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I am interested in alternative energies, conservation, crystals, geology, nature, animals, water, the ET phenomena, the human collective and the ability of infinite connection and understanding. I enjoy rock climbing, cycling and walking. Music is also fun to make! Understanding suppressed technologies and teaching others how to use them. I love the Earth and the water, beaches are my thing. There is such an energy line between sea and land.

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You are my teacher, as I am yours. You must learn from everybody and strive for complete understanding.

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  • Thank you for your messages.

    I pass on to you Love and Light as well.  May Peace thrive in our futures, and may we all -finally- embrace one another as Brothers and Sisters of Light.  And May we spread this infinite, TRUE love to all corners of the universe, to all Beings of Existence.

    Namaste, Brother~

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    My CSpace Contact ID is: 150053

    I would be really grateful, if you could take the time for a chat with me!

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Hi Brother,

    Thanks for taking time to visit my page.

    Looking forward to being close friends.

    Best Wishes and God Bless,



  • Lewis matey,

    sorry couldnt come for your meetup in glastonbury, how'd it go?

    hey i am out of england atm that was why... anyhow's

    <3 love!

    8114105066?profile=originalhehehhehe! have a fab day!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey dude:-0 yes, the Arcturians have been around for a long time and it seems easier to connect now as the vibration get higher..i also had this experiences of drinking or having something injected in my for healing or to help travel to higher plans..its awesome right??

    My first experience was with the Pleiadians with are originally my star family, but i connected with all the other most famous ones and now them:-0

    Enjoy it bro !!



  • face bine, thanks, glad to meet you

  • Hi Lewis, thank you for your friendship!

    Much peace, love and light

  • <3 :)

  • Aww! Lewis!! I am sure you must have chosen to come here at this point in time to help with the shift to 5D, as so many of us did.  Many seem to have forgotten why they are even here, so don't lose heart, as your love of Mother Earth, nature, etc., and your desire for more love and light in the world speaks volumes.  I can sense you are a gentle soul and being a Libran I am sure you appreciate the beauty of this world and wish to bring balance and harmony into this world.  Keep shining your beautiful light Lewis!! : ) x

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Lewis replied to Ravenwallsdotter's discussion Muscle tremors after physical activity - advice welcome
"Try get a bit of detox in you, bentonite ( a phyllosilicate clay ) is excellent at getting rid of heavy metals and other hyrous elements from the body!Water is important, maybe get a tesla plate!  Nutrients and well I would say more exercise!  "
May 26, 2012
Lewis replied to Lewis's discussion Advice and help REQUIRED 4 mins of your time please! ? : )
"This sounds very good....clear communication shall result once our exams are over and who knows!thank you for the luck and the change I have made is making me radiate so much, everyone around me is commenting on it and saying how different and more…"
May 25, 2012
Lewis replied to Lewis's discussion Advice and help REQUIRED 4 mins of your time please! ? : )
"About a month now. I understand it may be because of that...I supported her massivly and helped her always here in the UK. She found it very difficult here when I first met her. I was with her for a year and a half and I've not been answering her…"
May 25, 2012
Lewis replied to Lewis's discussion Advice and help REQUIRED 4 mins of your time please! ? : )
"Yes Kelly Ann they are not always rosey, I changed in a way I did not like and now I have reverted to the man/boy she loved. I am sure she shall see a change, I worry about her as a friend of a friend told my house mate that she is not doing so…"
May 25, 2012

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There is plenty to be thankful here.
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"Hi! I'am not a awake soul but I do have a awake supra-consciousness as a aspect of infinity."
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I like what a farmer said about the Roswell accident victims in 1947 he said and I quote,"Well there not green."
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"Hi! The birth of my new idenity came about a long time ago going back when I applied to be a new member here."
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