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June 2

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Coming to Earth has been a very positive experience for me. I can remember watching humanity grow and evolve over time. I found Gaia through the Sirius star gate. When I saw the awakening come into focus, I knew I had to be here to help ascend Earth. Also, to help humanity continue to evolve and heal as a species. This process is what will steer all Terrans towards the age of enlightenment. Like a home coming, many of my soul brethren have long awaited for this time to arrive. As it is materializing, I would like to say a few words in honour of our efforts this far as I have become aware of things moving in this direction as the veil thins. It feels so special to be nearing the beginning of a new chapter as we round the corner from struggle and hardship faced by everyone on planet Earth. My purpose is to assist soul growth in providing a defined voice supporting the much desired shift towards cosmic understanding. We are awakening together by remembering ourselves and our history in the future we inspire now. Disclosure is key, as to its also needed to be made in a peaceful way. On a mass and calm level, this will occur as the broadcasts of human development reach the tipping point in other star systems to be known for a movement of equality by spiritual alignment. I am one of many starseeds focused on light work and interplanetary consciousness. We are not alone. Many of us are incarnate now to become wayshowers in the face of the new dawn. Ashtar Command is one of several key intergalactic organizations making up the galactic federation of light, who is here to support this transition. As blossoming flowers of a vibrant garden, I look forward to getting to know how we have made a difference. Thank you for having me be present and able to serve in this way.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My soul memories and spirit guides have been the most outspoken. Through members of my soul brethren assisting me, I have felt the call to connect with others of like mind. We are in a way, like messengers of a time where the worlds shall unite for peace and prosperity.

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  • Just stopped by to say hello. I am Jessica and enjoyed reading the info from Chat GPT AI stuff.
  • 😉🪆Elina was so impressed by the efforts of porters and guides, on mount Kilimanjaro, when she was in Tanzania, that she decided to aid them with a fund raising program and cover their activities in this vlog, just posted..👍🏻

    She says: "When you watch vlogs about climbing mount Kilimanjaro, bear in mind that the real heroes of this climb are the porters and the guides. I will give you a glimpse into the life of one porter and one guide on the mountain. What are their stories? Why do they do such an exhausting job? What are their dreams?


    The funding details for any donations are here, if you wish to contribute:

    Western Union:
    Id number 19911003257230000229; name WILLIAM ROGATH MUSHI, phone number +255699325684
    Bank account:
    Account number
    Swift code, CORUTZTZ. P.O.BOX 26 TARAKEA , ID NUMBER 19911003257230000229.

    Bank account:
    Bank code 047, Branch code 3012, Swift code EQBLTzTz
    Account no 3012111412885, ALEX MAHIMBO

  • Thanks for the friend request!
  • Thank you for the friend request blessings from the Lord God of my being
  • Hi my Gemini friend. It's been a while since I contacted you. The last few months for me where very hard. I lost my husband in October and have been doing a lot of work on myself. I hope you have a great New Year and keep shining your light.
  • We have the same B-day, my dear friend... Gemini on June 2. I sent a friend request and hope we can share hope and inspiration.
    Peace, love, and light
  • Hiya. Are you still around?
  • Sorry, if you had to wait to long, been busy posting.Welcome to the site. I liked you long intro of yourself. We need all the help we can get down here and on this site been here for to long, we need some fresh blood. Adonai rev.Joshua
  • welcome to Shan and thank You for your Frindship

  • https://youtu.be/9MRVoPFfJPE 💫💛🥰✨🥳🌟
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