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Peace After The Storm by Creator

Peace After The Storm




After the ‘storm of introspection’, there will always be a peace that settles over your entire being. Breathe it in and love yourself for the space you are in now. Enjoy the quietness of your soul because you’ve worked for and

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Thorns - Creator


You bemoan the thorns of your past; they torture, taunt and tease you as you release them to The Light, begging to remain part of your paradigm. But, through it all…


they pushed you to awaken, yes?! Without them, you would be not b
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Shifts - Creator




Shifts in your world are inevitable. Some things remain static, others grow and still others fall away. Do not take it personally…

….it is the way things are meant to be. You would not be considered human on this Earth-plane without the

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Feeling Safe by Creator





Feeling Safe

You will do what you need to do to feel safe until you are ready to release it. Please do not judge yourself. Instead, celebrate the time you are in now. You’ll never have another like it. Stop kicking yourself and accept it for

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You're a Miracle - CREATOR





You are a Miracle!

  What will it take for you to know that you are a miracle? How many times will you have to hear it? What will you need to feel to know? What will have to happen for you to see? The Universe gives you confirmations of this

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Opening up by Creator




Opening Up

How you choose to experience the world depends on how much you’re willing to release. You can hold onto your ‘old experiences’, letting them shape and mold your now or you can open yourself up to the NOW and enjoy the experiences.

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Embrace and Grow - Creator

Embrace & Grow





During this most recent shift, you may have taken some time off to retreat/rebalance/reassess and regroup.  Now that energies are starting to move again, it is time get back to work and begin healing and clearing.  You are cre

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Source Creator: Ascension Energies


Source Creator: Ascension Energies

6/1/2021 ERA OF LIGHT

I am Source. I am the all and the in between. I am the energy that began this creative process and I am the thought, the love that will continue for eternity. I am never ending. I am always begin

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The Master Plan by Creator



 The Master Plan




                To love and be loved, to experience and help others experience joy, to be true to yourself and recognize that truth in others…this i

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You Are the Source by CREATOR

You Are The Source…




Magic is not an ethereal concept you learned about in fairy tales; miracles do not always happen to ‘someone else’. It is time to start realizing that YOU are the source of these wonderful moments! Create with joy and rev

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Message from the Angels 06/19/21My dear friends, we love you so very much,Never in your human history have you, as a species, been clearer on what you want from life. Your pandemic inspired you to send cries unto the heavens. "We want to be in this…
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Passion | The Creator via Jennifer Farley6/19/2021 12:04:00 PM - PassionJUNE 19, 2021(The Creator Writings)Of all the decisions you make on a daily basis, how many are based on passion? Next to love, this emotion carries with it the strongest…
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Wraith Civilization via Erena Velazquez | June 19, 20216/19/2021 10:33:00 AM - June 19, 2021Greetings Humans,We are Wraith Civilization from the Pegasus Galaxy, and we are transmitting our message through this Universal Channel. We come with…
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Bethulia via Galaxygirl | June 19, 20216/20/2021 12:50:00 AM - Bethulia 6/19/2021(I am seeing a green planet that is bursting with life, covered in all shades of green. The air is fragrant and filled with life.) I am Bethulia. I am watching your…
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"Think of the water as to be physically connected to our brains, for instance via the medium that undulates to propagate the electromagnetic waves. When we think, feel etc, we affect the charges across the cell membranes. (The so called axon…"
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Humans In All Universes, Realities & Timelines ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are gathering enough data to support all humans on all…
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