Hello everyone how are you all doing? Mad weather as usual in the United Kingdom, had a combination of hot sun, hail,wind from 4 directions and massive thunder clouds. Awesome power. 


I am a firm believer in what I have experienced. However I am perceived strongly as not thinking the right way. I am ok with this.

What if the arrests do not occur? What kind of time span are we talking...?

What if things continue as they do in a paradox, must we all leave this page and re think our lives from a maybe total delusion we have become too. 

Or we are a load of open thought and hearted people ( i'd like to think! ) If this were to happen it would allow us freedom. We all want freedom right? 

We are not living in freedom, we have been enslaved and we are in a very unstable world. 
Karma often works well in helping to restore natures balance. Therefore it may be likley that great huge events are about to transpire...but who are we listening to this information. 

I think its time we all start asking for more evidence than only channelling and odd low profile independent radio casts or citations from alternative media. 

So dear friends on this great site of individuals all looking for raising our vibration ( whether or not its to do with Et's ). 

What is really going on? Do we know? How long will this mystery continue, how much time do we think about it all...will it happen? Or will it continue to casually walk out on society....the real and only way to separate for good. ( the best in this current state of reality for me ) .

I still have my dreams and such last night I was over Afganistan in a big steel shiny looking room with a window that was looking from what seemed to be the upper. mid atmosphere gazing down. I remember loose images and feelings of organization and movement, along with stratagies and moving and uniting armed forces and civilians...this is all i really remember. 

So I hope you had a great day and i would love to hear a comment, I am not trying to attack anyone here its just as I flow. Just being honest!

Lots of light 

Sincerely   Lewis : )


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  • sounds like the band called MADNESS when i was growing up xxxxx

    • now it sounds like faithless !!!!

  • yer  xxxxxx

  • I also agree with you MasterofLight...if we just sit and wait we can be SURE nothing will happen! On the other hand it surely wouldn't be a waste of time to improve ourselves...with a good dose of motivation we CAN do wonders!!!

  • I srongly think that what matters is to try our best to keep our frequency as High as Possible. Because not so long ago I used to get very depressed about Ascension, Disclosure, Mass Arrests NOT hapening fast enough or at all. So I decided to adopt a warrior-like attitude toward the problem. I kicked my own butt and decided to Get Up And Doing to counteract the depressing moods I was glued in...I started to chant the Om loudly, practiced energetic breathings, did intense exercise and good silent meditation. I have to admit I then felt much better...

  • Yes Feather there are a lot of heroes, yesterday I saw the video from William Cooper a heroe if there ever was one!!

    I was shocked bij his story, had never heard of him before, he was a naval officer and had access to classified information, and he found out what "they"were planning with us and our world. He started a short circuit radioprogram for years and years, and he also found out about the attack on 9/11 months before it happened, he was killed at the end.

    It left me shocked (again) and I felt like Lewis, what if nothing happens would evrything be in won think of it, we put our intend in a better world, and a cleansing of all the dark energy, we are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the strongest of the is our task (I hope with a bit of help) but it is our and light

  • Thanks Ben, for these words:) They spoke to my heart. Change and Ascension has to happen within us not from outside of us..

  • WASHINGTON -- On a narrow street behind the Supreme Court one afternoon last week, I met a smallish woman with soft, sincere eyes who told me she was running for the presidency of the United States. As we talked, she handed me a flyer announcing her candidacy and a 194-page manifesto that sounded her one-note campaign song: Peace! Peace! Peace!

    On the cover page was the headline, thusly rendered:

    (2nd Version: Much More Detailed)

    The Universal Declaration of the Right to

    International Peace Every Day Treaty For Global Truce and

    Global Cease-Fire Proposal

    The woman told me her name was Michelle Lee Rosenthal and she was a licenced social worker from Brooklyn, New York, my own pacific hometown. Her bandolier of Xeroxes probably weighed more than she did. Each handout was a painstakingly annotated compendium of Internet links and textual citations that referenced everything from The Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 to the International Convention Against Apartheid in Sports.

    I promised her I would study every word.

    "Please vote for me," Michelle Rosenthal implored, as I began to read through her opus. "I will not let America or humanity down. I will step up to the plate. I will gladly work 18 hours per day. I would only take working vacations and still get things done as needed."

    "Give all combatants, soldiers and military commanders plenty of pens, papers and forms to write all the problems down," she proposed on Page 38. "Before the beginning of any military action, soldiers should vote to determine if they wish to take part."

