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8108927476?profile=originalThe Mystery concerning the 3 days and 3 nights of the Messiah's Resurrection
Dr. Lee Warren Plim Report


One of the great mysteries in the Bible concerns how the Messiah fulfilled the three days and nights in the earth. His own words on the

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Some people are ‘service to self’ and some are ‘service to others’.  Some people believe in loving everyone while others may show dislike toward certain people in power...those who protest war are also waking up other people to the atrocities, oppres

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The path is becoming narrow for the dedicated Lightworkers of the World, more adjustments are being made, more letting go of the temporal World is taking place in your consciousness and as this happens, the way opens wider for the Awakening Ones as t

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Many people often wonder what role they should be playing during this spiritual awakening while others ponder their purpose during their present incarnation...Before you decided to incarnate here, you were connected to Source.  While you were on the

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We represent the 645 police officers who work hard every day to protect the citizens of Oakland. We, too, are the 99% fighting for better working conditions, fair treatment and the ability to provide a living for our children and families. We are sev

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 Demonstrators rally outside One Police Plaza during a march by protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement last week in New York City.

  The movement was sparked in part by Vancouver-based Adbusters Media Foundation, which urged people to occupy Wall Street to protest inherent inequalities in the global economic system.
Demonstrators rally outside One Police Plaza during a march
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Kienan Hebert tosses a frisbee with his father Paul Hebert in Sparwood, British Columbia Sunday, September 11, 2011. Kienan Hebert, 3, was returned to his home early Sunday morning after going missing Wednesday. Randall Peter Hopley, 46, is being sought as a suspect in the abduction.

CNN) -- A 3-year-old Canadian boy kidnapped four days earlier was returned to his home early Sunday, and police were searching for a suspect, officials said.





Authorities were searching for a suspect they identified in an Amber Alert as Randall Pet

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The mainstream science and modern philosophy , both inspired by atheism, have an incoherent view of what consciousness is. They think that a series of gears cogs etc can bring about  consciousne provided that it is 'complex enough'. With such a…
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I have said before ..A PERSON CANNOT HEAL/ GIVE TREATMENT TO OTHERS IF THE PERSON IS NOT HEALTHY IN THE FIRST PLACE Firstly all those working in Hospital, Surgeries, Health Food Shops should be 1- Vegetarians/Vegans ...  here you all should know…
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Seeing Beyond The Veil, By Chellea. Blessings Dear Family of Light, It's very interesting to see the dark Scramble and Scatter, when I am around. For many years now I have been opening my awareness beyond the physical view. As my awareness is rising…
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"Bill Shatner turned his dreams of going into space, into reality.....Albeit with "Blue Origin," rather than the USS Enterprise and with Jeff Bezos, rather than the Talosian...lol 😁
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POACHERS :beings who look like humans but behave like brutes and savage's need to be taught a lesson.POOR ELEPHANTS…
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"Look at the beaming friendship offered the UK, by New Zealand's PM & people..? Now contrast that, with the sorts of bitterness and wrangling we have had to endure, with the EU....What a contrast between the two...😬

Indeed, nobody can deal with the…"
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Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?
"A former New Zealand trade minister, Tim Groser, says that he thinks that the UK has 'strategically placed itself in a very very strong position' after Brexit. He claims that being initially skeptical of Brexit, he is beginning to rethink his entire…"
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