Many of us are wallowing and now advancing, too busy thinking this and that and being far to confused about what is coming and about to happen. 

First of all, forget it all! The future is not definitive it is flexible....
Go, do, be the very thing you want to follows.

Clear all your debt, as soon as possible. Invest some money in silver or gold as when the economy crashes at least you will actually have something that is worth and usable as trade. Metals such as chromium and nickel are also worth investing in. 

Next, become energy and food independent, build an earth house get some geothermal bore holes, use your imagination to generate electricity.
Grow some food in an hydroponic settings, massive yields and year round growth. A no brainer, no nasties to block the third eye. Work with neighbours, family friends.

Create the community you all want to live in.

With your new land and community, turn it into an open placement where the public can visit and see how you live, share love and happiness and be open and teach them all you know and foresee in the future. 

 Stop working or work less once you have become more independent. Use your new skills to change other peoples lives for trade or other commodities. 

As a community then start working on a big project, ie ; a wardenclyff tower or some crazy amazing new thing.

It is simple, cheap and once in this world you will be and remember who it is you are and why you are here.

Good luck and get comfortable because the changes and all this malarkey are not going to happen this year, not for decades because most of the populous are just not ready.   

Peace and love to all x 

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  • Ascension is not clear enough, it is fraught with too much obscurity. 

    I believe it is about growing and expanding as a person.  I do not need to be told and informed on what this or that is. 

    Contact is important, our space family are important and do not act because there are laws which prevent them. 

    Bankers do need to be arrested however if everyone is kept in the low state, this is going to be impossible. 

    This entire webisite is a paradox, yet there is still so much i agree with. 

    kind regards : ) 

  • I have waited for such a post like this. I was beginning to think that everyone was finally realizing and coming to grips with what we are experiencing, feeling, knowing and being shown as far as the Ascension is concerned. Just when I was convinced that our "dreams" of a new reality and better earth is not a dream after comes Lewis's post. I often wondered how people who are living a "good" life would feel if all of a sudden, everyone on Earth could live that same good life or suddenly have the means to begin living in abundance. Would they be able to continue feeling "special" or "better than" most? I, as well as many others that I know, have tried for over 40 years every legal means to earn a lot of the "ever illusive" dollars to allow myself and family to be able to live that life of abundance that is constantly "flaunted" in front of us on TV and billboards across this country.  I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran and living on small disability each month, unable to work now. Does this, your post, mean that my much deserving family can no longer look forward to the coming days of freedom and abundance, as promised by our Galactic family? If I were to walk inside my home right now and read your post to my family and tell them that this whole "GoldenAge" thing wasn't going to happen, can you imagine the untold damage it would do to them? Not to mention, ME.

     Lewis, I can understand you reaching your conclusion out of frustration that we continue to hear, "soon, soon, soon" and looking back to how long we have been hearing this and the fact that Disclosure has not happened. All of us who are still "onboard" to this day have felt that way whether we say it openly or just kept it to ourselves. This is normal however, the reward for Patience... is more Patience! Just suppose everything we've been waiting for, happens first thing tomorrow morning and you realize that, upon seeing everything materialize, you gave up today. Would you still participate in the "Show" and still take of the many "blessings" that will be bestowed upon humanity? Would you? If you still felt tomorrow, the same way you feel today, would you partake? You don't have to you know. Free Will will still be the "word of the day".

    I'm not mad atcha, Brother. Just concerned. I tell people this way..."Ascension, first contact and lives of abundance WILL happen whether we want it to or not. If you're gonna be here Anyway, you wight as well get "in the way" and live the way our Creator intended for us all. Come on now!

    • I am sorry to hear you now have ailments after joining the war machine, anything is possible, everything is possible. You can still do and be what you want.

      However if this does not occur....what are you to do? We all deserve to live in abundence however those more in need such as those in war torn countries and 3rd world regions will be prioritized over the rest.

      I am on the forefront and also a light warrior and I shall embrace and assist in all ways when the changes comes, however now there is limitation to what can be done.

      I shall do all in my power to transform myself and all things for the benefit of others, yet most people are just not able to accept the truth and the waiting and this game may be a distraction.

      forget about all for until it comes, that is when it will come.

      I do live the way i want and am doing many good things and i believe in many things you also do too, however there is so much disinformation. It is just a circle sometimes

      Peace to you brother x  

  • I am not trying to be negative but I mean, do you really think all this stuff is going to happen this year?

    Its going to happen in YEARS! many more, people on this site have been listening to people like Greg Giles for decades.

    I even think that most people on this site have not even tried inviting Et's here in meditation as this is crucial!!

    Anyway, i dont care anymore i love my life, family and friends. I am going to be comfy and help people in the real world in the right way, as i said before we may want all of this to happen but most of the population is just not ready.

    The dark is winning in many ways.......we are the light sure but come on lets get real here!

    Pure independence is paramount, these are just ideas! xx 

  • very nice.... i feel the same way, just so hard to step out of the comfort zone :)...especially if one doesnt have a family who would share the same ideas of living, it is not easy if you have no community supporting... My deep respect to those who have had the courage!

    another question is: What would be the alternative for city people...i mean those who really love the city life. I once thought about the idea when we all would refuse to drive cars and instead of supermarkets and big food industries, there would be small gardens, kitchens, grocery stores etc. in the cities :P

    In big cities there are good organic shops already toady, but imagine that there would be only little enterprises to provide junk food, no mass production.

    If people would stop driving and flying so frequently (until a new clean technology is there for everyone)...

    Oh yes it would need a huge change, because we would have to give up our miles away jobs, Sunday trips and visiting friends in other countries, no ski vacations. Nordic people would have to give up on yummy fruits like oranges, bananas etc. A pretty tough decision and most of us are not ready anyways.

    But still...we are having all the luxury today but we are still not happy... because we are working like nuts, having no time to relax, love, feel.... maybe if we would give up all "luxury" mentioned above, we would suddenly have the time...

    • All luxury can be accounted for, all transport and all, my life will be an example of what is possible, as soon as my degree is over!
      I swear by it and stand by it, i shall be the experiment for all to see. I promise we do not even had to give up everything that is luxury, that word also depends on who you are!

      Thanks for your ideas and opinions : )  

      • for me personally the luxury would be all the nice exotic stuff to eat, that doesnt grow in my country and also travelling in general :) lol. If you have an alternative way to get exotic fruit and coconut oil without shipping it, please let us all know, i am very curious... 

        So, a green free energy for all would be a really nice!

        Another idea i have already years in my mind is: What if all people depending on their type (*warm loving or more cold loving) would just move there, where they feel the best ... all the winter sport lovers would move to Sweden etc and people like me to Hawaii  etc :D! so we would all be happy and there would be less holiday travelling what pollutes our air. And of course all the unnecessary business travelling should stop too.

        • Seeds, and a geothermally powered greenhouse using upper soil layer heat exchangers 

          along with sunlight, all the fruit and veg you could want to grow, grow.

          Travel is not a matter, just go where you wish to be : ) 

This reply was deleted.

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