    "Most people, like me, live their entire lives without killing anyone," Rosenthal stated on line 4,318 of her platform, on page 163. Those words, she said, will form part of her inaugural address, after she prevails in November over Barack H. Obama and Willard M. Romney. In fact, the instant after she takes the oath of office next January, President Rosenthal will announce she is withdrawing all American military personnel from all their bases and outposts around the world.

    "Only after all this is done I will then proceed to finish the enjoyable inaugural program including having fun and participating in festivities," the candidate vowed.

    "May peace Prevail in Heaven and even in Hell," she devoutly wished.

    I smiled at her as sweetly as I could and continued on my way. I had just left an interview with a cheerful man named Frank A. Rose who has been deputized by Hillary Clinton to be America's new ambassador to outer space.

    Should Michelle Rosenthal somehow not win the presidency, Frank Rose is the man who will have to ensure that peace prevail in Heaven. This sounds like a full-time job; somebody at the Bureau of Mines will have to tranquilize Hades.

    Formally, Frank A. Rose is the deputy assistant secretary for space and defence policy in the bureau of arms control, verification and compliance of the Department of State, and America's lead negotiator at discussions that are supposed to lead to a new international code of conduct for outer space activities. Despite his celestial portfolio, Rose is neither a Star Trek aficionado nor a former astronaut. In fact, at age 40, the ambassador to outer space is much too young to remember America's trans-lunar glory days at all.

    We were sitting in the courtyard of the State Department compound, next to a statue titled Man and the Expanding Universe. This was a gigantic god, forged in 1964, seated on a star-studded tussock and tossing little Saturns into the sky.

    "The long-term sustainability of the space environment is at risk from debris and from irresponsible actors," Frank Rose told me, quoting Clinton herself. By this, he (and she) meant the Peoples Republic of China, which, in 2007, blew up one of its own weather satellites just to demonstrate that it could, an action that created 20,000 pieces of jagged debris that are circling the planet at a speed of 19,000 kilometres an hour, mortally threatening the cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station, the Howard Stern Show on satellite radio, and the GPS in your car.

    An old Chinese proverb calls such an action "Killing the chicken to scare the monkey." If the mandarins deigned to obey line 1032 of Michelle Rosenthal's campaign handout -- "Tabulations on the number of shots, fired by the combined forces under each leader's military command" -- Frank Rose never got the memo.

    Needless to say, the celestial empire has yet to sign on to the code of conduct for outer space.

    "China is developing a multiple set of anti-satellite capabilities," said Frank A. Rose. "We want to have an engagement with China on space issues. To date, it's been a bit of a one-way street to be quite honest with you."

    The ambassador to outer space laughed at the rebuff.

    "The United States has notified China when pieces of debris have come close to their own satellites," he said. "We're not doing this out of the goodness of our hearts."

    I mooted to Rose the certainty that China would become the dominant power in the ionosphere, deploying death rays over our heads and blasting an endless succession of astronauts to infinity and beyond. Gamely, he repeated his desire the Chinese sign on to what he called "this non-legally-binding code of conduct."

    "Why would an irresponsible actor care about a non-legally-binding code of conduct?" I asked him.

    "Nations shall honour their treaty agreements with each other whenever possible," answered Michelle Rosenthal, on page 39. "Let's turn all the world's armies into the world's peace corps!"


    Allen Abel is a Brooklyn-born Canadian journalist based in Washington, D.C.

    Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition April 7, 2012 J11

  • good pic !!

  • Hi Lewis, Interesting post.

    I love that my own life has been for the past 10 years mostly focused on my own self-sufficiency, my own freedom being created both in my mind (through removing most of the big issues off my soul) and then having that translate into physical environment. These days, though I know there are still the old paradigms of illegal politics, law enforcement, medicine etc going is more like a background that doesn't really effect me.  I have gained my own piece of freedom.  Only recently have I been passionate about seeing the bigger picture of who are the other higher beings/do they all say the same thing/where is our real place in the whole play of life?  This passion has lead me to find that all websites of higher realm interest are now saying the same thing.  In my mind I see it is time we now see everyone as 'ONE', though there were some years back many dominant timelines (the reason for more of the fearful events), now there is only a couple?? left (see Bill Wood info).  If there ends up being no et contact, we carry on in a much more slow evolution than we would like...doesn't really matter to me as I have gained so much freedom in the process already. However I don't think that will happen. I believe we will see rapid change from May 21-26 which is what many sites are now saying is a great window coming up to allow more light in. I believe we WILL have et contact, inner earth contact, ascended masters contact, abilities to heal and do amazing things.  Love your honesty!!!

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