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  • Thanks for your friendship request. 'WIP', hehe, yes the whole unfoldment of rebirthed galactic Earth is a 'work in progress' within and for all of us... 🌍🙏 Love & Blessings to you on your path 💛
  • Ha! Thanks a lot!.☺
  • Demonorga98, thankk you so much for writing... yes, what we were sensing is that you are reading too much fear stuff and you confirmed it, thank you...We want you to put away all that end time fear stuff and know if you know he Lord Jesus as your Savior you are not goig to be involved even if the world does go through the lower time line.
    Now what Isaiah saw is not one time line..the first 39 chpters are if we do not rise the energy level of Light and Love in the world and starting with chapter 39 Iaiah is seeing a higher time line...
    Right now Val says he does not know which time line we are in as we seem to go back and forth but keep faith in Jesus and whichevr it is, you will be taken to the higher time line and as you read from chapter 39 on you see the great when the bible says Israel it means the church and the church means those that believe in Jesus as their Savior..not a denomination nor organization but church is in your heart not in a building...God's children that have come back home...
    You do believe in Jesus Christ in your heart have youaccepted him as Savior that took ccare of all your past karma and you are clean before God because God does not see you, he sees Jesus when you have simply believed God raised him from the dead and took him as Savior and Lord then you are born again as he said we must be..then you are under the protectio of Almighty God and you are not going to have to tke any implant or mark of he will be protected...
    This s what we saw..that maybe you had never heard the gospel preached as so many churches just preach their doctrine but that's not what Jesus said or Paul... Romans 10:9-10 is the way of accepting Jesus and all your past is washed away at Calvary... We want you to put away your fear, and take Jesus as your Savior and Lord and you'll be surprised that you won't have all those worries.
    Val could see you had way too many worries and said to talk to you about Jesus...
    Many think Val should not kow about Jesus but he's been sent by Jesus and the Bibe, in one of John's epistles, tells us if a sprit tries to talk to us if they do not confess Jesus Christ not to talk with them... they should confesss Jesus is come in their flesh... when you accept Jesus, he comes to live in your heart through the Spirit and you will be protected...that's what Val saw... he wnts you to trust in Jesus and all the fear and questions will be the gospel of John and put away all that other fear stuff from your mind... we love you...Valana and Val
  • Remember that there are no silly questions only silly people ... Skyhawk
  • A moniker is your name ... admittedly another archaic form of English ...
  • Confidentiality I sent Reiki for a thirty minute period ... so I hope that it came to you and to good effect ... Skyhawk
  • DemonOrca98 : can we speak freely on this comment page ? Perhaps we could use your moniker ... as a focus... if that is possible ... and I could send you Reiki ... with your permission of course ... Skyhawk
  • You may ask any questions you wish on the post and I'll try to answer but I do not do private mail as I just do not have time.
    I run my own site and post here when I can.
    Blessngs of Light, Valana
  • I'm very honored to be your friend. Sorry it took me so long to accept I am down to less than 100 emails and almost deleted them...more than a week's worth of them, glad I did not. Blessings of Light
  • Welcome to ACC :) 

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Sep 17
DemonOrca98 replied to Sirian Starlight's discussion Is It Our Place To Step In?
"Does this only apply to our planet? Or is it more of galaxy-threatening scenario?"
Aug 25
DemonOrca98 left a comment on Comment Wall
"@marker dragon Question is... How do we break out of said simulation and return to the astral with said soul families? Or does it only happen when we die?"
Aug 25
DemonOrca98 replied to Sirian Starlight's discussion Is It Our Place To Step In?
"We need the global ascension to happen sooner rather than later. The longer we wait, the closer we get to the destruction of our own species. I suppose there's no means of rapidly accelerating and making it instantaneous?

One thing I have to ask:…"
Aug 20

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"Why is the sky blue? The official explanation is that light is scattered off the dust and it so happens that the light of 'blue' frequency donnot attenuate much over distance. I don't like this explanation. It doesn't explain why not all planets…"
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"Strictly speaking, we mix the dies and the light, not the colors. A blue die absorbs the light of all the colors (frequencies) and reflects only the 'blue' frequency. So if you mix it with a 'red' die, some of the 'red' reflected by the 'red'…"
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"Free Tibet!"
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"Here is the explanation, as to why Australia and specifically the state of Victoria, have the most draconian responses to covid19 lockdowns/restrictions, in the developed world...Scenes from down-under, have disturbed many of us. Especially we who…"
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"Today I thought about colors. If you mix them all, black is created, if you split white with a prism, a rainbow is created. When a new life is conceived, it first comes to a fusion and then to cell division, which is actually exactly the opposite.…"
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"A point regarding this coronavirus, which seems to exist after all. There were some people whose immune system had managed to produce antibodies. The body is intelligent and you can learn a lot from biological nature in this case. The question is…"
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