This group is for my writings for Commander Val Thor.  I met Val after takin a week long test given for a special position under the President of the united States.  I was sent to him.  My assignment was to pass the information he gave me to my President.  I did not choose tomeet him, it was an assignment.  

If you have questions for him I will ask for the answers. He does not answer personal questions as he's not an oracle.  

The main part of my story is in my book, "Government Woman" on Amazzon and Kindle priced as low as possible.  However, I will send you a pdf copy ofit if you send me your email address.  I do not write nor tell my story for monetary gain. I also chose not to go under a Security blanket as Iwould have to promise never to tell my story of meeting with him the times I ave on this planet.  I pay my own expenses to be on line to write as a public service.  

May God bless and give you peace is our 



Val and Valana





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  • First, thanks for creating this group. 

    I have been "unplugged" for several weeks; ya know, minimal Internet, NO SOCIAL MEDIA, very select news, etc. I just needed some time to internalize all the new information, healthy habits, prayer/meditation, crystal work, etc. I was on overload, but not anymore. Though I don't feel well do to my liver and the chemo I am tolerating (OMG,) my spirits are high, well, high enough to continue learning and growing in the light of Christ.

    You see, I have been conflicted since I was a toddler, though I didn't understand the source of that confliction until recently, some 55 years later. I have always believed in Jesus, but I have had major issues with religion (conflict). However, no matter how corrupt or altered/shaped for control Christianity or any other religion may appear, there is an underpinning of truth that cannot be corrupted. This is where I dwell these days and, like the Vid "Choosing Joy" points out, it is a choice, a decision to live in the light or not. It matters not what is written, what matters is your heart and whether or not you will choose to listen to it or not. BINGO! When I allow the light of Christ into my life everything changes. I can't speak for anyone else, for me it is the love I feel, the non-judgement, and this overwhelming feeling of being connected, a part of... For decades I simply went through the motions of life or society, but I never felt as though I belonged. Eventually, I started to buy into the notion that perhaps I am just nuts, insane, and cannot be "fixed." So, I went out on a mission to fix "whatever..." that lasted for fiftly-five years and the "whatever" never got fixed nor was it actually defined. Always, though, I knew that my resistance to the "status-quo" would yield fruit. I had no idea that it would lead me here, a place of immense self-discovery, enlightenment, and a growing, unbreakable, spiritual base supported by Light of Christ. It has always been there, it was a choice away... 

    At first, it was far too easy to sit in judgement of myself for waisted years, poor decisions, on and on and on... Then I realized that the past is what brought me to the present and therefore it was necessary, part of my plan, and there is nothing to judge. Instead, I find myself gaining a deeper sense of gratitude for past events, which has helped to reduce my Karma Load. Yeah, let's pull this stuff outa the closet, take an objective look at it, learn via the light of Christ, and LET IT GO! None of this would be occurring for me if I walked around acting like I know everything when in fact I do not. I am but an infant learning to walk, but my walk has been enlightened through the love/light, light/love of Christ and our Creator.

    The human condition is partly about pleasure and pain. How can you appreciate pleasure if you have never tasted the face of pain...? and Vice Versa, this comparison is applicable in many different ways. If embraced, it can open your perspective and help wash the dreaded "Right or Wrong" "Good or Bad" rigidity of our social and personal norms, but it is far to often used to create the illusion separation via judgement and anything or anyone that sets out to infringe on our free will is not of a higher vibration... Which is the status quo here on Earth at this time, but this will change soon. The Christ Vib is upon us, Gaia is in ascension, we are in ascension, and it doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing truth, love, light, compassion, service, unity, and forgiveness to all who seek it.

    I am excited for everyone, including my galactic brothers and sisters whom I miss and look forward to interacting with yet again. The Pleiades calls out to me, especially at night.

    I hope this makes some sense and is useful


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  • Thanks Valana, so glad to hear you are a Christian, you said if we have something positive can post here?  I would love to

    • So glad this inspired you Val and Valana, I understand where you are coming from for sure! I sure would like to choose Joy over all of the negative things filled in the internet and even social gatherings, If we can just anchor ourselves in the whisperings of Jesus and his love for us through Grace, it would be totally freeing and liberating. If only we would quit comparing ourselves to others lives and materialistic things we would find our purpose in life being that a child of God, Satanism robs you of your God given gifts and freedom to be you- loved by the Grace of being close to God through Jesus.  He is the Life & Light.

  • Hello, so glad to join the fine group of Cmdr Val Thor

  • hey yall glad to be here :)
  • What is the Winemakers material all about?
    • Do you mean Windmakers, Hellen? There are many different legends and stories about things of that name. Most often spoke about in the past 20 years or so online have been the ones connected with the UFO phenomenon. There was a fake site that stirred up a lot of conspiracy theories and trouble, and then Crypto-zoology and many things changed in the field of studies. There are now many games and groups that are fantasy for Cryptozoic characters and so on. You have to decide which subject you want to know about.
    • Hi Lee / Eloche Jeremiah. What wanted to know is about the technology of the winemakers I read somewhere it has to do with an ancient race of beings on earth.
    • Valana I was wondering if Val knew about the Wingmakers ancient past.
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