Please use all of your wisdom and knowledge to assist me in the next phase of my life that will occur over this week. 

I appreciate and love all the help you have all given me. Please drop a comment on here or on youtube.

Many thanks for your time x

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  • I would rather stand in front of an enemy I have no chance at defeating while I provide cover for someone I truly care about or even a complete stranger. In the end I always remain, though outnumbered and usually outgunned, I end up on top. The pain of not doing anything compels me to stand up and fight. I cannot give up for I believe if my mind is truly at peace than I will just leave this dimensional plane of existance. I believe that my body will shut down and I will reach the ninth dimension sooner than I had planned. If I do not fight how will those in the aether know who I am. If you are not known to yourself and to the mist than you return to source and start again at the first dimension, I cannot allow that. I still have things to do. That is the oath I made when I died and saw the source, I will hold to my promise. I will protect others for as long as I have breath.
  • Well relationships are tough lol It's one of the core experiences in life, our love relationships. And well..I've been in enough relationships to know how to just let things play out. In Spanish they say, que sera, sera. What will be, will be. Sometimes you just have to let go...and let things play out the way they're going to play out. It takes a certain bravery, and just surrender like that, instead of going into fear and then trying to control things. Or try to exert your will on the situation. If things end up fizzling out...well it's tough, but sometimes that's just how it goes. If not, be it lol Good for you two. It's really true what they say...fearing something is actually far worse than actually experiencing it lol Well maybe not getting attacked by a bear, but you know what I mean lol In general..the only real thing we have to fear is fear itself.

  • About a month now. I understand it may be because of that...I supported her massivly and helped her always here in the UK. She found it very difficult here when I first met her. 

    I was with her for a year and a half and I've not been answering her calls or many texts as she hurt me recently however I still love her deeply.

    I shall play it be ear and see where it takes me, thank you for all the good banter and love : )

    Thank you very much : ) xx 

  • Oxygen bar, to improve score by up to 10%. 

    I like the peach flavor best.

    Most of all ninjas always find a way to cheat and not get caught.

  • Hi Lewis,


    first of all: good luck with your upcoming exams!


    You and her have a special bond, so above all, cherish and respect that, whatever the future may bring for you both. She keeps in touch, so she cares about you. If you worry why she does that, well, just ask her. Same way, if you say you don't want to see her right now, because of exams and such, be sure to tell her exactly why. You wouldn't want her worrying either.


    My compliments on the positive changes you've made in your life. Change does come from within and as a result the outside will change too. I can only advise you to focus on clearly communicating intentions from the heart with each other. Let there be no misunderstandings between the both of you.


    Have a most blessed day, Lewis.


    • This sounds very good....clear communication shall result once our exams are over and who knows!

      thank you for the luck and the change I have made is making me radiate so much, everyone around me is commenting on it and saying how different and more relaxed, peaceful and caring I am. Even though my heart is in two!

      quite the change I have made, I am sure Ana shall see this when I see her next week.

      You have a lovely day also.

      Many thanks : ) xxx 

  • Yes Kelly Ann they are not always rosey, I changed in a way I did not like and now I have reverted to the man/boy she loved. 

    I am sure she shall see a change, I worry about her as a friend of a friend told my house mate that she is not doing so well...she is almost vacant minded as my mate but it.

    I worry about her and hope she will be ok, I will propose a surprise friend only picnic with her I think....the weather is perfect for it!

    I know she will succum and I will succum to compassion and forgiveness....

    the fact she is has been calling me and texting me might be good right? she text me saying she wanted to hear my voice for gods sake!!!

    What are your views on that? I am going to remain hopeful to get me through the next few days until my exams are over, then the emotional backlash or creativeness can manifest! ( of course the new found and good changes ;) )

    For I know the secret of thought manifestation and have been using radionics too.

    Your reply is much how I feel regardless of what shall happen. :)  

This reply was deleted.

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