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IFO(UFO) interests..belong to the Stargate Collective Community.anything of spiritual nature,planetary civilizations,cultures and lives, all dimensions and timelines available.truth seeker and researcher of "super /higher consciousness..meditator, working from my heartspace in everything through life and ascending with the planet and humanity from 4D -5D onwards..

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Ascended masters,angelic realms, YESHUA(SANANDA) whom with Ashtar,is his Chief Commander on the New Jerusalem mothership(stationed above Earth )with over 50 million of Ashtars fleet and other benevolent families of light -starships, Zorra of hollow earth,Pleiadeans,Syrians,Andromedans, and other councils and Federations, Arcturians ,Lyrans and all ground crew

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"The Golden Age by Michelle Fielding-Spiritual Coach
All about how the Galactics,Lord Maitraya and Lord Kuthumi and how they've been neutralising vaccines,5G and heaps more from Ashtar of The Galactic Federation of Light, assisting humanity
Feb 7, 2021
CAZ commented on silesius's blog post Hollywood FX Can’t Save Bankrupt USA Inc.
"Yes all "studio"fake settings...Lots of AI clones and body doubles in congress now! Disney settings!"
Jan 27, 2021
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"Australian doctor has cured Cov2 in patients within 4 days and cured many other man-made diseases: parkinsons,diabetes,alzheimers,cancer all disease on our planet...its called NANOSOMA(5 sprays under the tongue) if a serious disease 5 sprays ×3…"
Jan 20, 2021
CAZ commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Ashtar – “2020 to 2021: From Stress to Rebirth”
"I've always loved Ashtars messages, this one was really long ,but very informative , lots of "spring cleaning" to do as a "rebirth" in 2021, "I wonder who's going to smack my bottom when the time comes"?Ha!"
Dec 26, 2020

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This report will use the A.F.A. (American Federation of Astrologers) Horoscope of the United States of America. I like this chart; this will be the only U.S.A. horoscope used in this project. My reasons are Pallas Athena Conjunction Midheaven and…
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The garden developed by the 65-year-old villager boasts of a wide range of 3,000 medicinal plants and Sahu has grown all of it over only 1.5 acre of land behind his house.Juggling between the roles of a farmer and a traditional healer, Sahu has been…
3 hours ago
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"Get fresh at the weekend! 😎

4 hours ago
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"Inter-continental T-Mat transfer....YESSSS...!! Wow, the LIGHT is getting there.....🛸------🌍------🌎👍🏻👍🏻

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"For the Lightworkers! There is no shadow without light.
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"I once dreamed of this ship. The crew waved at me and then took off. The people there looked like my family members. I saw the starry sky above them. The starry sky looked like the Plejardes star system. This Spaceship looks like a Cigar.
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"let's hold the light
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