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  • Roaring Love, thank you for writing on my profile...forgive me if I can't read well at this tiem, tixing to have eye operation. I didn't mke a type I just thought something you said one time was so filled with love I started calling you tht...hope you don't mind.
    Blessings, love and peace dear one...Valana
  • Demonorca, thank you so very much. That's what I'm living for, is to helpothers when I can, and learn more myself. We are all in this together and all a part of the ONE Infinite Creator...
    Blessings, love and peace
    PS: I did answer you today privately if you did not get it let me know.
  • I deeply appreciate you two reaching out to me, it means a lot to me. Reading your response and our old conversation brought me some relief on the subject.

    I sent you a private message here on the site. It's really personal stuff that ties into what we're talking about, I'd like to continue the convo there if that's okay with you. Let me know if it goes through?
  • Pleas stop addressing me on the wall! I am nolonger talking of Christianity. What is your problem??
  • I told you I don't hate Christians, I have never been hurt by anyone of them and that I was mocking the idea of 'follow your heart' by referring to an hypothetical, charlatan 'pastor' who preys on the 'sheep' instead of praying for them.

    What part of that don't you understand?
  • Ey, I almost forgot to get back to you on the post you made for the evacuation/questions.

    Let the commander know that I appreciate him taking his time to talk with me, I thought about what he said long and hard, and understand where he was coming from. I've started questioning a lot of personal beliefs and other things on my end, not in a bad way thought.

    I know fear is not the intention, but I really hope the predictions of a peace era are true. The thought of being embedded with a microchip that turns us into walking bombs makes my skin crawl. Hopefully we won't have to face that nightmarish future soon.

    Since he brought it up, what was the /thing/ you and him were sensing within me during the conversation?
  • Yes I heard about Texas...Also I heard why it happened but I do not want to comment here about anything...I hope you are doing well and that all the snow is melted...Here in PA we had a lot of snow and it turned to ice but in the last three days the temperature went up to almost 70 and it melted most of it...Blessings dear friend...
  • Amparo, thank you so much, but I hadn't realized it was such a long tme...I have not been on my site much either. We had 6 inches of snow! Now to you northern folks that may not be much snow...but to Texas....everything stops! Our snow plows are on Vogueswgons! LOL
    But I am witing to have my eye operation as I don't see too well to write. Love you sooo much and also this site. This site in my home, my starting out place..other than my own webite and mailing lists.
  • Valana It is great seeing you here...It is being a while...I hope you are feeling well...Blessings my friend...
  • Warning to your Facebook accounts if you are a conservtive vice or Trumper as there is serious hacking ging on... instead of putting us off they are causing us to go off ourselves. My name is being used for some kind of Covid 19 scme, my daughter in law got one so all I can do is sign out and they said it may take up to 30 days to do that..this is really weird.
    Then I got something from one of the Pro-Conservative newsletters that one of you here that is outspoken had paid for me an illegal knife in the subject line... this is serious...that person could be jaied... this is their way of putting us all off the Internet by forcing us to leave for our own protection... We nee to chane our pasworsimmeiately on everythig but I believethe facebook situatio is done insie facebook.
    If anyone gets anything from me please delete it as I'm not sening out any offer for 50,000 on a Covi 19 program an says I alreay got mine and I ws afrraid to read more I just trie to get off facebook... but that cannot be one immeiately. So I'm sayng this in public that I am not sendig anything about a Covid check for $50,000...eee it on facebook if you get it frm Patti Spencer. They even have the picture I am using here not on Facebok so it's coming from here, the information of who we are. They got my picture from here.
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Greenville, TX

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I ws born in Texas and have been a telepathic channel for Cmdr Val Thor most of my life. My spiritual journey has brought me very far in awakening to my inner divinity. Other than Val's official messages I do his metaphysical teachings and information on the technologies of space. My spiritual journey has led me into the metaphysical field of teaching.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Books have been my teachers hrough the years from orthodox Christianity to metaphysics. I've studied the ancient Yoga philosopy, practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Qigong and a spiritual healer also Reiki Master Healer and Teacher.

Valana left a comment on Comment Wall
"Does anyone remember I think it was back in 2008 or 9 when Val and I first came here...I told o the front of our group about the time he took me back in the 70's to a meeting around a very large obling table...Cmdr Lady Athena was on the group and…"
Apr 5
Valana left a comment on Comment Wall
"Sans and DemonOrca98, back when Utella wrote "Evacuation Earth" (I think was the name) she gave specific instructons, just as I did 20 years ago on our website (I no longer own the doman) and it was then correct.
Things have changed over…"
Apr 5
Valana left a comment on Comment Wall
"I don't think ground zero caualties in a detriment in a nuclear war, it's the ones that are not lucky enugh to die instantly that will suffer with hideous scars and pain for years plus the radiation that will move over the whole planet eventually,…"
Apr 5
Valana left a comment on Comment Wall
"Jesus said "where two agree on anything, it shall be done" and I add my agreement.

The sacred western scriputures also say one can chase a thouand and two their ten thousand. So it will not take many standing in agreement to change the world for…"
Apr 4

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