one time as the perfect sacrfice and one accepting that sacrifice for their sins, past, present and future plus all their karmic debt if they believe i reincrnation...are set free and can begin t see ourselves perect and Immortal, which is what new agers are tryng to do without Jesus...good luck...but when we see Jesus tok our place and when the creator sees us, he/she does not see us as we see ourselves but sees Jesus...that's how we perfect ourselves and step ito immortliity in the Christian religio.
    We do not kill lambs..we have n need todo so as Jesus is our Lamb slain from te fundation of the earth in our place so we can return to the Immrtality we once had plus immortalize the body we now have...this is the final purpose of trueChristianity is immortality of the body...Paul tells us that the last enemy of darkness we have to defet is death of the body...that's goig o now with many.
    No Christian religion has ever killed a lamb...if some idiot preacher carried a dead lamb on his shoulders its' not n the Bible to represent Jesus...and I've never heard of it, there woud be no reaso for it s Christians look to Jesus as the Lamb of God that died for all our sins and to give us eternal life...
    Back to the Jewish religio of killing a lamb each year, yes it was at what we call Easter time, they call the Passover...thhe Rabbi told me it was not told but the Rabbis know that the day Jesus died the earthquake splt the veil tht hid the Holy of Holies from top to bottom whic no earth man could do as it was eighteen inces thick and opened the Holy of Hoies to all peole...the black cloth never turned white again nor did any strange light ever again appear in the Holy f Holies though the temple remaned for 70 years after which it was destroyed as Jeus predicted...
    All Christians know Jesus's death represented the Lamb of the Jewish religion but that was the last Lmbe that was to ever die as because he lived a perfect life, which no one else could do, he was the perfect lamb and acceptng him as our sin sacrifice or Lamb slain for our sins, makes us perfect in the sight of the creator forever and assures our immortality..that is basic Christianity...there is no slayng of any lambs, that's Jewish religion.
    Please don't believe everything you hear about Christianity, ask a Christian that know Jesus was slain as the Lamb of the Jewish religio, if they do't understand that they are not Christias in the first place..I just neer heard of such foolshness, either a Stanist or and idiot would do such a thing...meaning a preacher wit a dead lamb over his shounders..utterly stupid...not hristianty... wow some people just need to sk a Christian wht they believe.
    One time I had a website on regions trying to bring people to understand each other's beliefs and I fund so many websites telling what sme religion believed by people of other religions...the ones to ask are the ones in that religio...there is good in all religions but one needs to ask someone of that religion before tellig something so absurd as to make thers believe Christians kkill lambs at Easter...we celebrate the death of Christ on the cross who is called in the Bible "the Lamb slain from foundatio of earth" and takes the place of the yearly sarfice of the lamb by the Jewish religion...
    Sorry t be so long but wanted to get it clear..so many lies told and seems no Christian will speak up on a new age site...I am a Christiann and not ashamed for it is the pwer of God to Immortlity of the body which will be happening soon...as the fullness of the gospel s understood...Love you all...
  • if you see a Catholic Figure-head as a Papa, on a Spiritual Freethink Forum, you're in a HEAP of trouble. ;)

    I don't come here much nowadays, but if you need help getting away from Big Religion, let me know through PM. :)

  • Easter has nothing to do with it. The sacrificial lamb is traditionally used in Judaism, prior to Passover.

  • ...I grew up on a farm...

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3219201/Lost-sheep-fleece-o...

    So, we set them all free!  Good idea - it's not like we have a connection!

    Don't tell me you wear wool or leather!

    Polyester is better - in the winter? REALLY??


    We used to live with our animals together - side by side!

    And we all were good!

  • Killing one lamb is necessary to make cheese from the all the sheep's milk to last the winter.

    What veggies can you grow through winter to feed you in England?

    You live by supermarket only! You take but not give!

    And you brag about how better you are!

    Go back to WWII in England - how would you live? Eat grass with the cows?

    That's how people lived their life from generations until now!

    There were NO vegans in WWII!

  • I don't think we needed the Pope to say it, but that's cool... Killing any animal or human is not "holy" in anyway!!! 

  • Humans will come closer to peace and unity consciousness when they no longer enslave and kill other sentient life forms, or treat them as 'resources' to be used without regard for their feelings...

    Compassion is part of the evolution of spiritual consciousness, and will help bring humanity into alignment with the peaceful, loving galactic community reaching out to Earth, rather than to entities of control, fear and domination. It's very simple. 

    'Namaste'...to all beings. 

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