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  • it is an honor to be your friend, thank you
  •  I am most honoured young Lady to be your friend. I observe that Drekx Omega is

     growing into who he is. My experiences have been walking through a Library and a Book goes bang. I pick it up and there I am. I had this girl years ago who wanted me in her life and I knelt at the bottom of my bed  Prayed and said sorry to her. Next day she rang up and said what were you doing at the bottom of my bed. I had no idea of bilocation and now I know what it is. It is a gift with me from a higher dimension Blessings kingjeff

  • /Well, no edit button and got my hands on wrong keys...DREKX, it's ok we are both hot headed and need to pull back, relax, and speak softly carry a big stick,is what Val tells me, I think his name is my big stick!  Though almost everyone and their dog uses it...

    I told Val he would have to have 20 secretaries to write all the books out in the Valiant name..thank God I don't use it anymore.  

    We've been friends too long to fuss, I remember you from first time was here, we used to back each other up... Val would say, "Go help the commander out" he still calls you commander, not like his commander but like one of his commanders thqt volunteered for duty here on the planet and came back with the group...

    Do you have any memory of past life? I don't know, he never said you were one of us but I presumed because in the face of tellingt him your rank was Colonel he still calls you commander and Val does not make mistakes..  I may make some typos!

    We love you be at ease ...Valana and Val

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Greenville, TX

About Yourself

I ws born in Texas and have been a telepathic channel for Cmdr Val Thor most of my life. My spiritual journey has brought me very far in awakening to my inner divinity. Other than Val's official messages I do his metaphysical teachings and information on the technologies of space. My spiritual journey has led me into the metaphysical field of teaching.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Books have been my teachers hrough the years from orthodox Christianity to metaphysics. I've studied the ancient Yoga philosopy, practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Qigong and a spiritual healer also Reiki Master Healer and Teacher.

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motherbg posted a blog post
  Whose Life Is It? God said:Whose life do you think you have? It is Mine. It is My life you are carrying around. I tender My life to you to engage in on Earth. I sent Myself out to play, and you accepted the role as your own. You thought you were…
12 minutes ago
Sandra left a comment on Comment Wall
"I trust Ashtar Command and i feel like i am not alone in the Dark of Kali Youga World Age. I find new Frinds fom other countries here. Maybe it's possible to have Space Brothers as my new Frinds from other Planet. Coummounio sounds interessting."
22 minutes ago
Sandra replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Warning ...Those Who Use Abusive Language Are Not Humans But Reptilians
"It's not easy to have high frequencies. Especially in the situation of an evacuation."
31 minutes ago
Sirian Starlight replied to Sirian Starlight's discussion The Call By Gaia To The Stars
"That's true. I believe this as well. Spirit can traverse soul signatures easily to find all parts of you and connect at will."
41 minutes ago
Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
  A New Consciousness Of The Heart Is Being Born By Pamela Kribbe & Jesus/Jeshua - Helping Others I am so happy that today we have again come together to celebrate the new era. It is no longer something that lies far ahead in the future. It is…
52 minutes ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion Web Traffic
1 hour ago
jerymcd replied to somesayimnot's discussion HELP!--> THE RARITY OF LIFE PATH 33 [NUMEROLOGY]
"I likely believe in more Horoscope and numbers. I likely have Life Path Number 22 so it might be like that I might be having qualities of Life Path Number 4 because the number 22 when reduced(2+2=4), becomes 4. The people having Master Number 22 are…"
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Dr. Carrie Madej Warns About New Vaccine Technology
"Well knowing this think twice before taking vaccine"
2 hours ago