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May 12

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A lot of astral travels... and 144 ... always 144, the number. I see it every day from almost two years. I was told I've sirian DNA... so maybe i'm really a sirian. Anyway, i know i'll go away from this world to travel in the space and knowing other civilitation... Meditation, meditation... every day... it opens heart and calm mind
My italian blog www.marcoragusa.tk

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  • 8113943093?profile=originalLove and Lighting
  • Grazie x il link numerico!! Molto interessante.. qui ho trovato un gruppo 11:11... bello sapere che siamo in tanti (e loro in tantissimi 1,111!!)  ;-)  Take care /D
  • Data on my family, the Sirian people of Samanet....



  • Hi,

    Yes my own starseed origins are Sirian, but related to the "nordic" Sirians of planet Samanet, which is Sirius B4.....


    On Samanet, Muktarin and Atarmunck, are Sirians of both Lyran and Vegan descent...The Vegans have blue skin and some of them have a darker blue skin, like black races on earth, but without the brown tone...

    And the race of sentient leonine felines of Sirius A have intermingled with some of the black Sirians, as you say...thus the concept of Sirians with feline features...or the Pschat "warriors of Heaven."

    My own star people, the Samanet, have colonised the planets of Sirius B, C & D...We are of Lyran and Vegan descent...

    We are culturally allied to the Pschat who have associate membership of the GFL, but not fully fledge membership...as they choose not to be such...

  •  Thank you for your friendship Marco and I will answer your questions as I am

     able and acknowledge where I cannot.


  • Ciao Marco, io sono "perseguitata" da anni da numeri doppi come 11:11, 22.22, e ultima mente 14:14 o 14:41 ;-) il significato del 14 lo sai?/ D
  • Sweet! I Love these numbers lol!! They're sooo much fun!! Especially when other people start seeing them :D I'll mention it to someone, and then they'll see a set the next day or something :D Very powerful stuff!! Reminds me how BIG this thing is every time ;D
  • Welcome to ACC!! Enjoy the ride! :D Namaste
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Marco Ragusa posted a video
Search the dates 2011-09-29 through 2011-10-03 select the LASCO C2 or C3 camera ... here is the SOHO website: http://sohodata.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/soho_mo...
Nov 2, 2020
Marco Ragusa posted a blog post
Monday, November 14, 2011Moving ForwardWhat does it mean to disappear? Man is not an object. In the context of divine awareness man in an enigma, dreaming about another dimension than the one he claims to be on. In this dream he is not an answer to…
Nov 15, 2011
Marco Ragusa posted a blog post
Sunday, November 13, 201111-11 Continues its ContributionAfter the great dimensional activation on 11-11 many of you do not have any desire to remain in 3D. Freedom from chaos is not the change that was needed. Freedom from anger, fear and defensive…
Nov 13, 2011
Marco Ragusa commented on Drekx Omega's blog post 11-11-11 Was A Stargate Opening (Aktaiwa) - Nothing More, Nothing Less
thank you very much for your simplicity explaining that.
Here the italian translation of your post:
Nov 13, 2011

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