This group is for my writings for Commander Val Thor.  I met Val after takin a week long test given for a special position under the President of the united States.  I was sent to him.  My assignment was to pass the information he gave me to my President.  I did not choose tomeet him, it was an assignment.  

If you have questions for him I will ask for the answers. He does not answer personal questions as he's not an oracle.  

The main part of my story is in my book, "Government Woman" on Amazzon and Kindle priced as low as possible.  However, I will send you a pdf copy ofit if you send me your email address.  I do not write nor tell my story for monetary gain. I also chose not to go under a Security blanket as Iwould have to promise never to tell my story of meeting with him the times I ave on this planet.  I pay my own expenses to be on line to write as a public service.  

May God bless and give you peace is our prayer.  

Val and Valana

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  • hey yall glad to be here :)
  • Hellen, Val will answer you quickly here...I hope! :=)

    Val: I'll try to be quick, dear, but sometimes I get carried away and if so, you could put it in a discussion. First, I want to say that I do not want to be calling anything or anyone a fake or fraud as my poor Valana has had her day with that over me, which I wish I could go back and change but I cannot. However, she knew me when Frank was in knee pants and does not bounce her story off any ever written as she was writing for me prior to the name Val Thor ever being known openly and it happens not to be my real name.
    Enugh of that. Now about the Wingmakers. Dearest little Hellen, are you referring to the time capsules? Ot to the Indiginous arrow heads?

    Germain explained the way we dothe time travel better than I could in one of his first books given by visible light and audible sound wave to his channel back in the 1930's called, the Green books. I will try to do it quickly here but for a deeper understnding I highly recommend smeone copying that part and posting it here if one is familiar with his teaching on how he took Ray King back into his past lives. I have taken Valana in the same way and we have explained this in former writings of years ago.
    First, there is no such thing as a "Time Capsule". There is no such thing as the past ging on now. Think if you will, of a life where you burned to death, trapped n a fire? Would you like to go through that pain and suffering for all eternity? Certinly not. That's worse than the proverbial "hell" of the old theology of the Christians. Most don't believe tht anymore thankfully ass belief creates fifth world reality and also third dimensional relaity.
    First, one must realize one is not a body of flesh and bones but Spirit, made in the image of God which is Spirit according to the true teachings of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). The body is made up of many layers, one being the electro magnetic aura also know as the astral body which the spirit of man can leave the physical body in the sleep state and travel intoother dimensions.
    Let's use Valana as example. I have taken her, in her astral body, to a location where she once was in her full consciousness. Then I take the memory from either of our minds, recreate a holographic scene from the past and she and I share in the actual physical situation as it happened. If we were dancing in the moonlight, on the shore of a lake, we can actually dance in the moonlight on the shore of the lake though it is a holographic scene and not a real one.
    I believe that's as accurate as I can explain it and if youcheck with Germain's explanation you will further understand time travel.
    If one can effect this by crawling into some kind of capsule or time machine more power tothem but it is not needful to do so in order to time travel. It's all in the mind.
    As far as the arrow heads, yes, there are ancient arrow headss that date back to former civilizations this being the fifth as I've said twenty or so years ago o this Internet through Valana.
    This is all I have for now, dear, and thank you. Hellen is a very intelligent lady that is hungry for knowledge and her quetions are alwys taken seriously. I will answer them as I can get the time. You are not bothering me with the questions never feel in that way, I will stop when I can to answer them. Val
  • What is the Winemakers material all about?
    • Do you mean Windmakers, Hellen? There are many different legends and stories about things of that name. Most often spoke about in the past 20 years or so online have been the ones connected with the UFO phenomenon. There was a fake site that stirred up a lot of conspiracy theories and trouble, and then Crypto-zoology and many things changed in the field of studies. There are now many games and groups that are fantasy for Cryptozoic characters and so on. You have to decide which subject you want to know about.
    • Thank you Lee..any time you or El can assist you all are very welcome. Val is so busy at the time at Hqtrs he doesn't have tme to stop anytime I have to collect questions but I thought the word was WinDmakers. What came to me was our windmills in West Texas that make some of our power now and it is very cheap power... I had never herd of the Wingmakers...but I never read on the Internet there's so much fake and also I don't want any of it to get into Val's words...if I know or think I know something I'm prone to get involved and rather just let him rattle on...he looked up over his tablet at me haha...wsn't good glance either!
    • Hi Lee / Eloche Jeremiah. What wanted to know is about the technology of the winemakers I read somewhere it has to do with an ancient race of beings on earth.
    • I'm not sure what you are asking, Hellen? Is it something in my post?
    • Valana I was wondering if Val knew about the Wingmakers ancient past.
    • Hellen, I don't know but I'll ask the next time we do the Question and nswer.
      I am going to take this week to enjoy my grandkids and family.
      Right now I'm rather worried about one of them as she's making a doctor and took the vaccine yesterday,was cmng in today but waiting till tomorrow...she's not feeling well but won't tell it. I don't believe in the vaccine..se says its slice of the RNA of the vrus tat does not sound good to me, I don't want that in my body but afraid they will force us to take it or get off our Medicare program. They are forcing themedical profession to take it.
  • I just want to say that I know God exists and God is good. Last October my oldest son had a heart attack that should have killed him. Luckily his wife, who is an RN was home and heard him hit the floor. She went to see what was going on and my son laid there gasping for air, then stopped breathing. Her fast actions as well as our emergency units here and the local police were what got the miracle of my son surviving going. I immediately went to Valana and our site and requested prayer and the other members joined in. After the doctors stabilized him we were told it was a pure miracle that my son survived. He is a very strong man...used to lift weights in his youth...and health minded, but all these things along with prayers and God hearing those prayers, I believe saved my boy. Let go...let God...is often the best mantra to chant. My mother always told me that while God hears all prayers, his powers to help are tenfold when said by many. Thank you Valana and our EH site members.
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