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You, our beloved ones, are our dearest brothers and sisters who have made the monumental sacrifice to leave our wonderful realms of Light and Unconditional Love to wear an earth vessel throughout this process of Planetary Ascension...We have spoken w

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...more and more of you are having Spontaneous Awakenings...You, the awakening ones can no longer hide in your illusions...The lies that you have been told, and that you have told your longer work to hide your disillusionment. The “things”

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We have heard your call, but many of you were too tired to hear our response...we want you to know that we respond to every call from our Ascending Ones... many of you have are having difficulty understanding how you have been feeling...The “time” is

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I AM the Light I stand within
I AM the form the Light creates
I AM the life the Light dictates
I AM the Light
The world is the reflection of my Light
The world within me joins that reflection
I AM standing in the Light of the world tha
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A Special Interview with the Arcturians: The Countdown Has Begun!

The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity to the 4th and 5th

Dimension at the Stargate 11.11.11.Pole Shift and Cataclysmic Events Will Only Affect 3d-Earth.


By Dr. Suzanne Caroll, September 17,

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